How To Hire Remote Employees

The world that we live in today has not been the same. If you’re looking at how to hire remote employees effectively, I’m going to give you my top 10 tips to doing this and also get results even better than hiring in-house employees.

When hiring remote employees, most business owners worry about the same issues :

  • Are my employees going to be effective?
  • Are they going to work the same as if they were at an office?
  • Am I able to communicate the same way?
  • Is my business going to prosper or fail?
  • How do I track their performance?
  • How will I know they’re actually WORKING?

I get it … I’ve been there and in both fields. In my business I’ve had employees both in-house and employees remote.

I can honestly say that having an office DOES NOT MATTER.

Yes, you heard that right – it doesn’t matter as much when it comes to work performance.

My very first office was in Salt Lake City Utah in an A class building called the Crane Building.

How To Hire Remote Employees

My Salt Lake City, Utah Office – 2014

Hire Remote Workers 

There I had my very first in-house employees and thought that I actually had a “legit” business.

That office closed down in 6 months because we didn’t hit our sales goals and had NO IDEA what we were doing…

My next physical office was in New Jersey. I had it good!

Stealth Agents New Jersey Office

Stealth Agents New Jersey Office – 2019

It was a 3,000 sq ft building with everything I needed. I was there for almost 2 years until COVID happened and then … BAM!

Everything changed overnight and I had to shut down the office.

I later noticed that my employees and workforce worked even better when we were all remote … AND we were 20% more efficient!

WOW ….. I couldn’t believe it.

I learned that having an office on my part just causes more

  • Headaches
  • Drama
  • More cleaning
  • More travel time

I’ve learned that hiring remote employees was a better option if I wanted to get stuff done.

Now here’s my top 5 tips to hiring remote employees EFFECTIVELY …

Tip #1 – Hire employees with performance in mind

Hire Remote Employees Based On Performance

Hire Remote Employees Based On Performance


What I really mean by this is find out exactly what your goals are. Your goals are not to hire an assistant to pick up the phones. Your goal is to hire an assistant who can talk to customers effectively and set an appointment or a schedule so that you or your sales team can close the clients. You should not be looking at “how good at you at picking up phone calls”. Instead, look at more internal features such as what kind of performance did you do at your last company for the task I’m hiring you right now.

Tip #2 – Always track and measure KPIs (key performance indicators)

Key performance indicators (KPI) is a good measurement of how well a specific employee is doing. Finding out how well they do X amount of tasks each day and if they’re improving and optimizing over time. Measuring this will keep your employees accountable for the task that they have at hand. Making sure that they report every day and update their KPI sheets / stats each day is crucial to keeping a good working environment.

Measure Employee Performance

We measure our agent’s performance for our clients each and every single day!

*** You don’t want to have employees slack on this task – It will give leeway to more slacking on other tasks in the future ***

Tip #3 – Use a time tracker for remote workers

I use a time tracker such as hubstaff. If your worry is that you’re wondering if they’re working or not, this will solve that problem right away. Having hired THOUSANDS of employees, I’ve seen that the ones that are measured hourly always work best. You will find the 1-5% of people that can perform without a time tracker and those people are rare. Most people do not operate this way and so you will need to have a time tracker to keep your staff accountable each hour. Hubstaff will show you the keystrokes as well as mouse movements by percentage every 10 minutes to show how effective that employee is doing.

Hubstaff Timer

Timer of one of our workers and screenshots every 10 minutes

We use hubstaff and time tracking on all of our agents here at Stealth Agents.

Tip #4 – Give rewards and incentives to keep working hard

Give Remote Employees Rewards

Our client Cedar Performance rewards his agents with lunch / dinner!

Employees want to know that they have a path that they can follow for growth. No one wants to be pigeon-holed into a company that has no growth path. Always add in a growth path to every single employee to motivate them to grow with you. You already know that as your company grows, there will be more opportunities for those who grew your company with you. Give this growth incentive for everyone in your company and they will work harder in helping your business grow.

Tip #5 – Have a vision and company culture

Company Culture And Vision

Find out what you really want to do. Is it to make money or is it to make an impact on the world / lives you touch. Our vision here at Stealth Agents is to help make an impact on the lives that we give jobs to. My personal vision and goal for our company aligns with our company culture. The cadence for KPIs is what makes our culture grow. As we aim for a set number of employees to hire, we look at our numbers and see how we can get more clients to reach our goal. The culture is job creation for those in the Philippines who would not have had an opportunity if it wasn’t for us. This is where our culture sets us apart from the others who are just in it for the money.

Find out what your company culture is and what goals (numbers) you’re looking to do to reach your end result. You will then find more levels and entertain new ideas for company culture as your company grows.

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