May 6, 2021

Business Guide: Hiring Virtual Assistants

Hiring Virtual Assistants

Hiring Virtual Assistants

Hiring Virtual Assistants To Help You Grow Your Business

Long gone are the days where you had to lease a store or office space, decorate it, hire a receptionist or administration assistant, pay power and utilities, as well as all the other costs associated with running a physical space. Now, with mobile technology at the advanced state it is at, we can take our business with us wherever we go! You could be lying on a tropical beach anywhere in the world, getting updates, taking calls, answering emails, or signing contracts.

With this fantastic leap forward in technology, it has also made getting rid of physical office spaces easy! You can hire a virtual assistant and have them working anywhere in the world. You can be in one country, they could be in another, and everyone will be happy with the fast and attentive service they receive!

Sounds expensive, right? Wrong! By having someone working only when you need them or on a project basis, you won’t be paying that 40 hours per week anymore. You can say goodbye to office leases, the Internet, phone, fax, power, insurance, wages, benefits, and have a qualified virtual assistant taking care of all the routine daily tasks.

Things a virtual assistant could help you with:

· Answering Emails

· Taking Phone Calls

· Data entry

· Booking Flights and Car Rentals

· Making and Taking Appointments

· Organizing Work Diaries & So Much More!!!

Why Hire A Virtual Assistant?

There are many advantages for a company today to hire from this vast source of Virtual Assistants. These are just a few:

Offer 24/7 customer services due to different time zone

The nice thing that companies are finding out about Virtual Assistants is that we are all around the world. This means they now have access to a host of different language skills, time zones, and cultures to choose from. Virtual Assistants are also flexible on their work schedules and times.


A major cost saver for a company to hire a VA is that they no longer have to pay a full-time employee for working part-time. There are also additional payouts that need to be made to a VA should they cut their hours or even their contract. This is a great attraction to many of today’s businesses. For instance, in Mexico, after 90 days, there is a government-set price to buy out your employee before you can fire them. This can be VERY costly to many companies here. There are other countries that have the same laws in effect. They also save large amounts of money for not having pay benefits to a virtual assistant. Both of these advantages can allow companies to slash large amounts off their operating budgets.

No need to rent or purchase corporate offices

Another attraction to hiring a virtual assistant is that companies no longer have to rent or purchase huge corporate offices to house their large volumes of workers. Today many companies can opt to rent just temporary office space, to have meetings, or can rent a small office space for just a limited staff. This can save the company hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year.

Cut maintenance cost

Another cost-saving to companies today is that they no longer have to provide or maintain large computer servers or a huge amount of desktops. They also no longer have to waste money maintaining these systems or trying to keep up with all the software to run the office. Most virtual assistants are responsible for having all the software and equipment to do their job efficiently.

Improve the customer satisfaction

Technology has also helped the interview process of a virtual assistant. Today with Skype or any of the many meeting programs, people can now have that face-to-face interview that many companies are still comfortable with. Also, with Skype, Vonage, and many other IP phone systems, most Virtual Assistants can call or be called anywhere in the world as a local call, even though they may be halfway around the world from their contractor. 

With this option, calls can be routed now to virtual receptionists at no additional costs to a company. Also, in most cases, a Virtual Receptionist is cheaper than many of the answering service providers. Another advantage, and to be the most important, is that the caller receives a real person from the company answering the phone. Not an impersonal, “can I take a message for” phone call. This helps improve the customer satisfaction rating of many customers.

Where to find a virtual assistant

Most VAs can be found on many Freelance Websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Guru, etc. Most of us have profiles on these sites as well as a list of our skills, exams that we have taken to show the proficiency of those skills, and a feedback forum of past contractors. This allows a contractor to quickly scan over the details of the VA like a traditional CV. Many contractors still ask for a resume, but usually, these are the newbies. Most Virtual Assistants also have their own personal website, Facebook Fan Page, and Twitter accounts. You can quickly find just how many virtual assistants there are now by doing a random search in any web browser. 

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Your Business

Every business has to stay competitive, is yours? In today’s business world, we see businesses and companies looking outside of the box, trying new ideas, and taking advantage of new technology to expand their business and improve their life. If you utilize virtual assistant services correctly, the benefits of hiring virtual assistants will become clear very quickly!

By combining modern virtual assistant services correctly with your traditional business approaches, you may find yourself becoming more competitive, more profitable, increasing your market share, and allowing you to live a much healthier work/life balance!

The benefits of hiring a virtual assistant are:

  • No overhead costs such as leases or rent, internet fees, power, water, or expenses.
  • You no longer have to pay for all of the expenses related to wages, insurance, benefits, sick leave, holidays, redundancies, or retirement packages.
  • 40 hours a week is no longer necessary, and standard 8 hour days are gone! If you only need a virtual assistant for a few hours a day or week, that’s all you pay for.
  • You can pay your virtual assistant per hour, per day, per task, or on a project basis.
  • It doesn’t matter where you or your business is located! Your virtual assistant can be located anywhere in the world and work hours and times to suit your needs.
  • Your virtual assistant can free up more of your time to allow you to focus on important tasks. Your VA can take care of phone calls, emails, scheduling, diaries, appointments, invoices, payroll, and much more! The list of tasks a professional virtual assistant can do is only limited by your requirements.

How do virtual assistants become advantageous to the business process

Reduce your overhead costs

For businesses with limited financial resources, hiring virtual assistants is a cost-effective option. They need not build office space for their workers. They don’t even have to buy equipment and gadgets for a worker to work on. They are not even obliged to give social benefits to their workers. Some can even pay only for a certain task on per hour or per project accomplishment basis.

Increase in Productivity

In an old business model, decision-makers played by top-level management take into consideration every aspect of the business process. They are bound to make each of them running smoothly. In the new business model incorporating virtual assistants in the manpower pool, top-level management can expect that technical processes assumed by virtual assistants are considered done. Virtual assistants in one aspect of the business process are usually experts in their field of expertise. Business management will have the luxury of time to focus on their core business for improvement and expansion.

Professional Relationship

Both parties engaged in outsourcing usually are showing a symbiotic relationship. As business owners save time, work, and capital, virtual assistants to are benefited from their generous salaries. This provides a higher level of motivation for both parties to constantly work and help each other. This win/win situation of professional relationships fuels the business for productivity improvement on the side of the business owners. On the other side, virtual assistants are encouraged to dedicate their time and effort to get the job done and be flexible should the business process takes to another course and requires them to be resourceful and hard-working.

Bottom Line

It’s time to stop stressing about the small things and focus on the important things in your business! Start managing your time more effectively. Hiring a virtual assistant, or using virtual assistant services to take care of those incoming emails, or organizing work diaries is an easy and affordable solution to freeing up some of that valuable time. The great things are that you don’t have to pay someone just to sit there for eight hours a day.

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