How Much Is Your Time Worth?

Most entrepreneurs and business owners have no idea how valuable their time is. If you are spending 40+ hours each week working on menial tasks for your company, you could be costing yourself tens of thousands of dollars each year in addition to putting your health in jeopardy.


Let’s do some simple math. How much does your business bring in each month? Now, how many hours do you dedicate to your business each month? Okay, take these numbers and input them into the equation below.

Monthly Revenue ÷ (Total Weekly Hours Worked x 4 weeks) = Hourly Rate

Let’s say you make $30,000 a month. $30K a month divided by 4 weeks, is $7,500 per week. If you work 40 hours each week, that means your time is worth $187.50 an hour! 

30,000 ÷ (40 x 4) = $187.50 per hour

Monthly RevenueHourly Rate
$1M $6,250.00
$2M $12,500.00

Even if you’re running a smaller business bringing in 10k a month – you’re still worth $62.25 an hour. And as your business grows and monthly income improves, your value increases accordingly.

Overworking can cost more than money. 

Many business owners don’t know the true value of their time and spend it doing tasks that could be fully automated. Handling heavy workloads for clients, maintaining business relationships, staying sharp, and keeping up with basic administrative tasks can be absolutely draining. 

Work-Life Balance

30% of small business owners report working more than 50 hours per week, nearly 20% report working 60 hours or more and almost 80% report feeling like they work too much based on an Alternative Board study.

Health Risks

According to WebMD,  people who worked 55 or more weekly hours raised the odds of having a stroke by 33% and the chance of heart disease by 13% over a 7-year span.

Lower Quality Work

98% of the population doesn’t multi-task well and it impacts daily productivity significantly.

Virtual Assistants Can Improve Your Business and Your Health 

Often business owners and entrepreneurs develop a do-everything mindset that distracts you from the larger picture. 

With the help of an extra set of hands and eyes – our clients have seen massive improvements in productivity, revenue, and most importantly a reduction in stress. VA’s can reduce your internal team’s workload by more than 30% – and if you’re a team of one, expect to see workload reductions of 50% +.

You’ll have more time to focus on your business, strategize for growth, and acquire more clients. All without having to sacrifice your weekends and time with loved ones. Plus, don’t forget – if your time is worth $62- $12,000 USD an hour – the help of a virtual assistant will result in a massive added value to your bottom line.

Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Business


Imagine how much more breathing you could do in your business with the help of a virtual assistant. Contact us to learn more. 

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