An introduction about Instagram insights.

Instagram Insights: Everything Worth Knowing

Instagram Insights is a tool that allows businesses to know how their posts are performing. Marketing efforts on any social platform, including Instagram, need to be monitored for effectiveness. You need to know how many people clicked on a certain ad, how many people viewed your profile and messaged you to know more about your business.

Instagram Insights is an analytics feature that allows you to get that information and monitor your activity over time. But the downside is that, as of now, only business profiles have access to this insights feature (which still has much to learn from Facebook’s Insight Program, and avoid some things, to be effective). You can convert any account on Instagram into a business profile and get the analytics feature.

Together with your Instagram virtual assistant, you can access the insights feature if you are a business account by clicking on the black graph icon on your homepage at the right corner of your screen or webpage.

Top 4 features of Instagram Insights

Instagram activity insights

Of the three tabs displayed when you click on that black graph icon, you can look at key statistics related to your business profile’s weekly performance on Instagram. You’ll be able to gauge the popularity of your posts and other Insta-content, and how effective it was in generating traffic, prospects, and customers for your business, product, or service.

It shows your number of profile visits. Other than that, you can get the number of taps/clicks on your posts and profile.

You can see how many people are convinced and click through to your website, the number of calls made through your linked contact details on your business profile.

Compare data

You’ll get a data comparison to track and compare your profile’s historical performance as well. You can change and tweak it for better results when you have that information. They’ll also tell you when the frequency of interactions was high. This allows you to know when best to make Instagram posts, or upload photos if you are an influencer or Instagram model.

Schedule posts and get personal content trends

You can use a tool called Buffer to schedule these Instagram posts and change them every time you can and need to. You’ll get a fair idea of your profile’s content trends so you can tailor the content you create.

For instance, you posted on Monday, skipped Tuesday, and posted again on Wednesday. The pictures you posted at 4:00 pm Monday got the most interactions and continued to Tuesday. You’ll take a closer look at the type of content you made there and figure out to stick to your “no posts on Tuesday” strategy.

The discovery section

This is where the magic unravels. You’ll know where you were highly effective with your posts and the number of unique accounts (your reach) that contributed to overall post views (which are called impressions).

You can further examine your posts to see which influencers you tagged, the hashtags you used, and the material of the content that you posted. Whether it was an artful representation that captured what you were trying to convey that day or otherwise, the Instagram insight feature allows you to grab on to the opportunity.

This can help you alter your content and scheduling strategies for maximum reach.

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