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Veriato 360 employee monitoring software review

Veriato 360 Employee Monitoring Software Review: Pricing And Alternative

Veriato 360 is a veteran employee monitoring tool designed to provide visibility into your employees’ and contractors’ communication and online activities. This software is ideal for companies that want to keep their data safe, boost productivity, and conduct critical investigations.

How does the software work, you ask? This quote-based model creates a definitive record of your employees’ digital behavior on the desktop, apps, or a virtual machine itself. Veriato 360 logs data of individuals who use your company’s IT resources, allowing you to monitor those who connect with your assets. The software is highly flexible, it gives full control over data that is to be gathered based on time and date.

Getting started with Veriato 360

Using the Veriato management console, the system administrator can install agents to monitor other employees’ machines.

Using the client record, you can push the software out and use it on different companies and users’ machines. The monitoring agent of this program stays hidden. You cannot turn on visibility. According to Veriato, this feature is off to prevent the user from googling the file name and determining they are being monitored.

Veriato isn’t a new kid, it has been around for more than a decade. It was founded in 1998, and since then, this employee monitoring software has come a long way. It features a modern user interface and a responsive dashboard.

The console offers a whole list of features to monitor your employees. Data collection, screen capturing, activity logs, customized alerts, generating reports based on keywords, etc. are some of the activities you can perform using this software.

Along with monitoring websites, app usage, the keystrokes typed by the user, this software also monitors file transfer, network usage, and document tracking. It’s also capable of monitoring emails, IMS. The dashboard is fully customizable, giving you a look at the data. On the Recon dashboard, you can set behavioral criteria and new reports based on your search.

Veriato 360 vs. Teramind

Veriato has a competitor in a town called Teramind. Since each business requires different features from an employee monitoring software, one must access the features to determine which one’s the right fit. Let’s compare Veriato and Teramind.

Veriato 360

It is evident that Veriato 360 is a comprehensive employee monitoring software, packed with features to keep you fully informed about the activities of employees as well as customers in detail. You have the freedom to set how the program should behave and what activities to record. The software provides actionable data that can help an organization improve productivity and create a secure environment. Veriato 360 is targeted towards enterprises that want full control over the kind of data that is to be collected and gathered. 


Teramind offers a user-centric security approach for monitoring employee behavior. The software streamlines employee data for identifying suspicious activities, detect threats and monitor employee efficiency and industry compliance.

The software provides real-time access for detecting user activities by sending alerts, redirects, warnings, and more. It is primarily targeted towards small businesses and start-ups with a limited budget. It offers all basic monitoring such as real-time activity tracking, screen recording, video capturing, website surfing, and app tracking.

Teramind comes in three pricing tiers


The starting price is $60 for 5 users per month. The starter package includes user activity monitoring, policy management tools, behavior analytics

UAM (User Activity Monitoring)

The starting price is $125 for 5 users per month. The package includes support for user activity monitoring, audit, forensics, and more.

DLP (Data Loss Prevention)

The price of this plan is $150 for users per month. It includes all features of UAM and comprehensive data protection.

Here is a brief comparison of the features of Veriato 360 and Teramind. This is what you are getting from the two programs:

Veriato Teramind
Alerts Productivity analysis
Screenshots Live view
Video playback and export Keystroke logger
File and document tracking Email monitoring
Email monitoring File tracking
Web activity tracking Project management
Keystroke auditing History playback
Application activity monitoring Active vs. idle time analysis
Network activity tracking Printed document tracking
Third-party integrations Remote desktop control

Veriato 360 pricing

Veriato 360 is one of that employee monitoring software that does not publically list its pricing. You will have to contact them and submit your contact info to receive a statement from their team. Their free trial is available so you can test if this software works for you.

Veriato offers discounts on a large volume of endpoints. Currently, their software is deployed in more than 3000 enterprises worldwide. Their major clients include finance, health, tech enterprises, and defense contractors.

Veriato 360 not recording Chrome activity

Frequent Google chrome browser updates tend to affect the ability of Veriato to record user activity on Chrome. To fix the error and prevent data loss, legacy, or extension methods of recording activities have been introduced.

Legacy method: use the secure method of recording user activity

Extension: Use the Veriato Chrome extension to record user activity on Chrome.

Veriato 360 requirements

To use the Veriato 360, the minimum disk space requirement is 10 GB. If this space is not available, an error message will appear, stating it cannot unpack and run the setup.

The server requirements for Veriato are Windows 64-bit English language operating system (Windows 8.1, 10, Server 2012, or Server 2016).

The hardware requirement is 8 GB ram and Quaid core i7.

Veriato 360 migration

When a server becomes outdated, it is possible to migrate Veriato to another computer. Here are the steps involved:

Data the data vault server

The first step is to stop the server and store all activities locally until the migration is complete.

Create an archive

If the server is available, create an archive by selecting servers >> data vault >> enable “Data archiving” and then choose “Archive now”

Copy the data vault folder

This folder will be available in the data vault server properties


Move the file to the PC

Once you have moved the file to a new PC, uninstall the Veriato investigator. This shall remove all folders.

Install Veriato investigator

Install it on the new PC

Import the data

Stop the data vault and improve the old PC from the list.

Move the data vault and recording profile folders to the new location

Reinstall the recorders

Reinstalling the recorders makes the server set to the new PC

Share the new data vault and inform the users

Share the central data vault with viewers and control center users.

How to change SQL password in SQL server for Veriato 360?

To ensure safety, all users must change their passwords from time to use. Those who use SQL server authentication can change their passwords on their own.  Here are the steps involved:

  1. Go to the database and choose “manage database logins”
  2. Right-click the login button and choose “modify”
  3. Click “change password” from the toolbar
  4. After you have changed the password, you might have to restart the control center or login again with your new credentials
  5. Click “yes” and continue 
  6. A change password window will appear
  7. Enter the information and click “OK”
  8. Once you are done, close the control center, reopen it and log into your account with the new password

How to uninstall Veriato 360?

If you would like to uninstall this employee monitoring software from a PC, the process is simple. Use the setup program for uninstalling this software. The setup program detects all components of this software on a PC and prompts to uninstall the components.

Start the setup

Go to Windows and choose all programs

Find Veriato 360 and click on uninstall Veriato 360

The uninstallation begins

Once the program is able to detect the components installed on the PC, it will start the uninstallation.

Type your password

To program will ask you to enter your SA password

Enter the password and wait for the uninstallation to complete

The uninstallation is successful

Once all components of the program are deleted from the PC, it will restart automatically

But first, a window with the message “successful uninstallation” will appear

Click “reboot now” and choose “finish”

You’re done uninstalling Veriato 360!


Veriato 360 is a comprehensive software and a perfect tool to gain full visibility into the activities of your employees, boost productivity, and improve the security of organizational data. It can also be used for carrying out investigations in case of a data breach.

It’s highly effective and reliable. The only drawback is a bit of a learning curve is required. You might have to receive training for getting the hang of this software. Their pricing isn’t transparent as well. You will have to contact the Veriato team to provide you a quote based on the number of endpoints required.

The devices it supports include Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone. It might not be a great fit for small businesses since some of its features could advance.

Stay away from poorly fit applications and get Veriato 360 for monitoring activities. Contact the company for more details.

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