How to Hire an Affordable Personal Travel Assistant

If you’re a frequent flyer, odds are that you already know how stressful booking flights and arranging hotel stays can be – especially when managing a hectic schedule. This is exactly why many high-level executives rely on the help of personal travel assistants to create their itineraries. U.S. based travel planning assistants can be costly, which is why virtual assistant travel planning professionals are in high demand.

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Travel Assistant 

A trained personal travel assistant can be an invaluable asset for a jet-set professional. Coordinating departure and arrival times,¬†planning commutes to and from foreign locations, securing adequate lodging during sold-out business conferences, and winning that coveted front row window seat are stressful tasks in and of themselves. And we’re not even talking about the actual work you need to do to prepare for business meetings, networking, and whatever else your industry requires from you. Travel assistants can take all of those detail-oriented and time-consuming arrangements off of your to-do list.

Save Money

While you are likely trying to find travel arrangements as quickly as you can – a travel assistant will take their time to find the best deal for you. Since they are only focused on making sure you have the best travel experience possible, they can meticulously compare pricing on airline and travel sites.

Stay Organized

Time goes by so fast, and when you’re working on multiple projects – before you know it – that event you’re expected to attend is only 2-weeks away and the prices are exorbitant! A virtual travel assistant can study your annual travel schedule and book your flights, hotels, shuttles, etc. months in advance.¬†

Work Smarter

You can also utilize your booking assistant to outline your meeting schedules. By sharing your calendar and upcoming meetings details with your assistant, you can stay aware of and prepared for every upcoming meeting you have – and even arrange travel to and from, catering, and more.

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