Productivity Tools

Productivity tools that will help you and your business achieve goals.

The world is getting faster and faster, and you need to manage workplaces with agility and efficiency. Your CEOs need your work, and you top-notch. They want you quick, competitive, proactive, interactive, presentable, and responsive. You cannot achieve all this until or unless you have a good list of productivity tools at hand to handle everything.

Productivity tools help you to manage your projects and work. They might include cloud-based or network-based work sharing, planners, organizers, time-tracking apps or software, work distribution software and apps, online marketing tools, etc.

Here are the top 12 productivity tools that help you and your business grow.

1. Freedcamp

Centralized Networking

It has a central storage system to network your project/projects. It helps in project planning, organizing, and implementing. The team members can share the project details, to-do list, project files, and hold discussion sessions. 

Schedule Meetings with Google Calendar

You can also sync your team members with Google Calendar for scheduled meetings and discussions. This is a handy app for your desktop and comes with a ton of free features. However, you can also pay for add-ons as per your business need.


It has four versions:
• The first one is the free cost version with all the essential features.
• The minimalistic version has a free trial, and after that, you pay $1.49 per user billed annually
• For the business version, there are no free trials, and you pay $ 7.49 per user with billing on an annual basis
• The enterprise version is hefty and comes with $ 16.49 per user billed annually

2. Google Drive

Cloud-based File Sharing

Almost anyone can have this productivity tool at home with a Gmail account. It is effortless to use and best for an individual or a team for work sharing. Unlike team-based cloud sharing, it is not very centralized; however, it gives each access to share the file to the team or group of people through Google Drive.

Word and Spreadsheets

You can also create word files and spreadsheets to share with your team. Those who cannot pay for cloud-based file sharing and project management can use this tool up to a specific storage limit of 15GB.


It has three plans:
• 100 GB storage plan recommended the most for a smaller group for $209/ month
• 200GB storage plan for $339/month
• 1TB storage plan for $ 1,049/month

3. Google Analytics and Webmaster

These are some of the finest breakthroughs in productivity tools for analyzing your online market. It has wide usage, and even the basic version has a lot of features. With Google Analytics and Webmaster, you can look into the behaviors and characteristics of your online market.

Studying Trends with the Various Metrics

You can have metrics on traffic, online marketing performance, and conversions from different data sources and analyze the effectiveness of existing online campaigns. Google Analytics can be an excellent use for your online marketing analysis needs. Google Analytics has both paid and unpaid versions. All help you to maximize the productivity of online marketing.


It has a professional, premium, and growth versions.
• The professional version allows analytics from 15 data sources and will cost you $119/month billed on an annual basis
• Premium is $279 with 50 data sources.
• $699 growth version will allow you to analyze data from customized sources.

4. Hootsuite

It is one of the best online marketing productivity tools that organizes and manages your overall social media activities.

Dashboard Listing in all Social Networks

You can have the most uncomplicated dashboard in this software to manage all social media networks like Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. You can schedule posts through its dashboard and assign assignments to your team members.

Track Followers, Comments, and Likes

It can give you a snapshot of followers and their activity on your posts in just one click. You can organize them and also see the performance metrics of each network separately.


It has four plans:
• For an individual, you have a professional plan with $19 per month
• For the team, you can have a $99 plan per month
• For business, you can have a $599 plan per month
• There is also a custom plan option with a negotiable price


This app on desktop works to integrate any social media app or online platform.

Merging your Apps and Services

This platform merges your services and apps with endless combinations. You can add your Facebook post or pictures to your Google Drive.

Merging Data and Presenting Analytics

The developers can also merge the data and statistics of two platforms for metrics, comparing, and measuring performance.


Here are the plans:
• For the IFTTT developer plan, your enterprise will have to $199 per year
• For the IFTTT team, you pay as you grow by integrating all online channels
• The IFTTT enterprise offers a custom integration of your apps with online networks, and hence charges are negotiable.

6. Toggl

Time tracking is essential in various tasks, and Toggl does it effortlessly and efficiently.

Time Tracking and Reporting

Toggl tracks the time a project initiates to the time it ends. It helps in calculating throughput time via this feature. It also manages the reporting tasks of the project.

Project Revenue Tracking

It also tracks the project’s revenues and is allotted to the income earned because time is all about money. It also helps in scheduling meetings and managing teams.


All of its plans have a 30- day free trial:
• The Starter plan is $9 per user per month
• The Premium plan is $18 per user per month
• The custom plan offers a negotiable price for all the services provided

7. Hemmingway Editor

Just like Grammarly, this could be one of the best productivity tools for freelance blog post writers. Hemming helps you to correct your grammar mistakes and sentence structures while writing.

This editor has an all- feature tab to increase your score for an article. Just copy-paste your essay and get it corrected for better content.


Hemmingway editor can be purchased for $19.9/ month.

8. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark helps you to graphic design pictures and videos. It provides you with features that allow you to make social media posts, pages, and video stories.


You can choose your font style, color, and formation from thousands of options available.

Iconic Imagery and Professional Themes

You can select from the range of photos present in the desktop app themes. You can choose themes or photos from cloud folders, be it Dropbox or Google Drive.

Allows Sharing on all Online Platforms

The photos, videos, and posts are allowed to share on all online platforms.


Currently, no pricing is available on the website. There is a starter plan. It could be around $9.99 per month and $99.9 per year.

9. Skype

It is a video conferencing tool used in organizations and among individuals for video calls. It is a low-cost solution for video calls, meetings, and discussions.
In the US, you can subscribe to skype for $ 2.99. It also has a month free-trial.

10. Zoom

Unlike Skype, Zoom enhances your productivity by helping to interact with a larger audience online through video conferencing. Zoom manages huge groups, especially if your work is related to class lectures and other training.

Managing Participants

It has a range of features that manage participants and allows you to reduce scams. It also allows to invite participants through Google Calendar and restrict others. It also allows activating waiting room options for hosts and co-hosts to let only those qualified for the meeting.

Allows Recording

It allows recording on both cloud and computer. This helps both the host and co-host to extract the video and later on and use it as a record or quality management purpose of classroom lectures and training.


Personal meetings are free, but group meetings have price plans.
• For 100 participants, you can have $149.9/ year/host
• For 300 participants you have $199.9/year/host
• For Unlimited participant, you can have $350/year/host

11. Bandicut

It is a video editor that cuts the video into parts and merge multiple videos. It is a perfect productivity tool for current times where video conference tools are prevailing. As you have to edit video recordings of zoom and other video conferencing platforms, Bandicut is handy. The teachers, lecturers, trainers, and team members who have to record these videos in parts can cut them through Bandicut. These can also be used for quality assurance purposes later on.


Bandicut has only one pricing plan so far, which is a $29.95 payment per year. This is a one-time payment. It is not available for free but does come with a free trial version with a minimal option of just cutting a video in parts.

12. StayFocusd

It is the most important of all the productivity tools. It manages to block websites that waste your time like Facebook. It’s extra customizable and can restrict any website for any time limit. It is very helpful at workplaces where people spend extra time on social media.

Pricing is available in contact with the service provider.

All of the mentioned productivity tools are top 12, and they serve the business and project managers’ needs in a very efficient way. We all need to produce the best results of our work, be it an individual or an enterprise, which is why these tools have features for you to make the most of your work.

Go ahead and find your way to put the best in what you do!

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