May 25, 2021

Facebook ads: How to start your campaign

A guide to Facebook ads

Facebook has to be one of the greatest technological wonders of the 21st century. It completely transformed communication and connectivity and gave new meaning to the phrase Global Village. It’s amazing how we’re able to stay constantly updated on every single aspect of the lives of people from all over the globe, people we’ve never met, people we’ll probably never meet. And yet, in spite of all this, we know where they went for lunch last Thursday, what book they are reading right now, and what they plan on doing next week. 

More than anything, this means a highly engaged audience that is constantly viewing their screens for relatable and relevant content. When they see a post talking about a piece of technology that interests them, they check it out in detail.

Catering to the exact needs wants, and desires of audiences have become easier than it has ever been in the past.

For advertisers and marketers, this means access to nearly a quarter of the world’s population. But how do they target customers that’ll be interested in their product/services?

Turns out that Facebook Ads are the answer to that question. So, for all the advertisers looking to initiate their digital marketing campaign on Facebook, this is how you should begin.

Setting up the campaign

Start off by clicking “Create ad” which can be accessed from the top right-hand side of the page. From here on in, you can select the exact details of your entire campaign. This includes aspects like objectives such as the reach, engagement, video views, store visits as well as conversions that you want from your ad, as well as designing who you want your ad to target such as audience, placements as well as the budget and schedule.

The budget and schedule determine how many people will see your ad and at what times. If you’re a sports company looking to sell sports gear you can schedule them to be shown whenever anyone watches a sports-related video.

Other than that you can also select the format of your ad, the media you’ll use i.e. pictures or video as well as any additional creative changes.

Ad placement

You’ll need to choose where and how your ad appears. This includes choosing whether you want your ad to appear on both PCs and handheld devices. You can choose other aspects too such as Instant Articles, in-stream videos, and the Facebook news feed. You can choose all these options manually or use Facebook’s Automatic Placement where Facebook’s auto-optimization places your ad in ideal locations.

Setting up the Ad

This is the final step of the entire process. You can choose your ad type and how you want your audience to view your ad. It allows you access to options like a single image, single video, slideshow, or a canvas. Each ad type is designed for different brands with different needs according to their product/service.

And with that, you have your own customized ad ready for circulation.

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