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Customer Support

We can help you integrate phone support into your sales funnel. Our VAs provide 24/7 English language service for businesses the world over.

When your customers call in with questions, concerns or queries we can provide professional and accurate answers. Our virtual assistants can also pass key clients on to your in-house team in order to drive direct sales to your business


Email/Chat Support

Add instant responsivity to your website with our 24/7 chat support representatives. Our VAs can handle live chat interactions through a variety of digital channels. With our representatives at the end of your sales funnel, you can ensure that each customer gets the personalized support they need.

Our chat assistants can also send out messages to key clients and answer customer queries via email.


Web/Tech Help

Technical support is generally the most difficult aspect of customer service. Not only do you need to deal with frustrated customers you also have to provide them with precise, efficient instructions.

Our experienced technical support assistants can take over this role for your business. When your customers are struggling with product features or service functionalities we can offer frontline support to solve their issues as quickly as possible.

When you’re an entrepreneur, hard work comes with the territory. But no matter how many hours you put into your business, the fact is that you can’t do everything yourself.

Between optimizing logistics, delivering products and services, and managing different processes it can be hard to find time to actually grow your business.

The Challenge

Recruitment isn’t easy, and with a limited budget it can become even harder to find quality employees. Still, without skilled staff in place, you could quickly find yourself falling behind the competition even as your business starts to gain traction.

Online businesses are built on responsivity and customer service. If you’re too busy to answer emails, call back interested clients and manage your social media comments then you’re going to lose out on both new and existing customers

It’s Time to Start Working Smarter

At Stealth Agents, our virtual assistants can provide the critical frontline support your business needs. We’ve brought together a team of experienced customer service and sales workers who are more than ready to lend their specialist expertise to your business.

How to Find Your Facebook Customer Support?

Whether they’re complimenting your products, or voicing concerns about your quality of service customers love using social media to get in touch with businesses. Stealth Agents’ VAs can help you ensure that each of these interactions is met with swift and professional responses.
No matter the issue, no matter the time we’ll provide your followers with the level of support they expect from their favorite brand.

Pricing Starts From Just $5/Hour
Transform Your Customer Service With Stealth Agents Virtual Assistants.

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