May 21, 2021

10 Home Office Tips To Boost Remote Work Productivity

10 tips to boost remote work productivity

From copywriters to tutors and virtual assistants to translators, more and more jobs are becoming home-based. However, switching from a structured work environment to the comfort of a home office can be challenging for you in many ways. Learning the tips to boost remote work productivity and how to work from home is very important. It helps you to be more effective and efficient at your job. When you work from home, you may have many distractions as compared to your workplace.

Moreover, there are less communication and less accountability than when you are working at your workplace. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t be as productive as in the office. There are plenty of ways to keep yourself more productive no matter what your location is. Here, we will share top tips to boost remote work productivity.

Top 3 distractions when you work from home

Working from home might be dreamy as you can set your own working hours and work in a more relaxed environment. But it also comes with many drawbacks. Moreover, there are a lot of distractions when you work from home that can minimize your productivity.


Checking emails is an important thing for your daily work. You need to respond to your emails as soon as possible to keep your business going. However, some people spend more time reading and answering their emails, which reduces their productivity.

Children and other family members

Kids and your family members can be one of the top distractions when you work from home. When your kids talk loudly, play around, fight with each other, or watch cartoons, it can be challenging to get any work done. Your spouse or other family members may talk to you about some issues that are not too important.

Other household duties

Household duties are also included in the top distractions list when you work from home. If you have not set up your home office, you might be seeing the laundry pile up that you need to under control.

10 home office tips to boost remote work productivity

No one but yourself can point you out to the best working from home business opportunity lies, but when you are so highly aware of yourself and your passions, strengths, limitations, and support structure, there is no one to stop you from successfully working from home either. Working from home can turn into a pleasurable, enriching, and lucrative possibility once you explore it the right way. A little planning and a lot of passion will take you a long way.

There is no secret to doing more work. Just do as much work as you could and do more when you’re done. But doing more work is not easy for some folks. Here are some home office tips to boost remote work productivity:

Get to work early

Whether you’re working in an office or working from home, working early will give you the most opportunity to accomplish tasks. This, of course, assumes that you need to go to bed early. seven to eight hours of sleep is enough.

Plan your day ahead

You have to make preparations before you go to the battlefield. You don’t engage your enemies empty-handed. You have to make plans and schemes on how you attack your workday beforehand. The best time to do this is by the end of your working day or, better before you go to bed.

Several people who work in an office setting plan ahead for the work they must do. If they know that they have to get something done in advance, they mark it on the calendar or leave a note in a visible area. They can then think out what they should handle first and when. This is a big help in making everything run more smoothly, ensuring there is less chance for panic or not finishing on time. Although this does not guarantee that procrastination will not occur, it can still help

Stick to that trusty to-do list

To-Do lists are overrated. And they really are. But you really need to stick to the plan. Developing the skill to stick to what you have planned for is necessary. Don’t attack blindly, and don’t do only the things that please your senses at the moment. Perception sometimes deceives, so you better stick to the plan. Setting priorities on your to-do list items may not be ideal, as some claim. You have to have your own way of prioritizing. A very common prioritizing style is working your to-do list from top to bottom. That same style might not fit you. You only work on things you have listed and nothing more. Do not go overboard with your to-do list.

Do not go to unimportant meetings

This requires prudence. You must be able to differentiate the important meetings from the unimportant ones. Ask the host or organizer of the meeting about what will be discussed in the meeting. Say no to an impromptu meeting unless it’s a matter of life and death. Just politely turn down the invite and ask for the minutes later. If possible, schedule all meetings two days prior to the actual date so you can make plans and prepare for them.

Avoid the internet and the social network sites

With the popular social network sites vying for our attention, it is quite easy to get distracted. Avoid logging in to social network sites at all costs. Do not use IM to communicate with your peers. Use the telephone only if necessary. Spend time wisely. Remember your to-do list! If you ever need to surf the internet any time of the day, you have to have that written down on your to-do list.

Communicate regularly

When you work alone, it can affect your productivity and decision-making skills. So you need to maintain connections with your teammates and other remote co-workers. You can even host virtual meetings with effective communication tools like Google meet and zoom. To check your team’s progress, and stay updated on your ongoing project, hop on a video call. Even a 5 minutes video call is enough. It can make a huge difference and keep you updated.


One good way to increase office productivity is to prioritize any and all projects. In other words, it is important that first tackle the things that must be done the soonest, leaving other things with more time to finish them for later completion. For example, if a profit report is due within a few days, and another project is due within a week, the more urgent task should be tackled first. If it is not, the worker will no doubt find themselves feeling overwhelmed. They may even give up, believing they will not finish in time.

Do not procrastinate

Along with taking on what needs to be done the soonest, it is also good to fight the urge to procrastinate. Procrastination tends to happen for a few reasons. Perhaps the worker is plainly tired, and they do not wish to take on anything that appears as though it will take a lot of time. Or maybe it is a detailed project that takes more effort than what they believe they can give. It is important to speculate on why the project is hard and why it is so difficult to want to work on it. Long projects can be broken into smaller, more doable pieces. Confusing projects can be performed by more than one person to make sure it is done right.

Keep a dedicated office space

The remote workers usually don’t have a dedicated office space at home. But keeping a dedicated home office can boost your productivity. A room with fresh air and sufficient light are the basic elements that help you concentrate more on your work. It would be great if you have two computers, one is for office use, and the other is for personal use. A dedicated desk is great for work use. This will you realize that you are there for work. Moreover, this will create a workplace environment that can increase your productivity.

Use a time tracker

Our eyes are on the clock when we work in the office. We are aware of time passing us by, whether it is fifteen minutes till office closing time or ten minutes from your lunch break. But when you start working from home, time may lose all its meaning. We normally don’t know what day and time it is. So it is recommended to use a time tracker to boost your productivity when you work from home.


Getting things done is the only way to doing more work! You might have other tricks for that, but the above-mentioned tips to boost remote work productivity are the essential ones you need to follow. What can you say about them? Let us know in the comment box!

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