May 15, 2021

Userlike live chat software review: Features and pricing

Userlike live chat software review

Userlike is software that combines website chat with mobile messaging. It’s great if you want to switch to a solution that improves customer communication. The app is ideal for support agents, sales reps, managers, and customers. Feel free to chat with your customers via SMS, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or your Website. And don’t worry, the app keeps your and customer data safe thanks to its 100 percent GDPR compliant communication solution.

What is Userlike?

Userlike is here to turn instant chatters into your long-term customers. It’s a live chat solution that can help you win as well as nurture customers across messaging channels such as chatbots, website chat, WhatsApp, customer messaging, and other channels.

Modern customers expect more than just plain interaction with the company they are doing business with. 79 percent of the customers prefer using live chat for support. That’s because they are able to get an immediate response to their queries.

Adding a live chat box to your website is not always easy. Building the chatbot yourself can get expensive and time-consuming. Userlike is a live chat software that’s here for the rescue. This service has not been around for long but because of its features, it is gaining popularity supports WhatsApp chat, customer messaging, website chat, and chatbot. It is not like conventional customer support software. It’s packed with features that have the power to transform the user experience and keep them coming back for more.


This product is a fantastic chatbot. It can address customer queries rapidly even. You can send canned messages or introduce the customer to FAQs in case no agent is available to offer support at the moment. If you want to make your support team productive, improve customer satisfaction and engagement and encourage them to shop from your website again, Userlike is the live chat software you need.

Let’s look into the features of the chat software to understand how it can prove to be valuable for your business:

Satisfaction features

A model of userlike customer satisfaction feature

These features are meant to boost customer satisfaction. Here is what you will get:

All-inclusive button integration

You can offer support to customers throughout the journey. You don’t have to search for a contact option.

Reassign/Forward Chats

Sometimes, you have to forward a chat to a colleague. You can easily forward the chat transcripts with context to other agents so that customers don’t have to repeat themselves.

Operator skills

With operator skills, you can connect the customer to a support rep and have their question answered. This feature will make your customers happy for sure.

Customer loyalty features

Userlike can help you build and nurture the customer relationship with these features:

Sticky chat

Using the sticky chat rule, favor chat connections between the visitors and operators who have chatted earlier.

A model of userlike sticky chat feature

Smart customer profiles

You will also know your customers even the anonymous web visitor. As soon as a customer provides their email address, the software automatically builds a customer profile based on the information available about this.

Feedback features

Have you ever wished to get a customer’s opinion without breaking the experience? If so, these customer feedback features will delight you:

A model of userlike feedback feature

Chat rating & feedback

This form of feedback is effortless for customers. It offers instant and actionable feedback to the operator so that they can take appropriate measures.

Pre and post-chat survey

Get insights from the most engaged customers. Either ask them a simple question before the chat or after the chat. This feedback will give you lots of insights.

Sales features

Userlike shines on lead generation and website conversion features as well. Let’s explore its sales features:

Proactive chat

Reach out to your web visitors if they have questions. This is your chance to make amend for missed opportunities.

Widget routers

Set up intelligent customer chat behavior personalized according to the info you have about your visitors. This information includes where they are on your website, browser-used language preference, country, etc.

Audio calls

If need be, switch from chat to audio call and assist your customers or explain the complex topic.

On page guidance

It can be frustrating at times to explain to a customer when to take left or right or what to do when they are lost. In a situation like these, take them by hand and guide them to the right page and section of your website.

Efficiency features

Userlike also ensures that you attain service efficiency with features like these:

Chat slots

Chatting with multiple customers at the same time doesn’t have to be so hard. To achieve service efficiency, set the number of chat slots you are comfortable with. As your skills grow, increase the slots.

Chat macros

Use canned messages for answering common customer questions. You can either send them directly or set templates. Never let your customer wait for a response.

A model of userlike chat macros feature

Chat analytics

With Userlike’s analytics, you will always know whether you are over or under support capacity. These analytics will help you keep track of your improvements and ensure consistent quality.

Userlike live chat pricing

Like what you see? Then you must know about the pricing plans available as well. Let’s see how much it costs.

A model of userlike pricing list

Userlike has four tiers:


The free version gives you access to a simple chat setup for your website. It has all core features, a website messenger, 1 widget, and 1 seat.


It’s called the modern website messaging version. It includes 4 widgets, 4 seats, and one channel. The team plan costs 90€ per month.


The corporate plan supports multi-channel messaging with professional features. You will get 10 widgets, 10 seats, and 3 channels at the price of 290€ per month.


The business plan features messages at scale and it includes advanced and business intelligence features. You will get 20 widgets, 20 seats, and five channels at the price of 720€ per month.

14 days free trial is available. You will get access to all premium features. If you like this live chat software, then you can switch to any paid version based on your business needs. Credit card information is not required when signing up for a free trial.

Userlike WordPress

You can add the Userlike WordPress live chat plugin to your website for chatting with customers through Telegram, Facebook Messenger, or your website. Using this plugin, a chat box is added at the bottom of your website.

This chat feature is the easiest channel for your customers to reach out to you. Your sales representatives can chat with multiple people at the same time. You can also use canned messages for answering frequently asked questions at a fast speed. The chatbox stays with the customer as they continue browsing your website.

Userlike alternatives

More than one hundred Userlike alternatives are available so far. They offer more or less the same features. Here are some names:

  • Intercom
  • ProProfs Chat
  • Chatwoot
  • Smartsupp
  • Lime Talk
  • HelpCrunch
  • Shopify Userlike

Userlike constant contact integration

With Userlike, you can integrate your favorite platforms readily this includes constant contact. Who knew integrating your business tools could be that easy!

Other apps that can be integrated with Userlike include Salesforce, Slack, GitHub, Jira, Hubspot, SquareSpace, Trello, Zendesk, and more. You won’t have to leave an existing CRM because it cannot be integrated with this live chat software. It literally supports so many third-party apps!

Where is Userlike Secret?

  1. Log into your Userlike dashboard
  2. Go to configuration >> widgets
  3. Click on the widget you would like to edit by clicking on the widget editor
  4. Go to the install tab
  5. Click on credentials for applications
  6. You will find Widget Secret there

Pros and Cons

Like any live chat software out there, Userlike has some pros and cons as well. Here is all you need to know in order to figure out if it’s the right solution for your business:


  • Customizable chat window
  • Free version available
  • Variety of widgets
  • Analytics available
  • Surveys and feedback
  • Mobile and desktop solution
  • Chat rating
  • Multiple payment options
  • Supports plenty of integrations


  • High price compared to other chat solutions


Userlike is an amazing live chat solution for those who want to improve user experience and customer satisfaction. Depending on what features you are looking for in chat support software, Userlike can be highly useful. It supports chat and surveys ratings, Plenty of CRM integrations, multilingual performance and so much more.

The developers of this software are working on chatbot technology too so using this chat software is going to be a great boost of technology. You can also switch off private user data if you are worried about privacy concerns and don’t want to get in trouble.

Userlike is great for a business that is in its early stages of growth. As your sales improve and your business grows, you can always switch to a higher tier of Userlike and take advantage of the features of this live chat software.

If you are not sure about this software, test its free trial version and you will have all the answers!

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