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Helping companies like increase their talent sourcing efforts by 8-10x helping them increase their pipeline.

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We’ve helped companies like source up to 800-1,000+ candidates each day!
What if you could double or even 10x your sourcing efforts?
That’s exactly what we did for companies like, helping them increase the amount of intake on a daily basis ultimately leading to more placements!

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How It Works

Let Stealth Agents Do Your Talent Sourcing... While You Focus On Filling Up Your Pipeline!

We will do the sourcing for you so that your sales teams can focus on receiving hundreds of qualified applicants per day to choose from. Let us do the heavy lifting for your staffing agency and focus more on placing more candidates each month!


Book a call


We’ll give you a curated shortlist with a high density of desirable applicants, and we’ll locate the perfect fit for you!


Go over requirements


Once a talent sourcing strategy has been created, the next step is to find, contact, and nurture connections with potential individuals. We’ll check the credentials you give us to verify if they have the licenses you need. We’ll also provide the Stealth Agents detailed instructions and on-the-job training.


Go over software / tools/ SOPs / KPIs


We’ve set up templates in our CRM to handle all emails, automatically identifying and engaging the right people. You can analyze your SOPs and KPIs (key performance indicators) to determine which KPIs are most critical to its success. The built-in portal 


Implement and launch


The onboarding of new agents is the final stage of the talent sourcing process. We’ll keep track of the outcomes and file the email in a folder. You can expect us and the chosen agents to provide a report, sending up early updates, hourly updates, and end-of-shift messages through different communication channels


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