I want to show you we call abandoned carts for our Shopify clients toboost their conversions and generate up to 400% ROI with our Stealth Agents virtual assistants.

Think about all of the abandon carts that you have RIGHT NOW on your store(s) and imagine how frustrating it can be to know that you spent all of this advertising money to have people just leave your carts!

I know … And this is why we’ve decided to help Shopify store owners like Matt Schmitt get 4X through our abandon cart calling services.

Call Abandon Carts

How we’ve helped our client Matt Schmitt Return 4.8X On His Abandon Carts


Here’s how it works in a nutshell …

#1 – We identify how many abandon carts your store receives on a daily basis (our callers can do around 100-150 calls per day including conversation time)

I.e. If you have 500 abandon carts per day, we will need at least 4-5 callers per day

#2 – We figure out why your customers abandon cart

  • Pricing too high
  • Don’t understand the product too well
  • Not enough options
  • No discount code
  • Etc.

#3 – We create a script based on what we’re going to offer to your customers when we call them

  • Discount for abandon carts
  • BOGO (buy one get one) offer
  • Free item over X amount spent
  • Super urgent sale and stock is running out deal
  • Firesale
  • Etc.

Example of an abandon cart calling script :

Hi may I speak with {NAME OF YOUR CUSTOMER}?


Hi {CUSTOMER NAME}, I’m calling on behalf of {YOUR STORE NAME} and I noticed that you were on our website trying to purchase {PRODUCT NAME}.

I wanted to see if you had any questions about our products before making a purchase?


I also wanted to give you a limited time XX% off coupon code not found anywhere on our website but only on this call. Would you be interested in it?


Great, your coupon code is [COUPONCODE]. This is a limited time coupon code that we’re offering to our customers only over the phone.

Please let me know if you have any questions and if you need help going over your order details.

On top of this, if you also order over $100, I can throw in a free product for you.

How does that sound {CUSTOMER NAME}?

Depending on your store’s niche and customer’s needs are, we can address them on this call. 

We can also upsell customers with more purchases such as adding up to $100 in purchase and getting a free hat or something similar.

#4 – We take all of your abandon carts that have phone numbers

#5 – We start dialing using a soft phone app like RingCentral and start talking to your customers!

The is essentially how clients like Matt Schmitt and others are able to get around 4-5X return on their investment through our services.

Examples Of Other Campaigns We’re Running

Cart Abandonment Callers

Over a 4.4X return this week’s campaign


Abandon Cart Phone Team

A 7.12X Return On This Week’s Campaign


Cart Abandonment Phone Call

A 4.66X Return On This Campaign


Abandon Cart Call KPIs

A 5.07X Return On This Week


8X Return On Abandon Carts

A Whopping 8.79X Return On This Week’s Campaign


As our callers continually improve, performance can improve as well. Our workers start to hit their strides around weeks 2-3 after working in a campaign. No one will start off doing their absolute best. This is why our Stealth Agents workers perform best when they’ve been on campaigns for quite some time.

Let’s take a deep dive into the pricing and how the numbers will work out!

Our agents cost $8 an hour for 1 agent

$7 an hour for 3 agents

$6 an hour for 5 agents

(it’s optimal when you get more agents since we have a dedicated account manager on all of our client’s accounts)

Adding more agents have also allowed our clients to scale like they are scaling adspend on platforms like Facebook and Google.

Let’s say an agent works an 8 hour shift and calls from 9am-5pm EST.

$8 x 8 hours = $64 per day

That agent with our goal of 4-5x can bring in $256 – $320 in sales by abandon cart phone calls.

$64 (ad spend) to bringing in $245 (4X) all day!

Having the right team in place that knows how to do this and has a track record of doing this can be a game changing event.

Knowing that most e-commerce stores operate on 20-40% profit margins, adding this feature could possibly bring in an extra  10-15% to your bottomline each month.

Not only can we do this with abandon carts, but we also upsell current customers who just purchased!

We can offer upsell products and even post purchase upsells to build relationship with your customers!

  • Free Items Over Certain Amount
  • Post Purchase Upsells
  • Buy One Get One Free offers
  • Limited Time Deals
  • Exclusive Promotions
  • Seasonal Items
  • Bundled Discounts
  • Free Shipping Over Certain Amount
  • And Much More!

Hire our abandon cart callers today and see what we can do for your Shopify store(s)!

Fill out our form below and one of our client services managers will be in touch!

“Teo and his team were able to quickly understand the needs of those abandoning carts on my store and recover them in a professional manner.  They are calling people worldwide, respecting the customer’s timezone, and providing them what they need to feel comfortable buying from our site.  We are looking for ways to scale quickly with Teo right away.”

Matt Schmitt From Skup.net 

CCO Skup, Skup.net

Call Abandon Carts

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