May 6, 2021

13 Must-Have Online Marketing Tools When Starting A Business

A list of must-have online marketing tools

For marketers, time is a commodity, and they have very little of it. Most small business owners do have not too much time to run the practices while marketing their business. In the past, simply having a website made you one of the cool kids, and a social media page made you a rockstar. Not anymore. Extending your reach is now the name of the game, and if your online presence “arms” are too short to box with the World Wide Web, here are online marketing tools for the business you should be using. Some are free, others will cost you, but if the success of your business depends on your reach, it’s well worth the price. The list below will provide you with marketing management tools, email marketing tools, and social media tools for business. Are you ready? Let’s get into it!

Why you need online marketing tools?

Why are people monitoring social media and online marketing campaigns? But everything is monitored these days, so take that with a grain of salt. What are online marketing tools? If you have visions of geeky guys with tape keeping their glasses together, trolling social media sites, and reading every post that comes up in a day, you are only partially right. Online marketing tools do exactly what you think – monitor social media posts – but businesses use the data for different reasons. With the new marketing resource that is social media, companies are posting more advertising-related material on the internet than ever before. Companies can gather information using monitoring tools that will help improve:

Customer service

People talk about everything on the internet, including their experience at a local restaurant or store. Companies can cull information from these sites that may help them identify weaknesses and strengths in their approach to customer service.


Companies can determine what markets have prime importance for expansion based upon the chatter on social media boards and other factors

Marketing demographics

Companies can determine what is trending and where and focus their marketing efforts to reach certain demographics

In short, monitoring and marketing tools provide access to information that had previously been inaccessible, especially in its raw, unguarded form. Digital marketing is the new eavesdropping for businesses. You can get online marketing tools evaluation and learn how your website is doing compared to others in the same field.

There are free marketing tools, and there are paid online marketing tools. As with everything, knowing what you want the tool to do will figure heavily into your decision to go with whichever brand.

Top online marketing tools on the market today


When it comes to email marketing, there is nothing better than MailChimp. Last year, its users sent more than 250 billion emails that show how popular this tool is. The best thing about MailChimp is that it is very user-friendly and comes with no hefty price tags. The price tag usually depends on the size of the user’s email list. If you are a small business or you have just launched a new venture, MailChimp can be your best ally. Its ‘forever free’ plan is an ideal choice for small businesses. And if you are a virtual marketing assistant, this can be a great starting point for you too.


HubSpot is the primary choice of every marketer for marketing, CRM, and sales. If you are a marketer and need an all-in-one online marketing tool, then HubSpot is the ultimate choice. It offers email marketing, SEO, lead management, CTA, analytics, marketing automation, blogging, and more. In short, when you choose Hubspot, there is no stone left unturned. That’s why it is the primary choice for marketers. When you have the solution in one place, then you achieve greater success in record time.


Everyone knows that content is king, and content marketing is the main element of online marketing. It is not limited to content creation; rather, you can take it to the next level with a good marketing strategy and including bloggers and journalists under one roof. BuzzStream is blogger outreach and digital public relations platform. Moreover, it helps build a strong relationship with influencers that help you drive more traffic and profit for your startup or business.


It is a news aggregator app where you can read all-important news in one place. Feedly lets you read, share, and even organize the news feed, which you like the most. This app also supports mobile devices and web browsers.

Live Keyword Analysis

As you know, the best search engine optimization comes from the clever use of keywords. However, keyword stuffing will get you penalized. A live keyword analysis is a simple way to make sure your content is perfectly optimized. All you have to do is enter your keyword, paste your content into the text box, and submit it. The tool calculates your keyword density on the spot.

Live Keyword Analysis will help you see what’s really being said about your company in the world. This knowledge allows you to market accordingly. This opportunity has revolutionized the way that advertising is done. Before you invest, make the online marketing tools comparison. It will not take long to find the best media monitoring tools.


Photos draw attention to your blog or social media page, but photography is expensive. Compfight comes to the rescue. This image search engine locates photos that have the appropriate Creative Commons license for Commercial Use. The site also features free graphics and video clips. Photos should always be placed on your social media tools list.


Are your ears burning? If you have no idea who is talking about you online, then Mention is one of the best online marketing tools for the business you should be using. This tool monitors your brand name across the World Wide Web. Some packages even have features that allow you to respond to your mentions and share industry news.


Your business has hundreds of Twitter followers, but who are they, where are they from, and when do they tweet? Followerwonk breaks down your followers into demographics and helps you understand what makes them tick and chirp. The site also has features that allow you to compare your reach and authority with other users. Followerwonk offers one of the best social media analytics tools available.


Swayy is a platform that drops relevant content into a personalized dashboard, where you can read pertinent articles and share them across your social media networks. A simple click of the share button at the bottom of each article automatically opens up your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles. You can also schedule your sharing for the most optimal times of the day. This tool also suggests related hashtags that help you to share better and reach a wider audience. It also offers analytics features that show you what type of content will be more effective and do wonders for growing your audience.


Hootsuite is a top player in the online marketing space. There are three levels with Hootsuite so that you can determine your needs: free, pro, and enterprise. This tool is very versatile and offers a comprehensive approach to your marketing needs. It will execute and monitor campaigns across numerous social media platforms so that you reach more people at a time. Posts can be automated, and then you can see how many people are mentioning your business. They provide a dashboard for easy data review as well. Free social media monitoring and marketing tools can be a lifesaver for a business.


This is an excellent tool to gather customer feedback. Kissmetrics will tell you where the feedback came from, their impressions, and what led them to the company site.

Google Analytics

One of the better free tools, Google Analytics, allows users to gather website and social metrics in real-time. Their dashboard viewing center makes it easy to assess data.


The folks at Buffer understand that timing is everything. That’s why they offer one of the most useful social media message scheduling and sharing applications available in the digital space. Just one easy click shares and schedules content via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The site also has an efficient analytics tool, which provides important insight into the engagement and reach of your posts.


Like it or not, infographics are here to stay. This is good news to some but bad news for those lacking graphic skills. Fortunately, websites such as are here to help. The step-by-step process helps you create brilliant infographics. No design skills are necessary. You should always be on the lookout for new social media tools; they can do wonders for your business.

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