osTicket support ticketing system software review

OsTicket Support Ticketing System Software Review: Features And Pricing

osTicket is an open-source helpdesk management solution that combines IT asset management and ticket management in a single suite. This solution is suited for small and medium enterprises and can only be deployed in the cloud.

This software has a built-in customer portal that allows a user to submit the ticket as well as track the status of the request. It has an auto-assign feature for incoming tickets which are then routed to the most suitable department and staff member. Once the ticket is sent, an automated email is sent to the user for keeping them updated on the status of the ticket.

Features of OsTicket

This support ticketing system software comes with multiple features and all of them are free. Let’s have a look at each of them in detail:

Custom field

The custom field allows you to customize the user data when submitting the ticket. It makes it easier to solve the issue right away. The customer is able to choose the topic that is relevant to the issue for which they are creating an issue. This will make theirs and your life easy.

A screenshot of osticket custom field feature

Custom columns and queues

The custom queue allows you to view the tickets based on a custom criterion specified by you. You can specify the information that you would like to see. This way, you don’t have to open every ticket to learn about the customer’s issue. You will know the subject of the issue right away and take immediate action to solve it.

A screenshot of osticket custom columns and queues feature

Ticket filters

Wouldn’t it be much easier if you can define rules to route incoming tickets to the right agent or department so that immediate action can be taken right away? Well, Ticket filters allow you to do just that.

You can set actions such as ticket reject or agent assignment. Filters can be added to any field, forum, and user data.

A screenshot of osticket ticket filters feature

Help topics

With a custom form, you can create a form for each help topic for gathering information about the request. These configurable topics help you route inquires to the right department so that they can be taken care of swiftly.

A screenshot of osTicket help topic feature.

Agent collision avoidance

Your agents can lock the tickets while they responding to the request of the customers. This way, no two agents will ever be working on the same tickets. As soon as multiple agents responses stop, your team’s performance will become much more effective.

When an agent locks the ticket, no other agent can respond to it until the lock expires. This will reduce your team’s frustration!

A representation of osTicket agent collision avoidance feature.

Transfer, assign or refer

It’s common for agents to transfer tickets from one department to another. After all, it is important that the user’s problem is being handled by the correct agent or department. This requires assigning or transferring tickets.

OsTicket software does that very efficiently. You can refer a ticket to a different agent by maintaining view-only access. Your staff can also auto-assign tickets by help topics or departments as they arrive. What if they need to be reassigned? That’s possible too.

A screenshot of osticket transfer feature


OsTicket software lets you set an automatic reply whenever a new ticket is opened. The placeholder variable lets the software pull out the user’s first name via their email to personalize the message. This way, they won’t know its automated response.

You can also edit or customize the auto-responses for each department to make them sound more relevant.

A screenshot of osticket autoresponder feature

Customer portal

Your customers (or end-user can access all tickets they have generated including the response of your staff. All they have to do is log into the portal using their email address and enter the ticket number. They can also register and create a complete profile. Through this portal, they can self-service the issues. It’s a great way to complete all user ticket information organized in one place. Your customers will actually love this feature.

A screenshot of osticket customer portal page

osTicket pricing

OsTicket support ticket system is available in three editions. Let’s look at each of them:

A screenshot of osticket pricing list

Open source

It’s their free version that includes email integrated support only. This version is readily available for download. It’s ideal if you are just started your business.

Cloud hosted

This edition does not require any installation since it’s cloud-based. The price starts at $9 per month per agent. the features it supports include email integration, walk-through session, email and phone support, maintenance and upgrades, daily backup, and guaranteed uptime.

A 30-day free trial version is available for you to try and test it out.

Enterprise appliance

It’s their advanced version that is meant for mid-size enterprises that are looking for a customized support ticking system. To learn about the price, you must contact osTicket.

This edition includes all the features of the cloud-based version plus customization to meet your business needs.

How can osTicket software help?

osTicket has been designed to help businesses solve the queries of their customers and make them happy. Whether you are new in business or here for a while, you must agree happy customers are recurring customers. it’s much easier to retain a customer than acquiring a new one and this can be best done by offering the best customer support services.

You can easily scale or streamlining your customer service and boost customer experience so that they keep on coming back for more. Thousands of businesses are already using osTicket. No wonder there are more than five million users of this software worldwide. It’s available in 190 countries. This software routes customer inquiries through email, API, and web forms.

It is very simple to use. This web-based customer support solution does not require a huge learning curve. This software is packed with features that will improve and streamline your customer support system. Your agents will thank you because they will be free from the mundane tasks that keep them occupied and they can’t focus on going the extra mile to serve customers.

osTicket plugin

Installing the OsTicket plugin is fairly easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Download the plugin by visiting
  2. Copy the plugin to the folder
  3. Got to your admin panel in your OsTicket account
  4. Click manage then choose Plugins
  5. Select add a new plugin and upload the folder you just downloaded
  6. Enable the plugin and you are done.

Technical requirements to use osTicket

In order to use osTicket successfully, you must fulfill some technical requirements. This software is a platform-independent web-based app so it is compatible with all operating systems. To install and run it successfully, you must have:

  • Apache or IIS webserver
  • At least 7.2+ PHP version. osTicket recommends 7.4
  • At least 5.0+ MySQL database. OsTicket recommends 5.5

In case you meet all the requirements stated above but still face issues in installing it, you must contact customer support.

osTicket themes

The theme of OsTicket is responsive. It is suitable for tablets, laptops, and other mobile devices. Creating a ticket is very simple. There’s a very little learning curve when it comes to using this software.

osTicket API

osTicket API is implemented as simple XML. For now, the only type of support available is ticket creation. Eventually, users will be able to access and modify all resources inside osTicket through the API. The API key can be created and managed through the admin panel.

osTicket installation

Installing OsTicket is not as simple as other online ticketing systems. If you are not tech-savvy, you might require help.

Visit to learn more about the installation process. This video tutorial walks you through each step to complete the process successfully.

How to upgrade osTicket?

To upgrade osTicket, simply log into your account and go to the admin panel. You must upload the new version of osTicket, which requires a database migration.

osTicket gets stuck on loading screen when creating a new ticket

This problem arises when you are using an older version of osTicket. Switch to PHP 5.6 and the problem will solve on its own.

How to not ask for phone numbers osTicket?

A phone number is required when you are generating a ticket with osTicket. However, you can change the preferences and make them invisible. Follow these steps:

  1. For this, go to the admin panel
  2. Click manage
  3. Select forms and then go to contacts
  4. Click on information and then the phone number
  5. Change the visibility setting to what you want


osTicket is a 100 percent free open source app. all the features stated above are available for free so that you can offer robust support to your customers. This software is distributed under the terms of GNU GPL. This means it is free for anyone to download, modify use, and share.

It will improve the way you offer support services to your customers without breaking the bank. As your business grows, you can switch from the free version to the cloud-based version at an affordable price.

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