May 24, 2021

Facebook Page Analytics Made Easy: An Introduction

An introduction to Facebook page analytics

Having a social media presence is the most crucial step for any business. The first few posts you schedule will define your audience for the remainder of your business. It will require you to post daily and regularly while striving to keep your content original. After all, there are dozens of similar companies that are targeting the same audience, trying to keep them engaged – so what can you do to ensure that your business stands apart from the competition? The answer lies in Facebook Page Analytics, a versatile tool that allows administrators to keep track of their activity.

Not many page administrators know about the extensiveness of Facebook Insights and are apprehended at the prospects of facing so many numbers and graphs. It looks like another meaningless detour to their high school calculus class. But don’t let those numbers fool you. Every page administrator can learn to use Facebook page analytics. All it takes is a tiny bit of patience and some initiative. It all begins by learning how to access insights.

Overview of insights

Glancing at the first page will give you a general overview of your page’s activity during the last couple of days. The first line will keep track of four key metrics:

Total likes 

This one shows the number of people that like your page.

Friends of fans 

It shows the total number of friends between all your fans.

People talking about this

This shows the number of people that are ‘engaged’ with your posts through various metrics such as likes, shares, comments, and mentions.

Total reach 

This is the number of unique users that have viewed content associated with your page

These numbers are compared with statistics from a previous time frame. The resulting comparison is highlighted by an arrow. If your metrics are growing, they will be seen next to a green arrow going in the upward direction. If the metrics are declining, they can be seen next to a red arrow pointed downward.

The influence of each post by comparing four different metrics


The number of people that have seen the post.


The number of people that have clicked on it.

Talking about this

The number of people that have liked, commented or shared the post.


The percentage of people who interacted with the post after seeing it.

How to access Facebook Insights

The simplest way to access insights is to log into your Facebook page. Navigate towards the left menu, (the area of the screen which shows your wall and basic information) and click on “Insights”. Your screen will be filled with graphs and statistics which are very easy to keep track of.

If you feel that the graph is cluttered with too much information and you want to use a different approach, you have the option to export the data to another format and analyze the information elsewhere. Simply click on “Export Data” which is located on the top right corner of the page.

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