Reasons why blogging on Shopify is good for your business

Why You Should Be Blogging On Shopify: Things That You Should Know

Blogging on Shopify is an established technique for driving traffic to the Shopify store. This not only improves SEO but also increases the visibility of your products and provides you with useful content to share on your social media. This is helpful for you, whether you have just started an online shop, or have been in the game for a long time!

How blogging on Shopify works

We have seen a lot of stores on Shopify that don’t have the content they need to rank for their core keywords. Shopify stores often put a primary focus on product and category pages with the goal of driving user transactions. Let’s say we have a Shopify store that we want to rank for the term cloth diapers. We might want to rank our category page for the term cloth diapers because this contains a collection of all of our cloth diaper products. This makes sense because we assume that users searching this term, are looking to make a purchase. However, when looking at the results in Google, we can see that the intent of the term is just a little bit different, instead, we can see the top-ranking results are a mix of category pages and blog posts. For instance, many of these results include informational articles such as the sixth-best cloth diapers of 2020. This is because Google has determined that are both transactional and informational intents for this keyword. This means that the opportunity to rank for this keyword doesn’t only exist within your category page, there is also an opportunity for blogging on Shopify to rank for this keyword.

Ranking through blogging on Shopify

To rank for this keyword, you might want to consider creating an informative blog article that contains guide content around cloth diapers. Once you’ve found keyword opportunities not to blog articles like this cloth diapers example will then need to go out and create that content however you might not be sure which type of content should exist on these pages. These are some ways to determine which types of content to include in your informational articles. The most important element of strategizing your blogging on Shopify should be reviewing common topics of high-ranking posts. Start by performing a search for the query that you want to rank for. Browse the top 10 results and note the common topics that these pages cover.

Advantages of blogging on Shopify

Businesses that blog on Shopify receive up to 97% more links to their stores. You will need to share valuable content to boost your online business. Blogging is indeed the perfect way to connect potential customers to your store and establish the marketplace of your company. With blogs increasing web traffic by up to 6 times, it will be worth your time to gain exposure to your target market.

Perhaps you are not completely persuaded? Let’s go through six of the main advantages of blogging on Shopify.

Boost your SEO ranking

New, useful content is given preference by search engines over websites that have not been updated in years. A blog is a fantastic way of keeping your website new and growing into subject areas that will be useful to customers. Search engines will reward your efforts by improving the list of search results on your Shopify store.

If you know about the optimization of search engines, then you understand that keywords play a significant role in this. Blogging on Shopify is the best way for you to find the types of services or goods that your company provides using specific keywords that consumers would look for. For any Shopify business to be seen, SEO is important. Blogging is one way that will help to ensure that more individuals see the site.

Gain exposure and visibility

It will help your chances of being seen by clients by adding blog posts to your Shopify on a regular basis. The more blogs you and your virtual assistants for writers produce, the better your website’s chances of featuring on search results. Audiences can first find your business rather than your website homepage via a blog post. Getting more blogs enhances your chances of being noticed.

Blogging also provides opportunities for sharing your content with your community and other businesses. By sharing your blogs as a link on social media or by email, obtain some free marketing. This provides a backlink when another website links to your posts. These links actually boost your SEO efforts, as they demonstrate that your content is accurate and important to search engines.

Bring more value to the customer

Audiences react to personable material better. They would have a much better impression of the business if you make the reader feel as if you are talking to them directly, than if you speak to them or trying to sell them anything. Customers love free things! On your Shopify blog, give advice, share ideas and knowledge and clients will become more loyal to your brand.

Consider adding a section for feedback. Customers can feel as if they are being listened to and have insight into the company by giving their opinion. It will not only help to create relationships with your audience, but you will also get meaningful product or service reviews.

Establish the business as a market leader

Your online business will be able to assert itself as a leader in the industry by regularly blogging on Shopify about related topics. Share with clients your experience, skills, and views to demonstrate that you know what you’re doing. This will lead to building customer trust in the brand. As an online business, ensuring that consumers are comfortable in the delivery of your business, is one of the greatest challenges. Make your blog the go-to place for industry tips or news and improve your chances of lead conversions.

Generate leads and improve the conversion chances

First, the reader could come to you seeking advice on an industry-specific topic. They would keep coming back if they like your content and could potentially go on to be a client. If the reader is in the stage of comprehension, thought or decision, blogs provide a chance for Shopify stores to tap into each. You’ll improve your chances of converting the visitor to a lead by adding a call-to-action to and Shopify blog.

Blogs give a voice to your business

Another advantage of blogging on Shopify is that it can be a forum to give a voice to your business. A Shopify blog is a great place to display more of your personality as a business, instead of your usual professional style. Your small business would appear personable by writing in a more conversational manner that fits your audience and the material will resonate more with the reader. Building connections with customers is essential to any company, as discussed previously, and a blog is an excellent way to do this.


Blogging on Shopify will really benefit your business. There are many advantages to blogging for your small company, as you have heard. Not only will you improve your SEO and gain visibility, but it also helps to create connections with potential clients and improves your chances of turning them into clients. Although blogging will take a bit of extra time out of your day, you can deliver fantastic, useful content in no time with a comprehensive marketing strategy.

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