Teamdynamix saas cloud solution and platform review

TeamDynamix SaaS Cloud Solution And Platform Review

TeamDynamix is a codeless SaaS solution that is a combination of ITSM (IT Service Management) and PPM (Project Portfolio Management). This software can be deployed to ESM (Enterprise Service Management (), IT, HR, and marketing departments. It can be easily integrated with other apps. The workflow is built with the connector library and visual code builder. Let’s explore more about TeamDynamix SaaS cloud solution and platform. Read on!

TeamDynamix review

TeamDynamix is a work management software that is specifically designed for trade associations, K-12, local government, and higher education. It comes with project portfolio management and integrated service management that goes beyond the information technology and helps you collaborate, align and simplify the management processes of your work all over the departments. It has been there for decades and improves community collaboration and operational efficiencies through this powerful project management platform. 

Products portfolio 

This platform offers ESM and IT service management services that can be integrated with PPM (Project Portfolio Management). When the project portfolio management integrates with ESM (Enterprise Service Management), the user can get a full view of his/her work management. 

IT Service Management

This is a cloud base ITSM (IT Service Management) platform that offers a variety of features, including IT ticketing, service portal, reporting, and integrated knowledge management.

Enterprise Service Management

This is the best project planning and service management software that extends to groups throughout the departments.

A screenshot of teamdynamix enterprise service management platform

Project Portfolio Management

Its project management tool is so powerful that it can be helpful either you have complex needs or for single-team collaboration. The best thing about this platform is that it can be expanded throughout the organization.

A screenshot of teamdynamix project portfolio management platform

Solutions Outlook

TDX is built for non-profit organizations. It has the ability to improve operational productivity. Organizations can work together using this work management software. Organizations can work faster and smarter. This platform is focused on the integration of project management. It is a highly configurable platform that offers great service delivery.

TDX for Higher Education

TeamDynamix is specifically used for higher education. If you are a higher education student, you may have more than five devices, and you are expected immediate help. But the collaboration tools and resource limitations make it an intimidating user base to support. That’s where TDX for higher education comes in.

TDX for K-12

The needs of teachers and students evolve, and schools need to improve and operate efficiently on a regular basis across all departments. This platform helps K-12 schools to manage all the processes from a single platform throughout the institute.

TDX for Trade Associations

Trade Associations are always under pressure to find ways to connect with prospective members. At the same time, trade associations should establish an effective mode of operation to optimize fund usage. In this case, TDX, which is ESM and PPM software, can help them to bring all things together.

TDX for Government

Public sector organizations face a lot of ever-changing conditions and challenges that urge them to look for new ways to become more active. As TeamDynamix is a single service and project management platform, it can help the government organization to streamline service delivery, equipped with better serve communities and lower costs.

Services offered

Implementation services

The TeamDynamix offers implementation services, and they have many campuses all over North America. They understand the needs of 501 (c) organizations and know what kind of resources non-profit organizations need for achieving goals.

Managed services and support

Want to move from initiatives forward? TDX provides a dedicated resource that optimizes your process and helps you manage all your basic activities.

Process consulting

This SaaS Cloud platform offers an array of process consulting packages for higher education and k-12 schools for before and after implementations. The effectiveness of the institution can be optimized if they want improvement in these areas. Moreover, it helps to ease the transition into a portfolio management tool or other new services.  


TeamDynamix can be integrated with the other solutions that your institution or company is using. They also offer some custom services, including data migration, analysis, data integration with information systems of students, Microsoft SCCM, custom database work, reporting, ERP systems, and Inventory Management Systems. 

TeamDynamix udayton

Dayton means the University of Dayton, and TeamDynamix UDayton is a UD service catalog by team dynamic. Students and staff members can use it to get information about the campus system, technology services, and support. It offers a knowledge base platform where students, staff, and all faculty members can learn about the tools. They can even request the services and track their request’s status. If you are a student or faculty member but don’t know how you can find the services, you can request assistance. Open the help request form and click on the link of ‘request this.’ It offers a wider range of categories that include legal affairs, business intelligence, controller, and runway.

  • In the business intelligence category, you will learn about the reporting services and BI processes. 
  • The next one is the legal affairs category, where students and faculty members learn about the legal processes.
  • The runway category consists of managing carts. Personalized your profile, create and submit a request, and more
  • Similarly, controllers help you learn about controller processes and forms.
  • Process documentation is all about training documentation, Process documentation, and others.
  • In UDIt, UD students and staff members learn about the available resources and computing tools.

UNR TeamDynamix

UNR stands for University of Nevada, Reno, and unr team dynamic is a service catalog by TeamDynamix. The campus portal named Nevada is a help page where students, teachers, and applicants can find the instruction to perform functions. It includes four different categories, including student task center, application task manager, faculty and staff help, and accessing Nevada.

  • The application task manager has the information about the admission application. It also lets the students how to view their application status, test scores, to-do list, and others.
  • In the ‘student task center,’ they can find help with class schedules, course history, and class enrollment.
  • Faculty and staff help categories help the staff and faculty members to view class schedules and entering grades when the term ends.

How login into TeamDynamix

This cloud platform enables the education institution and organizations to work, monitor, receive and track service requests. It also offers knowledge base articles to assist the users on how to use these services. 

  • Open your browser like Firefox, InternetExplorer, Edge, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer.  
  • For instance, if you want to open it from Stanford university, you need to open your university website.
  • Now, go to the upper right corner, and hit on the sign-in button.
  • Now put your Id details in the ‘username’ field like: <mySFUID> For instance:
  • Now, enter your mySFU password and hit the ‘sign in’ button.
  • This software will redirect you for authentication. In case of any authentication problems, you may contact their help desk or support.
  • Once you log in to the Teamdynamix account, you can use your client portal.
  • You can search for the service you are looking for in the search bar. Simply enter a keyword in the search bar and click on it.
  • There are plenty of services available on this portal, including request support assistance, My Approvals, ticketing tasks, browse knowledge base, and project management tasks.
A screenshot of teamdynamix login page

How much is TeamDynamix

TeamDynamix doesn’t offer a free trial and free plan. Moreover, TDX doesn’t provide pricing information for its services. Most service providers and software sellers do the same. This is common practice. However, you can contact their team ad to obtain the pricing. But according to user reviews, it is 35% more expensive than other similar products.

TeamDynamix how to stop email notifications

There are a lot of ways to manage and stop email notifications. You can even customize your settings. When you go to the activity bar, you can select more options (three-dot sign), and here you can mark your notification as unread or read. Users can also turn off or on their notifications for the specific channel. Here is how to stop email notifications.

  • First off, go to the top right corner of your app and click on your profile picture. Now select the settings and then click on the notification button.
  • You can now set your notifications for every kind of activity on this platform.
  • If you want to stop your email notifications, make sure you set all activity types.

How to add watchers in TeamDynamix

When you add watchers to the team dynamic, you allow them to participate in the project. Once a watcher is added, he/she will receive an email. This way, the new project will become part of their to-do list. Project managers usually use this feature and add watchers to the project. They can add the users from the resource page, card wall, or project detail page. 

Here is how to add watchers to TeamDynamix’s resource page.

  • Select the tab with the name ‘resource’ and then go to the action bar and select additional resources. 
  • Now select the checkboxes you see in the resource tab that you want to add and click the next button.
  • Now hit the save button.

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