Bold360 live chat engagement and Al software review

Bold360 Live Chat Engagement And Al Software Review

Bold360 is a customer engagement solution that provides actionable insights to large enterprises and small to medium-size businesses. These insights bring more personalized and rich experiences in real-time. This AI software provides email; social channels for engagement, live chat, and messaging that are needed to support customers for agent-assisted interaction and self-service. The key features of this platform are mobile engagement, live chat, messaging, productivity management of agents, analytics and reports, and AI self-service.

Its mobile invitations provide the users with some tools to customize design elements, invitation features for designs, and mobile-specific rules. It also has an SDK tool that helps you embed chat to Android and iOS applications. It can be integrated into Google Analytics, Zendesk, Salesforce, and GeoFluent. The full contexts of the agent’s interactions are presented and offer quick access to plenty of tools like file transfer, remote access, and co-browse. This way, the agent workflow is simplified and helps them provide a full view of each customer. Moreover, the unified experience delivers the best customer experience and improves contact center effectiveness, leading to building advocacy and loyalty. Here, you will learn everything you need to know about Bold360 live chat engagement and AI software. Let’s get into it!

Bold360 pricing

It is hard to know the Bold360 pricing over the web, but we got its pricing details. The deployment cost of this AI software is between $60,000 and $100,000 annually. The pricing of basic plans can start at $20,000 annually. Bold360 is a clear winner when it comes to the best yet expensive customer support chatbox and lives chat solutions.

Bold360 features

Bold360 chat widget

You can customize the overall look of live chat buttons and widgets by changing their colors, transparency, and others. For instance, you can add a welcome message with knowledge base articles, and you can ask a question with multiple-choice options for your website visitors.

Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities

It uses the NLU (Natural Language Understanding) for having conversations with your customers.

Knowledge base

Chatbots actually act as an advisor to the agents at the back end. Bold360 uses machine learning and tries to understand the intent of your customers and get information from the knowledge base. This way, customers can get the answer to their questions.

Canned messaging

Search results update the relevant answers to the agents by searching canned messages using an algorithm.

Visitor monitoring

It offers a visitor monitoring feature that allows you to follow your website visitor’s move from one page to another. Users can customize the workspace to include information like how the visitor arrived, landing page, and the number of prior visits, search engine keywords, time on site, geographic location, and current URL.

Proactive live chat

Using this feature, you can gather contact info from the visitor before having a conversation. You can also tell your visitors how much time they need to wait in a queue. After the live chat session, you can gauge your visitor’s satisfaction.

A representation of Bold360 live chat.

Video chat

For visual consultants or demo, you can turn your live chat into video chat. Even you can share your screen as well.

Analytics and insights dashboard

The voice board of Bold360 Ai captures the data of customer interaction that helps to segment the audience, create profiles and highlight the needs of your customers.

A representation of Bold360 analytics dashboard

Multilingual and proactive chatbots

Bold360 comes with multi-language capability, but they don’t specify how many languages are available. Its proactive chatbots are autonomous. They are designed to be engaged when it anticipates the needs of your customers. It helps to auto-complete the search terms and let your customers make faster decisions.

Administration tools

It has administrative tools that allow the users to access a variety of features, including reporting, security, testing, and routing. Channel management is also a great feature that Bold360 offers. Users can control the platform’s emails, SMS, chats, online self-service, Twitter, and other channels.

What is Boldchat

Boldchat is a customer engagement and live chat for businesses that help them to support chats and performing sales. It provides live chat services for businesses of all sizes. It comes with an offline and online message system that offers a number of good features such as canned messages, user-defined folders and statuses, force webpage, auto thread emails, auto-invite, and much more. The live chat widget can be customized that match the aesthetics of your website.

Bold360 pros

Bold 360 AI

You can use its conversational system once it is turned on. There are no data scientists are required for this system. The best thing about Bold360 ai is that users can get insights into how the technology analyzes the input before arriving at the resolution. Moreover, the user can also adjust these resolutions as he/she sees fit.

Omnichannel support and engagement

It offers multiple channels for messaging that include WeChat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS/text messaging, Email, Microsoft Teams, and Twitter.

A representation of bold360 omnichannel engagement

Utilization of customer data

It combines the data of your customers across their interaction with the user’s website. This data is used to provide deep insights to your support team. This data can also be used to direct the users to the resources that they need, whether that is a member of the support team or a bot.

Tightly integrated live agent and chatbot

The bot-to-agent routing is too much powerful with this AI software as the transfer takes place across engagement channels or in the same chat window. Moreover, this live chat and ai software also claims that their bot can also help the support agents in training and reduce the cost of time of training.

Bold360 vs. Azure


Bold360 is a chat platform that comes with enhanced capabilities that include video chat platforms and artificial intelligence. It comes with well-rounded options for businesses of all sizes. It provides comprehensive options for businesses and users to engage and talk to the agents. It is better a chat software than azure bot services.

It also offers flexibility to service professionals that helps them to provide responses in a timely manner. This AI software is fast and resolves the issues during odd hours too. It is the best live chat software with enhanced capabilities than azure. Boldchat support service agents are supportive and knowledgeable. They help the users to resolve their problems very quickly. 

Azure Bot services (Microsoft Bot Framework)

On the other hand, Azure Bot services (Microsoft bot framework) helps to run FAQ promptly and continuously, which leads to reduce customer issues. It offers support without spending too much cost. It doesn’t include any manual, and training sessions are included. It offers a great problem resolution with a fast response. Azure bot service provides configuration guidance with no added cost. But azure documentation needs improvement. Reviewers gave 7.8 stars to Azure bot services, and they gave 8.3 stars to Bold360, which shows that Bold360 is a clear winner.

LogMeIn live chat Bold360 security

To secure your operation, you can use LogMeIn live chat bold 360 security settings.

  • The proprietary algorithm of this software can hide the strings in the transcript of the chat. It can conceal sensitive data, including numeric info, security numbers, credit cards, and others. 
  • Data retention is another security setting that helps the users to manage to store and delete the chat data. For instance, if you are an admin, you can hide your chat data from view for some time before deleting your data. 
  • This AI software is compatible with single sign-on support that includes Centrify, Active Directory by Microsoft, Virtual identity manager by Oracle, and eDirectory by Novel. 
  • It also offers advanced security features. Admin can also control the login activity of their support agents by encouraging the agents to block logins, not allowing logins automatically, creating strong passwords, and disabling the agents who are inactive.

Bold360 omnichannel

Omni-channel or multidirectional allows the users to engage with the user’s business on the preferred channel, and support personnel can manage those channels in a unified workplace. Here are some benefits of the Bold360 omnichannel strategy:

Increased customer expectations

Customer satisfaction can be increased Bold360 omnichannel. It gives you more options with this approach.

More productive agents

It offers a workspace with a unified agent that equally manages all the channels. It helps the support agents to save time toggling between apps and screens. 

Actionable insights

With Bold360 omnichannel, you can manage all the channels in one place that give your business a whole new view of your customer’s needs. Moreover, it enables the business for unified reporting. 

Bold360 by LogMeIn

It is an artificial intelligence-powered solution for engagement that helps businesses deliver great customer experiences and improves the productivity of employees. Bold360 by LogMeIn offers a suite of products that allows you to customize live support, quality self-service, and the combination of human support and self-service across any device or channel. It features omnichannel solutions, recruiting, AI, conversational AI platform, remote visual support, chatbots, self-service, chat or video, and knowledge management.

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