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87% Of Business owners spend most of their day on time consuming tasks

Let us handle those tasks for you starting at $4 - $8 per hour!
Our top 1% of talent virtual assistants are faster, cheaper & scaleable

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Stealth Agents is a virtual assistant company that helps businesses save time, make more money and scale operations. We do this by providing professional services like customer service, social media management, content marketing and more. Our team of experts will take care of all the work so you can focus on what’s important to your business.


We hire only the top 1% of vetted virtual assistants, which means that you will always be getting the best! Don’t do any guesswork when putting in dedicated virtual assistants to working on your business.


You don’t have to worry about hiring employees or paying for benefits – we handle it all! And because our rates are affordable, there’s no reason not to give us a try today. We offer free consultations so you can see how much we could do for your business before committing any time or money at all.

“I was in a position where it was just me and one other employee and we were doing all of the customer service … and that was ok at first, but then we started growing SO fast … and I couldn’t do anything but do customer service. I couldn’t focus on scaling my business. All of my focus had to be doing customer service and we were outnumbered severely. It became overwhelming and our quality of life went down because we were so glued. I decided that I needed help! I was so thankful that I met Teo and he helped me hire the BEST VAs. He also talked me out of releasing some control so Stealth Agents has been a blessing for my business, moreso it has allowed me to live a better quality of life and working with the best team!”
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Natasha Semago
CEO, VeeFresh
"After signing up with this campaign everything was doing great! I continued my travel around here in Canada and continue to explore things around here. Everything is under control and everything is in progress, I have few websites to manage and I am so glad that they helped me out of its busyness. I am looking forward to continuing the great teamwork with StealthAgents. Thank you very much!"
Kyle Dunn
Kyle Dunn
Horizon Ecoplanning Group Inc
"Stealth Agents worked for me for about one month. I wanted to make a new website. My website works and looks amazing. I am very happy with their work. Everything was perfect, communication very clear and fast. I can recommend them to work with you."
Radka Šillerová
Radka Fashion
"I have been using Stealth Agent for a few weeks now and the VA that has been assigned to me is so great! She is productive, checks in with me daily and gets what I need done in a timely manner. I have already recommended this company to a few of my business buddies."
Joshua Silva
Joshua Silva
"Like most entrepreneurs I'm a multi-hat do it all kind of guy. However, there reached a point I could no longer scale so I had to reach out for help. Out of all the virtual assistants on the market I randomly selected (after the interview) Stealth Agents, and I'm glad I did. Very professional, on top of my tasks, courteous and most of all the pricing structure is very practical for start-ups that go through ebbs and flows with work. On top of that, they've provided me specialists for all the hats I was wearing and they didn't let me down. I'd highly recommend them."
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AJ Smith
Never Limited, LLC

Just some of the services we offer ....

Our Process - get started asap!

Increased Productivity

Many business owners don’t understand the value of their employee’s time. Hours of productive time are wasted completing tasks that could be fully automated. VA’s reduce internal workloads by more than 30%. 

87% of businesses waste time on menial tasks.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

No business can operate without the respect of their customers. For businesses with small teams replying to customer inquiries in a timely manner can be difficult. Our VAs can greatly improve your customer response rates to boost their satisfaction. 

89% of consumers have switched to a competitor following a poor customer experience.

Reduced Overhead Costs

Our virtual assistant services can significantly minimize overhead costs for your business. We have a solid foundation, built on advanced technology and a highly trained workforce. Our number one priority is to provide all clients with incredible results. 

Outsourcing saves companies 67% on annual expenses.

Fall In Love WIth Stealth Agents

Real time stats

See what your agents are working on every 10 minutes. Keep track of everything and rest assured that they're working 100% only on your tasks!

Scale Your Business

Over 80% of our clients have scaled their business after using Stealth Agents. Let us help you improve your current operations today.

Get More Customers

Use our virtual assistants to outreach to new potential customers each and every single day. We've helped clients 8.3x their business sales in 3 months time!

Amazingly responsive

Get in touch with your agents during work hours. Get in touch with our support staff any time of the day. We are here to help you any time you need us.

Dedicated Account Managers

When you hire virtual assistants with Stealth Agents, we put in dedicated account managers to ensure your campaign is successful.

KPIs To Track Performance

Let us help you track KPIs and performance so that you can see growth and consistency in your business. This is the secret to scaling large companies!


Check in any time on your agents and see their live screenshots every 10 minutes. Check your agent’s performance with FULL transparency and measure performance levels on keystrokes and mouse movements. Never work without measuring performance and tracking your agents ever again!

Check in any time on your agents and see their live screenshots every 10 minutes. Check your agent’s performance with FULL transparency and measure performance levels on keystrokes and mouse movements. Never work without measuring performance and tracking your agents ever again!

"Stealth Agents has been a trusted and reliable resource for my organization. They have allowed us to increase our sourcing efforts and reassign efforts to other areas for organization efficiency. We are in the process of growing our partnership with Stealth Agents because they have been able to deliver on the promised metrics"
Rajah Cooksey

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