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*Graph above shows over 2,000 applicants with only 2 hired for 1 job role!


At Stealth Agents, we pride ourselves on only hiring the best of the best. Our rigorous recruitment process ensures that only the top .1% – 1% of talent in the Philippines joins our team. 


This allows us to provide our clients with the highest quality workers in the industry. By choosing Stealth Agents, you can rest assured that you are getting the best of the best, which ultimately leads to increased productivity, efficiency, and overall success for your business. 


Don’t settle for less when it comes to your workforce. Trust the experts at Stealth Agents to provide you with the top talent in the Philippines.

Tasks That We Handle For Clients

Appointment Setting


Customer Service

Abandon Carts

Video Editing

Executive Assistant

Client Management


HR Support

Market Research

Data Entry

Social Media

Inbound Calls

Outbound Calls

Order Fulfillment

Product Sourcing

Travel Arrangements

Admin Tasks

Client Outreach

Email Support

And MUCH More!

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Platano Advisiors

This call center impressed me with their exceptional service. They assigned a dedicated call center manager who helped streamline the process.

George Assi

Stealth Agents has been a partner of mine for almost 2 years now and their expertise and knowledge has helped my business in numerous ways. I have thrown various tasks at my agents and they have tackled them all seamlessly and flawlessly. My account manager, Charm, always has answers for me and finds me the best talent for all my business needs. I am happy to say that my tenured agents have been working with me for the last year and a half and have done exceptional work. I am excited for the future of this partnership and where Stealth Agents can help take my business!

Kevin Carabajal

My VA George has been a fantastic aid to the team. I was staying up late nights often to 2-3am trying to keep up with the documentation needed in my business. My VA can now keep up with the documentation throughout the day so I can actually sleep again. Giving me time to plan for the future and find some hope.

Dk Studio

We love our VA! She is always available to help, flexible, adaptive to our needs, and very effective. Our clients love her as well.

Suleania Bryant

My Stealth Agents team has been amazing for my business. Their goal is to see my business grow and succeed and its evident in the quality of work that they provide. My Stealth Agents team has really given me back the time that I need to work on my business while they work in my business. Their aim for perfection is definitely the quality that sets them apart. I am pleased and happy that they are apart of the Only Imagine team.

Matthew Cupper

We are a UK based home cinema and automation company. We have been working with Stealth Agents now for almost a year using their team to follow up on marketing responses and booking appointments for our sales team. They are flexible and friendly and made the process of setting up a remote agent very easy. Would recommend talking to them about your businesses needs.


Great people to work with. Always very responsive and efficient!

Steven Heider

My experience with Stealth Agents thus far has been 1st Rate!! They make it easy to work with them and are committed to my Goals and Outcomes. Taking advantage of their Highly Skilled agents has been a vital part of Scaling my Business without having to Develop Train personnel. In fact, at this time I’m planning to expand and Stealth Agents WILL BE INVOLVED!!!

AJ Smith

Like most entrepreneurs I’m a multi-hat do it all kind of guy. However, there reached a point I could no longer scale so I had to reach out for help. Out of all the virtual assistants on the market I randomly selected (after the interview) Stealth Agents, and I’m glad I did. Very professional, on top of my tasks, courteous and most of all the pricing structure is very practical for start-ups that go through ebbs and flows with work. On top of that, they’ve provided me specialists for all the hats I was wearing and they didn’t let me down. I’d highly recommend them.

Aisha Wonderfull

Awesome service from the start. Professional, proactive and super responsive. I am the CEO of a startup publishing company, and based on the support they were able to provide, I had enough free time to focus on sales and closed 3 new clients within the first TWO DAYS of getting my new VA. If you are on the fence…..your indecision can literally be costing you money. Stealth has a team of professionals who work together to ensure that your business has what it needs. I am already beginning discussions with them to add another support staff to my team this month. Their service is phenomenal, and just what any business owner who wants to run a professional needs.

Alexandra Ress

I am satisfied with Stealth Agents. I use their virtual assistant services. Within 2 weeks they were able to find several hot leads who booked a consultation session with me. The agents are responsive, reliable. I recommend this agency.

Matthew Schmitt

Excellent Scalable Service! We have used SA to help us during busy Q4 season and in our slow times as well. They are fast and reliable – helping us take care of our customers on time.

Cynthia Ellis

On time, efficient, dependable. All the great qualities you would need in an assistant. Knowledgeable, willing to learn, adaptable. As an 8 year entrepreneur and business owner, this has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The assistant has supervisor/manager who also responsive and attentive to my needs. They offer great service packages that can fit the needs of small business to corporate. They are versatile, flexible, and the best part for me – affordable! I’ve enjoyed my experience with them thus far. I’d encourage any entrepreneur or business owner to use Stealth Agents for virtual assistance. They’ve been super professional from the start. I’ll definitely continue working with them as my business grows. And truly, I can see my business growing because of what they do to support me. Call them! Hire them!

Andrew David

I’ve been using a team from stealth agents for months now. I am thrilled with their work. They are attentive, great communicators and are constantly delivering exactly what I need. They have save me so much time and headache.

Mahfuz Chowdhury

Excellent service! I get responses right away and receive great solutions to my challenges immediately. This has helped me grow my business quickly. I highly recommend Stealth Agents!

Boris Muchnik

This is an incredible company. I was able to quickly get all the answers to my questions. As this was my first time ever hiring help outside of the office, I didn’t know what to expect and was very worried about how an agent can assist us here in Los Angeles, remotely. My concerns and doubts were put to rest quickly and the team at Stealth Agents explained everything and how it all works. My other concern was that we have a very unique, niche product, and customer service requires a lot of knowledge about this business, but the girl, Jessica, who was chosen learned quickly and has been with us on a consistent basis since we hired Stealth Agents.


We are extremely happy with them and are going to add more assistance as we grow. Their prices are great and their help is tremendous. We highly recommend this company if you guys need outside help 🙂

Bonnie Patterson

I have been working with my team for almost a month and they are such FAST learners. My assistant does SO much for me and is ready to go every day and tackle every new task I give her. The team is there for support if there’s something she needs help with and I am unavailable. I am so happy I found them . They are helping my business SO MUCH

Raja C

Stealth Agents has been a trusted and reliable resource for my organization. They have allowed us to increase our sourcing efforts and reassign efforts to other areas for organization efficiency. We are in the process of growing our partnership with Stealth Agents because they have been able to deliver on the promised metrics.

Tony Gao

Stealth agent let us company sales increase.even they just started few weeks ago. the agent pretty professional

Radka Sillerova

Stealth Agents worked for me for about one month. I wanted to make a new website.

Everything was perfect, communication very clear and fast. I can recommend them to work with you.

Thank you 🙏

Karey L Brown

Darchris, Jonelle, Ryan have been amazing to work with. They helped with my website and e-commerce.

Lynda Sunshine West

I first met Bea on LinkedIn. She reached out asking if I needed a VA. I didn’t at that time, but she continued reaching out to me every few weeks to continue the conversation.


She was not pushy at all (like a lot of VA services out there). She was consistent.


She kept herself top of mind and, when I was finally ready for a VA, I hopped on a call with her and one of their project managers. We talked about my needs.


They then went found the perfect VA for me, Paolo. WOW!! is all I can say. Their prices are VERY reasonable and I was hoping Paolo would do a good job, but he is WAY better than I expected.


There’s a saying that you get what you pay for. I beg to differ. You get what you get. You decide how much you’re willing to pay.


Paolo does great work, has a fast turnaround time, and takes pride in his work. My #1 most important thing when working with a VA is their communication. A lot of VAs don’t have very good communication skills. I told Paolo that that is the most important thing to me and he is extremely communicative.


I highly recommend Stealth Agents because they have a wide array of VAs who can help you with whatever service you’re looking for.


When you work with one VA, they are limited in their skills. When you work with a team of VAs (like Stealth Agents), you hit the gold mine.


Don’t wait. Check them out now.

Katie Hindahl

Highly recommended! It has been an amazing experience, working with “Team Awesome” from Stealth Agents. It was 2016 when I closed all but one social media platform and left the world wide web to live life, study, and practice behavior change coaching in USA Corporate Healthcare. With the dramatic technology changes, I knew I needed additional support to launch the business and set it up for success! We’ve only just begun! My passion and excitement to impact life change, wellbeing, and helping people thrive in their career, health, and love life shines bright within the team! Our team’s belief and confidence will produce its harvest 30-60-100-fold! I’m looking forward to a long career partnership with Stealth Agents so that I can do what I am called to do and “Team Awesome” can do the rest! The team is responsive, professional, fun, and an all-out joy to work with. They are patient with me when I need additional support with learning new technology. Their talents are creative, amazing, and I look forward to our calls!

CallmeBrit Bouzy

Working with my team has been nothing short of amazing. It feels like more than just a team. Everyone on board is so supportive and encouraging. My team has gone above and beyond helping me get all customer service affairs in order. They are helping me to build and maintain customer relationships. My only regret is that I didn’t join on with stealth sooner .

Landon Williams

We have been working with Stealth Agents for about three months now and couldn’t be more pleased with our VA, Keanu. It was clear from very early on that he was committed to adding value to our team. Keanu has taken the lead on a sizeable project that will allow us to simplify our business development process and continue to expand our reach. Throughout this project and others that have been assigned to him, Keanu’s responsiveness and efficiency have remained consistent, and he is always looking for additional opportunities to help our team. We are grateful for our partnership with Keanu and Stealth Agents as a whole.

Alex Vasquez

These guys did an excellent job! Will continue to bring them on for projects for the foreseeable future. Great communication and the workforce is knowledgable and very kind to work with. Quick to learn new tasks as well. Highly recommend!! 10/10

Cory McDonald

Our VA was excellent, exceeded my expectations. Followed instructions thoroughly, and asked questions prior to assuming things. I couldn’t ask for a better experience thus far.

Owen Hone

Stealth Agents have been outstanding to work with.


After first connecting with them I needed 2 VA’s for my business of which potential candidates for the position I was hiring for were arranged and presented to me, and then hired, with a less than 24 hour turnaround.


Since then, I’ve hired multiple team members using their services, and have had several of our clients happily use their services as well.


Simple, fast and high quality.


Highly recommend!

Patrick Cole

Stealth Agents has been a great investment for our sales team. They are professional and committed to helping us succeed.

Dogelon Mars Info

After signing up with this campaign everything was doing great! I continued my travel around here in Canada and continue to explore things around here. Everything is under control and everything is in progress, I have few websites to manage and I am so glad that they helped me out of its busyness. I am looking forward to continuing the great teamwork with StealthAgents. Thank you very much!

Christina M. Johnson

Stealth Agents were professional and friendly throughout my onboarding process. I appreciate the team oversight measures and how effectively we communicate. If I ever need something, I can reach out to anyone on my assigned team to have it worked out. At this time, I would recommend their services to anyone needing VA services!

Naomi Carmona Morshead

When I think of team, Stealth Agents is top of mind. They have not disappointed me in collaborating on what images connect to Seniors. The graphics are creative, and any adjustments are quickly achieved. Transcribe, video edits, creative thinking, scheduling, it’s exactly what my business needs.

Lisa Holt

I have been working with Stealth Agents for the past month. I have been very pleased with the quality of work, responsiveness, and professionalism exhibited by our VA! I look forward to a long term relationship.

Ben Cook

I have used Stealth Agents for the past several months and we are very happy with their service. The team has always been very helpful, polite and accommodating to our needs. We’ve flexed our services up and down depending on seasonal volume and we have never incurred any issues. The customer service agents we have utilized in our business have been fantastic and very professional. We have expanded their services to handle both inbound customer service and outbound sales calls. Overall, they are a great organization with excellent people. I highly recommend them.

Amy Hill

This agency has been very professional, proactive and engaging since I hired them 3 months ago. They were prompt to fix issues and with communication. I recommend this service for your VA needs!

Joshua Silva

I have been using Stealth Agent for a few weeks now and the VA that has been assigned to me is so great! She is productive, checks in with me daily and gets what I need done in a timely manor. I have already recommended this company to a few of my business buddies.


I have been very pleased with the service from the Virtual Assistants to the team leader, to the original hiring director I have dealt with. Everyone is professional, pleasant, and supportive of helping me and my business. If you need a VA, Stealth Agents is the way to go.

Sarah Jacoby

Excellent company to work with … communication is great. My assistant is efficient and proactive … I am seeing growth within my business already, just from passing off admin tasks and being able to focus

Brynn G

Very happy with our VA through Stealth Agents. Its nice to know there’s a whole team involved in helping us scale our business.

Twanna Carter

Top notch company. I love having a team of folks helping my companies look good. Love, love my VA. Extremely creative and helpful.


You can’t wrong with Stealth!!

Virtual Oasis Solutions

VOS started working with Stealth Agents in early 2022. I’ve been pleased with their professionalism, positive attitudes, flexibility, & ability to pivot when necessary. They are always responsive, helpful, & they have been an incredible asset in providing social media management & administrative support. I highly recommend them!

Martine Cadet

Before Stealth Agents I could not see the light as to how I would be able to create space for my business so that it could grow. The team at Stealth Agents took the time to learn my brand and my business goals. I not only have a team now, I have a DREAM TEAM and I cannot imagine my life without them. Best decision I’ve ever made for my business. So happy!

Positive Living Inspiration

Flexibility is one great resource when choosing a virtual assistant. My Stealth Agent associates has the flexibility to change projects, update past projects and when I ask, she offers good ideas, color schemes and authentically shares feedback. I appreciate my 15-month relationship with my team of excellent assistants.

McKay Jaeckel

They have made it so easy to add a VA to the team. They are really communicative and helpful, especially as this was my first VA I have hired.


Stealth Agents is Fantastic, they have continually impressed me with their professionalism, punctuality, attention to detail with everything, detailed documentation of what’s transpired, and most of all, kindness and family welcoming attitude. I would highly recommend this service to everyone.

Samira Menika

Great product and great service and fast delivery can’t ask for more than that.

Eddy Smits

I’m happy with Stealth Agents. They provide me with a VA. What I like most is that they are very responsive and use the feedback I give them.

The Credit Doctor Of VA

This call center impressed me with their exceptional service. They assigned a dedicated call center manager who helped streamline the process.

Rene Summers

They have executed and done everything I needed whenever I ask. I’m very happy with the service.