How Virtual Assistants Can Help You Manage Your Leads More Efficiently

An effective lead generation and management strategy can create endless opportunities for the future growth of your business. For a small business or a solo entrepreneur, lead management can become impossible to keep up with. Outsourcing lead management can add hours to your team’s productivity – allowing more time to focus on other business strategies.

How can a virtual assistant help you with lead management? 

Lead generation is essential for many businesses to find new clients. Building your lead list can be exciting, but when it comes to contacting each one of them – that can be overwhelming. Did you know that outsourcing this task could help you save hours of time?

Responding to Emails: 

Many companies rely on email marketing lists to attract leads into their sales pipeline. However, if you have an email marketing list of 20,000 people and a small team, it can be incredibly difficult to keep up with every message in your inbox. A virtual assistant can help you make sure that you’re not wasting money on lead generation without the ability to manage the leads properly. The help of a virtual assistant can also help to keep your CRM platforms updated with the latest information.

Social media management:

Whether your business is running ads on social media platforms or focusing on developing an organic presence, in 2020, many businesses will interact with the most qualified leads on their social media profiles. For a company with a large engagement rate and without a designated social media community manager, many of these inquiries can fall through the cracks. A virtual assistant can make a huge difference in the experience your followers have with you on social media and dramatically increase the response times on your accounts. So that unexpected DM, comment, like, reaction, or share can turn into a paying and loyal customer.

Calling Cold and Warm Leads: 

Oh, the dreaded follow-up calls. For many businesses and professionals, calls can be the biggest time drain and most ineffective marketing channel there is – so companies collect countless telephone numbers only to have them collect dust for months, and when the lead IS finally contacted, they’ve already forgotten about your business and signed-up with your competitor. You can prevent this from happening by having your virtual assistant act as a dedicated call center agent for your company. You can create comprehensive sales scripts for them to follow, assign them to appointment setting related tasks – or whatever you need to fit your business. The best part about outsourcing your call-related tasks to the Philippines is the high English literacy rate in the region.

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