May 6, 2021

A Step-By-Step Guide For Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a strategy to acquire customers by publishing online and offline content for your product or service. It is a long-term strategy that helps companies generate traffic online and offline more frequently as compared to paid advertising. 

This marketing technique has grown by leaps and bounds in the last ten years and is considered one of the crucial channels to build your customer base. If you have limited money and you want to achieve high, you need to market your product through content. 

This article will give you a sneak peek at how to do that. 

Here is a step-by-step guide. 

A Guide For Content Marketing

Find your Unique Selling Proposition

You live in a world where people sell a myriad of products. These products can be of similar nature. Sometimes it becomes difficult for your customer to choose one product and leave the other. In order to make yourself successful, you need a unique selling proposition for your product. This is the first step, and it does not mean you are done here. Once you select your USP, you are ready to put it in the content you publish or advertise for marketing.

  •  Select a Target Market

It is essential for a company that it chooses its target market(s) very thoughtfully. This is very the entire idea of a content marketing campaign will revolve around. If you do not know whose need you fulfill or can serve, you cannot develop an effective content marketing campaign. For which, choose your audience wisely and publish or advertise your content to them.

  • Present Solutions to your Audience

In order to design a strategy for content marketing, you need to choose all the possible solutions your content has for the target market at hand. Every target market has a different need, but if you don’t develop your content as per the need of that target market, you may not find any response in terms of conversion or sales. Thus, developing content that aims to solve the problem or the needs of the target market is the need of the hour. 

  • Figure Out the Content Formats

Content can be of many forms like infographics, blog posts, videos, etc. This is very necessary that you develop content using different formats. Once you have decided that on the format, bring on the solution you devised to present to an audience, discuss that solution into your content and publish it to your target market.

To organize content, you can use content calendars that helps you design what to publish. You can assign a task to your team and help them build content the way you want. 

  • Where to Publish Content

Just like you need to know what to publish, you also need to understand where to publish that. Once you are done with the content creation, you must analyze which channels you would choose to get it across to your audience. For this, you can use online channels like YouTube, websites, etc., or social media. 

Once you have decided where to publish, the next step is to devise tools that will help you to create that content. Different channels require different ways to create content. 

  • Choose Tools for Content Creation

You would definitely require a team for content, and each team member requires a set of tools to execute your content. These tools not only make the creation of content easier, but some of these help to manage the content. 

There is desktop software that manages your social media activity, like Hootsuite. Social Media management software also helps you to find out where your strategy is performing well and where you need to tweak it a bit to effectively execute your content marketing plan. 

  • Set Goals

Just like traditional marketing techniques, your content marketing also needs a strategy that has some goals and targets. What do you want to accomplish? Which audience would you target? What are you conversion target? If you are looking to launch a product in the new marketplace, you need to build your content in a way the new market responds to that.  

  • Build Persona Profile of your Customer

Every brand or company needs to build the persona of its customer that matches the product they offer. Your content helps to promote that persona. Sometimes marketers help to create an entire persona of the audience and then try to expose that to the target market through content marketing. 

  • Audit your Content

Whatever content you create, you might not want to lose its worth. To make your content a going concern, you need to do its audit and find the things that are important and crucial to your content creation. If you think that your content is getting obsolete, you will revamp or build new content that helps in optimization. 

Revising your Content Strategy

It would be better, if you as a company keep on revising your current content marketing strategy. Use the surveys, social channels, polls and comment section of your blog or website to gather feedback. You can also monitor traffic and see the engagement of the audience through data analytics. You will always want to change your content marketing strategy if you are missing goals. 

Another important aspect of content marketing is SEO. SEO is search engine optimization, and it is achieved by using keywords in your content that make it highly searchable. 

Here are some important steps for an effective SEO in content marketing. 

Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Research your keywords

Whenever you are selling a solution to the audience, it is better that you do complete research on the keywords for it. Whenever someone types in Google, they use keywords, and the use of keywords in your content increases the chance of your content optimized in a search engine. 

For instance, if you are selling a team management tool, keywords like management tools or productivity tools can be a good catch. 

There are plenty of free and paid keyword research tools that might help you in building a dictionary of keywords to be used for content marketing. UberSuggest, Google Keyword Planner, Growth Bar, and Majestic are some of the tools that help in keyword search.

  • Choose Relevant Keywords

It is very crucial that your keyword search would be around your product or service. Suppose you do not use the keyword that is not relevant to the product you sell. This way, you may fail the audience to search for your product through that keyword. 

If you are selling a spy app, it would be better that you include keywords like monitoring or spy app. Whenever you put your content to marketing with this keyword, people searching with these keywords have a chance of landing on the list that might include your app. 

  • Make a Spreadsheet of the Topics

When you are selling your product, there could be many topics relevant to it that help you sell your product with the use of keywords. Make a spreadsheet of those topics. 

For instance, you are selling a social media management tool. You can choose from a list of topics and titles that might catch the attention of your audience. “10 Best Social Media Apps to Boost your Productivity”. This will help you market your product through content marketing. 

In videos, you can also choose topics whose captions include the keyword, so your audience instantly clicks on the video once they search with that relevant keyword. 

  • Make an Outline of the Content

An outline of the content you want to publish should be the first job after you have decided on the keywords. In content marketing, it is crucial that your content must be organized enough to give people clarity on the topic and keeps them engaged with the product you are offering. 

For any video or blog post, draw an outline. 

  • Schedule its Publication

For each content, you draft, keep in mind that you need a certain time or schedule for effective content marketing. If you do not schedule on time or for promotion, you may miss out on a huge audience that can engage with it. 

  • Use Influencer Outreach 

You can also use other brands or advertisers to promote your content. Remember, it’s all a number game; the more you contact for promotion, the more shares it will receive in the end. This is good for your content reach. 

  • Use Internal Linking

If you link your content with other sources that are ranked high for a better SEO in content marketing, that really helps to build your audience. This will also help the audience engage with your page even if you are not using influencer outreach. 


Keeping in mind all the steps that are useful to you in creating effective content and optimizing it through SEO, it is important that you also follow the current market trends in content marketing. This will give you a gateway to not only publish your content in a better way but also to reach the audience that is becoming familiar with the new norm. With an effective content marketing strategy in the pocket, you can win the conversion, which otherwise is not possible.

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