May 6, 2021

12 best virtual team building activities for remote teams

Virtual team building activities for your team

Team building is not an easy task. The more companies are converging to remote teamwork, the greater the chance they experience team-building challenges. That is why companies are now engaging in virtual team-building activities that might help them build team coherence

There are many reasons why you need these activities.

  • Employees are mostly working remotely, so they might go through some need to connect daily
  • They might need to open up about their experiences when they feel frustrated sitting at home doing work
  • They also need to engage themselves in fun activities because of the killing boredom they might think for work-at-home
  • They would like to learn and bond with each other in challenging times
  • For keeping the teamwork coherent

You can find much virtual team-building software that might help you to build one team identity. 

12 Best Virtual Team Building Activities

Just check out these 12 best of All virtual team-building activities!

Critical thinking virtual icebreaker 

It is an excellent app that helps your team think about a problem that needs a critical answer. It starts by asking a question in the meeting from the Udemy that requires lateral thinking. It allows other teammates to choose an answer from multiple options provided in 30 seconds.

Example: If you are alone in a dark cabin, and you have one match of the following, what will you light first: a lamp, a fireplace, or a candle? 

The answers may vary, and every team member has to discuss the reason behind his/ her response. This virtual team-building exercise helps team members to understand the critical point of view in crucial circumstances. 

Open mic virtual icebreaker

This virtual team building is exciting, and it revolves around giving 10 minutes to the entire team for a stage performance, be it a song, poem, joke on the mic. Every person in the online meeting has some time to act, and anyone can start. You can have 10 seconds of pause in each activity for the applause and cheers.

This is one of the virtual team-building activities that rejuvenate the lonely setup of remote working. Just 10 minutes of activity before every online meeting helps everyone open for the discussion. 

“Do you know your team” virtual icebreaker

It’s a 10-minute exercise for your team where you can ask questions about yourself and others. This helps you follow if remote working is creating any gaps in the team’s social networking. You can ask questions. 

a). If you could leave one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

b). If you were an insect, what would that be?

c). what is your favorite holiday country or site? 

In this online team-building exercise, all team members share their answers anonymously. Every answer is later matched with the respondent making it. It’s an exciting practice to know each other. 

“Big talk” virtual icebreaker

It is one of the virtual team-building activities that help understand global news or event that might or might not be linked to your business or can/cannot have an impact. 

It’s a 10 minutes activity where you share global news with the teammates. One has to read aloud the story, and others have to follow what he/she is presenting. In the first 5 minutes, anyone can comment on and share his/her thoughts on the news or event. In the next 5 minutes, the online room is left open for discussion. 

It is a perfect activity to discuss ideas about important news or global event. 

“Name that emoji song” virtual icebreaker

This is one of the very interesting and latest in icebreaking virtual team building activities. It is a 3-minute activity per person. You make your team members guess the song last played in your playlist through an emoji. 

This activity is specially designed for remote working where you might get bored of lengthy working hours esp. in a pandemic. This helps workers connecting each other through small chit-chats. This will also make each other learn about their song choices. 

Virtual scavenger hunt app

It is one of the virtual team-building activities that can engage up to 20+ team members. It has fun interactions and friendly competition on an app. This is one of the liveliest team-building apps, which includes snapping pictures, making videos, scavenger hunts, etc., to keep the team engaged sitting at home. 

It consists of a leaderboard and photostream to keep the team members’ interaction on the go all time. This online activity lasts 45 to 60 minutes. 

Go remote- the virtual water cooler

Go Remote is a unique app that hosts online events. It allows of 45 minutes activity of 10-20 people. The app provides a mic, DJ, and almost everything to make the event alive and engaging. This app motivates the new employees to participate in the event and engage the old ones to restore their energy towards their company. 

Go Remote is used by companies like Spotify, GoFundMe, YouTube, Amazon, Google, etc.

You can enjoy activities like Buzz-In Trivia, The Gpihy Challenge, Pictionary Drawing Contest, etc.

The city live home brew experience

This is one of those virtual team-building activities that give you hands-on experience of brewing beer at home through video conferencing. Almost 10-100 team members can join the session. This brewing experience requires no prior knowledge, and it is of 2 hours. 

The members join the zoom meeting and do this activity. A case of beer and equipment is delivered to your doorstep for brewing activity.

It is a great activity to make your teammates learn new brewing techniques, and you can also create a team recipe for brewing. 

Quiz breaker

If you are looking for fun virtual team-building activities, then QuizBreaker develops quizzes to interact with teammates. Quiz breaker helps remote teams to make grow by creating an emotional coherence via quizzes. 

In every stage, team members are given a quiz on “Who Said What?” a subtle way to connect and create bonding. You can make quizzes and schedule them to email to teammates and get results on the leaderboard. 

This quiz app is used by many famous companies like Google and Microsoft. The members have 5 minutes to set up quizzes, and others have 3 minutes to answer them. Team members can range from 7 to 100.

The playing card is considered one of the exciting games when it comes to connecting with your teammates. It’s fun, it’s tricky, and it requires critical thinking. Its time is up to 60 minutes, depending on the rounds you play. This is a great game to create normalcy in work and kill boredom in remote work settings.\

The desert land scenario 

It is a 30 to 45 minutes team activity with 2 to 10 members. This revolves around joining a team and give news that they have been left isolated on an island. There is a list of tools to choose to live on the island. Here is that list of 100-proof rum, Knife, Compass, Rope, Matches, an out-of-battery cell phone, canvas tap, lighter fluid, Candy bars, etc.

This is an excellent activity for problem-solving in remote teams and learning to live in challenges if you work from distant or isolated setups. This is one of the virtual team-building activities developed to make even tricky times work out. This brings an insight is your team’s work on how to manage challenging times. 

Daily writing prompts

This is one of the very intuitive virtual team-building activities of all. Daily writing a narration of your activities gives you an insight into your work as a team member. This not helps you build an analysis of your work but helps the team leaders to know what you think about that. 

However, this team-building activity can be done in a physical or virtual setup. These days pandemics require this activity as people are isolated from home, and they might feel frustrated at work. 

This will help them to write a work routine, analyze its pros and cons, and build a better work-life balance around it. After writing, a meet-up is arranged online to discuss what everyone wrote and how they feel about work. 


These are not the only virtual team-building activities that you may need to overcome team challenges in remote settings. Your team always needs a set of activities that helps it engage and do fun to learn to build coherence and identity that defines their work. That’s is where you can search for more apps that help you create an environment to keep things going when sitting at home. 

All these apps have various aspects that help you build teams, some are funny and kill boredom, some help in self-analysis, some talk about critical thinking, and some assign challenging tasks to learn to overcome hurdles as a team.

Whatever you learn, it helps you to build a team as a unit!

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