May 12, 2021

Zingtree building interactive decision software review

Zingtree building interactive decision software review

Zingtree came into its inception in 2013. The purpose of this platform is to build and publish interactive decision trees. It’s widely used for interactive troubleshooters, sales, insurance, and contact center scripts, medical several other places.

Decision-making doesn’t have to be difficult, not when you have software like Zingtree. Call it an online toolkit that helps you create interactive decision trees to troubleshoot queries, empowering a company to solve customer queries quicker than ever.

What is Zingtree?

The founders of Applian technologies were also the founders of Zingtree. The company was experiencing redundancy in supporting its original products. They ended up hard coding a troubleshooter like Zingtree and experienced a 25 percent reduction in customer support emails. That’s when they know Zingtree had to be introduced to the world.

It took them 7 months to convert this concept into a toolkit, which anyone can use. After rigorous testing, generating feedback, the visuals and content of this software came to life. Soon, this interactive decision software was ready to be sold to real customers. Agent-level pricing and reporting were added to the software after the usage of this software increased in contact centers.

Now, Zingtree is empowering companies and individuals, allowing their visitors to get answers to questions rather quickly by creating interactive decision trees as well as troubleshooters. Originally, this product was designed for streamlining support funnels, but as its usage increase, the team added user behavior insights so that the marketing and sales team can make the most of it.

Zingtree alternatives

Zingtree is not the only software out there that helps with interactive decision-making. Some other notable names exist too. Let’s have a look at them:


Freshdesk is a reliable help desk solution with multi-channel support, gamification, automation tools, and self-service portals for helping businesses deliver quality support services. It has been effective in helping organizations improve their services and collaborate within the support teams.


Zendesk is developed for boosting customer service and improve customer retention. The platform modules include chat support, help desk applications, call center solutions, and a knowledge base to deliver great customer services.

Use Response

All types of communities and businesses can use this self-hosted customer feedback system. UseResponse offers more than 10 customer support channels. Its automated system of assignment and notification makes it easier to offer support. It’s ideal for small and medium businesses that want to offer robust customer support and get feedback.

Zingtree pricing

Zingtree is available in 2 pricing tiers. Let’s look into each one in detail:


It is meant for internal use by small teams and contact centers. The price starts from $25 per user per month. It supports up to 10 decision trees or scripts. Here are some key features of this tier:

  • Script builder and editor available
  • Multiple free templates which can also be customized
  • Data collection formats
  • Agent portal and feedback
  • Advanced scripting logic
  • Agent performance tracking
  • Online chat
  • Email support

Note: A free trial version of the Essential plan is available.


As the name implies, this plan is for larger contact centers and teams. It also includes self-service. The price of the professional plan is flexible, and discounts are available on bulk users. The professional plan is ideal for customer self-help, agent scripting, and internal process management. Unlimited scripts and decision trees are available.

Have a look at the key features of the plan:

  • Includes everything the Essential plan offers
  • Training sessions
  • Security and design review
  • Proof of concept
  • VIP customer support

Getting started with Zingtree

Zingtree is a must-have tool for any business that wants to skyrocket its success and offer the best customer support. Deploying and using this interactive decision tree software can be daunting. Too many features can easily overwhelm you. To make the most out of this software, here are some tips that will help you break into the world of decision trees:

Map out a strategy

Without a strategy, no software or tool can be useful. Start by creating a roadmap that lets you specify the touchstones you need to cover in your tree. This strategy will help you streamline everything else.

Choose the pre-built themes

Zingtree’s gallery includes pre-made decision trees for different industries and use cases. You might find one that meets your needs exactly. But in case you don’t, no worries. The templates are editable. You can customize them to fit your needs.

Use the visual designer

The visual designer lets you create nodes and connections and customize the decision tree as per your needs. Consider it a tool to assemble your decision tree aesthetically. The user can start the process in google sheets or excel and import the files and upload them into the software. All these tools make it easier to create your own decision tree.

Add sub-trees

When you are working on a large project, which is complex as well, more sub-trees are required. Zingtree has made that easier as well. The sub-trees occur naturally within complex trees.

Go back in time with snapshots

Creating backups of previous designs has been simpler. Snapshots let you review edits and go back to the previous versions. This tool also lets you see the edits of other team members and recover past versions whenever needed.

Logic nodes

It’s easier to move from point A to point B, but what if you need to go deeper. For this, logic steps are available, allowing the user to jump to whatever position he needs to be and perform an action.

The purpose of logic nodes is to test the value of the variables and jump to a node whenever a condition is met.

Heavy customization

If you would like to add color and style, this decision tree software supports that too. The stunning visuals allow you to showcase information in an appealing way. You may adjust the appearance of the buttons, add GIFs, videos, and other media to personalize the tool, and use it however you like.

Zingtree integrations

When it comes to integrations, Zingtree does not disappoint. It is easier to find trees and import data from different sessions into any other system. With the various third-party integrations, you can create powerful decision trees. By linking up different apps, you can answer customer concerns quicker, improve your agents’ productivity and performance, resolve tickets faster, and offer a smooth experience.

WordPress, Zendesk, Salesforce, Slack, Freshdesk, and more, Zingtree lets you integrate these and several other software to offer your customers a robust experience.

Zingtree FAQs

Let look into some frequently asked questions about Zingtree:

How to create checklist in Zingtree?

You may create a checklist from the options available in the layout of the content editor. If the checklist option is not available, you can always enter basic CSS into the code area using the settings tool.

How to merge multiple Zingtree into 1 Zingtree?

This is done by using tree nodes. These nodes let you open a new tree from an existing one. To merge multiple trees into one, follow these steps:

  • Open the tree
  • Select tools and choose “add node”
  • Choose “Add a new tree node”
  • Then, select the tree you would like to open from the list
  • Lastly, link any button to the new tree node. Once you click on that button, new trees emerge.

Note that the new tree is the start of the root node. This is a default setting. However, you can always change that.

How to create a virtual employee training classroom in Zingtree?

To create a training classroom, sign in to your Zingree account and follow these steps:

  • Choose “gallery” and then select “training”
  • Find any training stimulation template you like
  • Click to “play” the tree
  • Rename the training program, add a description, and made any changes you like
  • Copy it when it’s ready.

You can also modify it later for customized training simulation.

How to create a table in Zingtree?

Adding a table within the decision tree logic is simple. It’s done via Google sheet webhook integration.


When you compare the pricing and the features, Zingtree can prove to be a valuable asset for improving your business solutions. The reports generated by this tool help you understand how to make the most of this software. You can check the traffic, performance, extract demographic data, and do so much more. In short, this software has all the features your company needs to grow your business and even beat your competitors.

Zingtree is ideal for any B2B company, regardless of its size. The advanced customization options make it an attractive tool. If you are uncertain about Zingtree, you can always try its 30-day free trial version. Unlike other companies, no credit card details are required when signing up for the trial version. See how it can benefit your business in offering state-of-the-art customer support services and make a decision from there!

You can also read customer reports on this tool and see how it has helped other users improve performance, productivity, and satisfy their customers.

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