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What is BPO?

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is the delegation of assignments to a third-party provider. BPO services can range from data entry and call center relations to graphic and web design.

What are virtual assistants?

A virtual assistant (VA) provides support services to businesses from a remote location. 

How are virtual assistants different from freelancers?

A freelancer is an individual who is either paid an hourly rate, or a project rate to complete a set of tasks for a company. It’s important to understand that freelancers work for themselves, using their own methods and guidelines. VAs are employees of outsourcing agencies who perform work as it is assigned to them.

Candidate Selection and Availability
Where do the VAs work?

All of our virtual assistants work from our three-story office building in Pagadian, Philippines. We believe in closely monitoring the work performance of each individual in a professional and productive environment. Our VAs are all managed in-house, through a team of directors and account managers based in the US.

What hours can a virtual assistant work?

VAs in our office are available to work whenever you need them to. They can be scheduled to align with U.S. business hours, or to fit your unique business needs. Do you operate globally or require 24 hour support? We can assign a group of agents to your account so you have coverage across all shifts.

What about the language barrier?

Many people aren’t aware that English literacy in the Philippines is incredibly high. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, the Filipino population has a 96.3% literacy rate. English language proficiency is considered an essential skill for the Philippine workforce – and is highly attributed to the growth in BPO in the region.

How do you select candidates?

We have a stringent candidate selection process that focuses on highlighting the skills of our agents and aligning them with projects where they will thrive. After performing a detailed audit of your business needs, we only select candidates who meet have experience in your area of need. Only VAs that receive your final approval will be included on the project

Project and Account Management
How are virtual assistants trained?

Based on your overall project management style, we create a customized training program for each client. First, we take a look at what you’re currently doing and tools that you are currently using. Once our U.S. based managers are confident in understanding your needs, they then conduct one-on-one video training sessions and calls with the VAs assigned to your account. From there, daily or weekly call sessions are held with the VA’s to provide client updates and feedback.

How will my virtual assistant be managed?

In addition to our in-house manager in the Philippines, our U.S. account managers review your virtual assistant’s activity in-real time using a tracking and reporting platform called Hubstaff to ensure all work is being completed on schedule. Our U.S. managers are available to be reached via Slack for any questions that arise on a daily basis.

What kind of reporting is available to keep track of project progress?

Using Hubstaff reporting software, we are able to capture screenshot of your VAs work throughout the day. Each client has access to this and can log-in to check on the progress at any time of the day. 

Will you provide calling software for our call center needs?

All clients in need of call service support will need to provide their own calling software. This will enable you to select the phone numbers you need, record call quality, and monitor call data. In certain cases where clients are unable to find their own calling software, we are able to help with an additional fee. 

Contracts, Pricing and Services
What is the pricing?

For questions on our pricing, view our pricing page here. If your project need is not listed there please contact us for a quote.

What is the minimum hourly requirement?

In order to qualify for our services, you must have a minimum of 40 billable hours each week.

Will I be locked into a contract?

At Stealth Agents, you will never be locked into a contract, or stuck with a monthly retainer fee (unlike our competitors). After our first week of service, you will be invoiced for the hours worked. From then on, you will be invoiced on a weekly basis. You are also free to cancel your services at any time. However, we do ask that you give a two-week notice to cancel your service.

What if I need more virtual assistants after I start?

Additional virtual assistants can be quickly integrated into your project after its initiation. The amount of additional VAs you need will impact the amount of time it takes to scale. A small number between 1-5 can be added in a matter of days. Larger amounts may need to be incorporated slowly over time.

What type of services do you have?

View our services page to learn more about what we offer.

What areas of services don't you provide?

At this time, we do not offer custom content creation services, although we are able to automate and schedule content that you and your team creates in-house.