How A Social Media Virtual Assistant Can Improve Your Brand’s Online Presence¬† ¬†

Many business owners utilize virtual assistants for administrative tasks like basic data-entry or cold calling… But did you know that virtual assistants are excellent for managing social media accounts remotely? Keep reading to learn how.

How can a remote social media assistant help you?

Social media continues to be an influential force in motivating purchasing decisions and inspiring brand loyalty and curiosity. Of course, this isn’t news to anyone who’s involved with managing marketing campaigns – and the power of social media doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. So if your business is lacking in this department, you could be leaving customers and potential revenue on the table.


#1. Scheduling

A virtual assistant can keep your business on top of your social media scheduling. Of course, there are plenty of social media scheduling tools like Hootsuite, Planoly, Sprout, and more. These tools make it easier than ever to upload your content and have it set-up to post automatically. However, these platforms can be difficult to grasp, requiring hours of training. Instead of trying to learn new technology, simply hire a trained professional to schedule your content for you. 


#2. Hashtag and Niche Related Research

One key-element in implementing a successful social media campaign is in-depth research. Let’s face it, if you don’t understand what’s trending in your industry and among your target demographic, how will you possibly connect with your customer base? A remote social media assistant can keep you in the know, so you remain relevant in the overall conversation. Not sure where you would start? You can first have your virtual social media assistant perform an analysis of competitors in your industry. What keywords are they using? What hashtags are they using? What kind of images are they posting? What content has performed well on their profiles? These are all important details your virtual assistant can compile for you.


#3. Community and Audience Engagement

As a busy person with one million things to accomplish during the day, liking and responding to comments and direct messages on your social media profiles may be at the very bottom of your to-do list. If this is true for you, you’re likely missing out on huge opportunities to connect – and those lost connections mean lost sales and lost brand advocates for your business. After all, what’s the point of posting on social media if you’re not able to communicate and interact with engagement on your content? Virtual assistants can focus on quickly responding to all social media comments and messages, so your followers and fans feel heard and appreciated. You never know who your next sale or referral will come from, so don’t miss out.


#4. Internet Monitoring for Shareable Content (i.e. Brand Mentions and News)

What if your favorite celebrity or career idol mentioned your company and you never even knew about it? As unlikely as this may seem, believe it or not, companies miss positive press about their business all the time because there isn’t a dedicated person assigned to watch out for press hits and social media mentions. Your social media assistant doesn’t have to only focus on managing the profiles, you can have them scour the web in search of relevant and sharable content.