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With our email support services, we’ve helped entrepreneurs like Matt Schmitt close out over 15,000+ support tickets for one of his e-commerce brands. Matt Schmitt came to us during the hottest season for e-commerce (November – December) and he chose our email support services to help him overcome some challenges. The backflow of support tickets went up to over 15,000 tickets and after hiring other companies that could not help him, he chose Stealth Agents for his email support services.

We were able to help Matt overcome his challenge of over 15,000 tickets in just 2 weeks!  Because of this, we were able to help Matt save possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue through our email support services.

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Most entrepreneurs are doing their own email support themselves taking up almost their entire day. We’ve helped companies like VeeFresh take over their entire email support systems freeing up the CEO upto 14 hours per day in email support. We’ve helped Matt Schmit an e-commerce entrepreneur free up over 15,000 backed up emails within a 2-3 week period, allowing him to scale his business.

Don’t do everything yourself! Let the specialists in email support help you improve customer satisfaction, speed of replies and boost brand credibility. Start focusing on the bigger picture and let us do the heavy lifting for you.

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Natasha Semago, CEO of Veefresh used our email support services to help her alleviate up to 14 hours of her own personal time each day to doing support tickets herself! She came to us because she needed help with email support tickets for her e-commerce brand, VeeFresh. using our email support services, Natasha was able to step away from the computer and let our email support services people handle her workload.  Let Stealth Agents handle your email support services so that you don’t have to worry about doing another support ticket ever again!

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My experience with Stealth Agents thus far has been 1st Rate!! They make it easy to work with them and are committed to my Goals and Outcomes. Taking advantage of their Highly Skilled agents has been a vital part of Scaling my Business without having to Develop Train personnel. In fact, at this time I'm planning to expand and Stealth Agents WILL BE INVOLVED!!!



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