At Stealth Agents we use a team-based organizational structure to ensure that our clients always have a positive experience with their virtual assistants. Our managers and project team leaders monitor day-to-day project goals to guarantee that each virtual assistant produces high-quality results, every time. 

What is the definition of a team-based organizational structure? 

Team organizational structures place individual employees in teams that are working toward a common goal. Although each individual has their own list of responsibilities, every employee works together to accomplish a larger objective.

The team-based style allows for smoother project management than other approaches. Since each team member is selected according to their skill alignment with each project, employee strengths are highlighted, naturally increasing efficiently. 

Incompletion risks are also minimized: because of the shared team responsibility, if a single employee is unable to complete an element of work, the entire team is able to absorb the remainder of the task. 

A recent study by Deloitte found that of companies who shifted to a team-based organizational structure, 53% saw a significant increase in performance. It’s also been said that this organizational style reinforces “problem-solving, decision-making and teamwork”, according to Creately.

What companies use team-based organizational structure?




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