Things that differ Facebooks ads and Instagram ads from each other.

How Facebook Ads And Instagram Ads Differ From Each Other

Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, which one to use?

Being on the hunt for the perfect customer acquisition tool for your company can be a formidable experience because there is no shortage of similar competitors available. Marketing experts believe that businesses should find a way to utilize both tools instead of pitting them against each other. Facebook and Instagram together have achieved immense popularity and it really doesn’t make any sense to prefer one over the other. Both of them go hand in hand toward strengthening your organization. 

Despite both platforms being classified as social networks, they cater to users who show different behaviors. Even though it is true that both social network giants share roughly the same user base, their behavioral differences require you to rethink your online advertisement strategy.

The differences of Facebook ads and Instagram ads

A quick look at Facebook shows that it has roughly 2.19 billion monthly active users while Instagram has roughly ‘only’ 1 billion monthly active users. While a large percentage of these users are shared between the two networks, a considerably large portion of them are from different demographics and age groups.

Facebook users account for about 90% of the internet’s population between the ages of 18 to 29 while Instagram represents more than 60% of internet users between the ages of 18 to 29.

Facebook Advertisements

These numbers reflect one thing: Facebook is the largest social ad network on the planet. The key is to find a way to get users to react to your ads on Facebook. It is very common for pages with millions of likes to have very little business because they are unable to run advertisements without irritating users. Publishing too often can lead to burnout, and the user base can end up unliking your page.

This problem of low engagement can be overcome by using videos and images. The former is able to achieve the highest rate of engagement with just a single video despite representing only a small portion of average interactions.

Instagram Advertisements

Instagram has a ‘considerably’ less following than Facebook and has more millennials using it. As is tradition with the millennial generation, the kind of content consumed on Instagram is specialized toward visual categories like fashion, beauty, architecture, and even prank videos. Young people use Instagram for entertainment and design.

Their young age shows they don’t have access to much disposable income to spend on products and services, but that doesn’t imply they aren’t willing to engage in business. 50% of Instagram users follow at least one business, with 60% of them claiming that they learn about products and services on the platform, 75% of these people end up performing the required activities such as visiting a website after looking at an advertisement.

According to statistics released by Shopify, Instagram users spend $65 per referred sale. This is $10 more than Facebook users. An overwhelming majority of Instagram users spend time with product research while they use the app. This translates to one-third of Instagram users purchasing a product through their mobile phones. In light of the above evidence, it makes sense to employ both Facebook and Instagram to attract the largest number of people to your business.

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