May 18, 2021

How to work with virtual administrative assistants

Working with virtual administrative assistants

Virtual administrative assistants provide support in businesses such as doing administrative tasks, marketing, customer service, appointment setting, and technical tasks. They are the ones who help your business run smoothly and efficiently. Virtual Assistants focus on the tasks that can make you free up time and help your business grow.

Should you decide to have virtual administrative assistants, the next thing to consider is how to make them work effectively for your business. One of the challenges of having a virtual assistant is the time difference. Although it can be easily dealt with, keeping in track with your business improvement strategies and at the same time monitoring your online assistant if he/she was working accurately with the task is quite a hard thing to do. While a virtual assistant can be a skilled individual that is why you hire him/her for the job, you need to deal with him/her effectively to prevent wasting of time and effort for both of you. These tips will help you work with your virtual assistant effectively:

Always open a line of communication

The use of email and instant messengers should not only be limited as your means to give instructions. It should also be used to clarify things stated in the task list. Always encourage your virtual assistant, to ask questions whenever something is not 100% clear to him or her. When you keep your instructions simple and clear, that could make your job a lot faster and easier. These communication tools should not only be used to monitor him/her hourly to check if he/she is working or not but can also be used to strengthen the employer-employee relationship. More often, your simple cheers could break the ice to refresh him/her whenever he/she is in a mental block or a little stressed.

Use project management system or collaboration tools

There are some free or affordable project management systems you can provide for your virtual administrative assistant for him/her to get updated with the task, or you have some additional tasks. A task timer or project progress chart can help both of you get updated regularly and finish important things related to your projects. PMS and collaboration tools also provide brief documentation of the work processes and also serve as file storage and acquisition.

Motivational incentives

Your virtual assistant is just your regular worker that also needs to be motivated to work. A simple reward strategy for a target accomplishment could mean a lot for him/her to do his/her job day by day passionately. More often, it can even minimize the cultural barrier and keep everything in a perfect working relationship.

Provide training modules/materials

There can be times when your virtual assistants run out of resources, and the only access could be you. Your prior knowledge about your business can be of great help to him/her in carrying out the task. You should stumble some training materials or online tools he/she could use to make the work faster, much better. Or if there is a video tutorial related to what he/she had been doing regularly, you can share it right away.

Train your virtual administrative assistants

Personal development training

Personal development training is a way to have the right attitude towards self, others, and work. It’s the most highly valued competency that anyone must see in importance. Professionalism is an element that has to be practiced even on common day-to-day personal activities. Disgusting personalities are among the major liabilities that any company can possess so just beware of it. Proper business etiquette requires top attention. Business ethics includes fundamentals that most know but actually not learned, such as “don’t cheat,” “don’t lie,” “don’t steal” and “play fair.” So attitude and behavioral training fall under the PDT.

Effective communication training

Communication is the best strength and competency in online business. When your staff can’t communicate properly, problems are certain to happen: information misunderstanding occurs on simple instruction, messages are muddled, and any party may get angry. So a good skill in communication leads to a better relationship, both with the clients and the boss. More so, business processes are easily understood through good non-verbal ways. Your virtual administrative assistants must get more opportunities to develop communication skills. Common online training at improving these skills on verbal and non-verbal communication is available.

Performance training

Performance is another highly valued training. This is a crucial part of deriving a quality output from your staff performances. The first thing to remember in implementing performance training is to reiterate your company goals and objectives. The mission and vision are an organization’s reason for existence. Your staff needs to be clear on short-term and long-term goals that indeed will go according to the mission of your business. It is the score on the job that most versatile training programs have been integrating. Such types of training programs focus on time management, work practices, and work systems that encompass planning and organizing.

Time management

Time management is attributed to your personal work system. Failure to manage time properly for your virtual assistants will be a liability of your business as well. Organizations must provide guidance and an effective system to see how their staff works well to its best. This actually needs a more in-depth understating to maximize time with quality output. Aiming to do so will help you become effective in planning your task from the most priority to less priority. Yes, planning is the key to time management.

Tips that will help your VA to be effective on time management and work system

1. Neglect activities that distract your virtual administrative assistants from drawing far to his or her priorities, so be certain of the task to be accomplished along with its deadline.

2. Avoid having a long meeting or conversation that could be given on brief instructions. Talking to the involved person only is necessary.

Follow up on updates of the work every time, if necessary, especially on tasks to be accomplished at the earliest time.

3. Written clear instructions and or through videos about the task can really save time and effort on your part, like a boss. With this, your VA can go on the job as soon as it’s understood.

4. Be open to questions as it will give ease for your VA to approach whenever problems arise. Problems will be resolved easily if addressed abruptly as well.

5. Time tracker is also an effective system for your VA.

The attitude and skills that virtual administrative assistants put into your business matter a lot. At Stealth Agents, we work hand in hand. Visit us today!

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