Reasons to hire a real estate virtual assistant

The Top 7 Reasons To Hire A Real Estate Virtual Assistant

All real estate agents have one mutual feeling – there just aren’t enough hours in a day to get things done. Things seem manageable when you have just launched, but as business starts gaining traction, you are living on the fast lane.

You may enjoy being a workaholic, but at some point in time, you will realize you have no choice but to delegate. If you really want to close more deals, you must hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant.

What is a real estate virtual assistant?

It’s like your personal assistant, but they are not physically available at your office. The VA works remotely and handles all administrative tasks associated with your company starting from setting appointments, organizing paperwork, updating listings, writing follow-up emails, and more. All the mundane tasks are keeping you from focusing on your core business operations. Some virtual assistants also take care of the marketing of your business and make it grow while you are busy showing your existing clients their dream homes.

Why hire a VA for real estate?

Looking for reasons to hire a virtual assistant for your company? We have got 7 good ones. Check them out here:

Collect property scraping details

Whether you are working with buyers or sellers, there will come a point where you would be discussing price. This could be the list price of the offer price. For making it easier for your clients to make a decision, share a comparison of similar listings in the surrounding neighborhoods.

To share this information, you need this information, of course. The virtual assistant can do property scraping on your behalf. They would review different listing sites and find applicable comparison properties. They can also search for other information like local amenities, property size, location, and type.

Your virtual assistant would be searching for this data. You, on the other hand, can focus on pricing strategies and suggestions for a counteroffer ahead of the meeting with the client.

It’s cost-effective

A real estate agent is always on the move. From answering calls, checking emails to reading messages, a realtor has to be sure every day is organized. It’s hard to keep up with all the appointments alone. Here, the services of a real estate virtual assistant will prove to be highly cost-effective. They will work as an independent contractor and reduce your labor cost significantly. Since it’s a virtual assistant who is working remotely, your business won’t have to bear overheads such as social security benefits, medical, health insurance, and others.

Get fresh ideas

A real estate VA is an extension of your work team. To remain in this competitive industry, a virtual assistant must catch up on the real estate marketing trends. Their services and knowledge of administration and marketing can help your business stand out.

They learn your needs and preferences and enable you to create such communication that works well for your business. 

Research local properties

You might be familiar with some neighborhoods because you have sold so many homes there. There must be definitely others that are new to you. Rather than losing a client because you are unfamiliar with the neighborhood, they are interested in buying a home in, assigning your virtual assistant the task to research that area.

Not only can they do the job of property scraping, but they can also research areas according to the taste of your clients. It’s incredibly helpful to have someone research properties that meet your client’s criteria. This could save you tons of time and even secure a client!

Apart from doing general property research and doing a price check, the VA can help your average selling prices in the target neighborhood, local amenities, ongoing or upcoming infrastructure development, and any other information that can assist in making a decision. This supplementary information can help you answer client questions and offer a great customer experience. 

They are a real-time saver

Imagine how many opportunities you could be wasting by sitting on your desk handling paperwork instead of showing your clients properties they might be interested in. Wouldn’t it be better to outsource someone for these tasks while you achieve your goals and focus more on getting new listings?

Most real estate agents seem reluctant because they don’t have much time to train the virtual assistant, especially if they have a specific way of doing things. Well, it might take up to 6 hours to train the VA on a particular task. This feels like a lot of time upfront, but you probably are clocking 2 hours each week doing the same task. So why not train the right person and forget about the responsibility once and for all! 

In the end, you are gaining instead of losing. You never know what kind of value this person brings to your company.

Boost your income

Did you know, by delegating tasks, you can actually double or triple your income. Research from HBR found that delegating responsibilities free up your time so you can spend it somewhere valuable. This increases your productivity and boosts your income. 

Perform lead generation online

It’s a brainer that leads can be generated online as well. In fact, many realtors praise this method. The only problem is some realtors haven’t explored it, or they don’t know how to track the areas. Here again, the services of the VA can come in handy. The remote Vas are mostly familiar with the online lead generation process. You can also specifically look for those virtual assistants who have expertise in lead generation to take advantage of this opportunity. 

Provides digital marketing assistance

From a well-maintained website to social media marketing. a real estate virtual assistant can do it all for you! A real estate VA has this skill set to provide you with a digital marketing strategy that can attract potential clients and make existing clients get more engaged with your business. As people nowadays are online, it is crucial to have someone on your team who knows how to keep an eye on it.

Handles customer support

Real estate virtual assistants hold excellent communication skills that help them handle clients’ concerns through calls, email, chat, and any other forms of communication 24/7. They too keep your clients updated on the listings.

Relieves stress

When you delegate those time-consuming and repetitive tasks to a real estate virtual assistant, you will be able to save time focusing on the core activities of your business. By saving time, you can also give yourself the much-deserved break that you need. Hiring a real estate virtual assistant for your business can provide you with a healthy balance between work and play, and this is something we all want to achieve.


A virtual assistant can help you thrive in your real estate business. If you are feeling the mundane and cumbersome operations are keeping you from focusing on what matters, you need a real estate virtual assistant to get closer to your goals. 

Not only can a real estate VA organize your daily operations but help you score more leads.

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