August 12, 2021

Why do you need a social media virtual assistant

Reasons why you need a social media virtual assistant

Social media contributes a big part to digital marketing as more people are engaged in this internet-based form of communication. No matter what your industry is, building your brand presence on social media platforms is more vital than ever. Consumers today are depending on social media sites to find products, get recommendations and a review before actually buying them— that is why it is very crucial to nurture your online presence. However, by doing so, you will be needing a well-designed strategy that will help you reach your target market and to help you speak effectively about your brand to a wider audience. In order to keep up with the work necessary without getting overwhelmed you will need to have some kind of social media virtual support. If you do not have someone on your team to do the social media work, then outsourcing a social media virtual assistant is the best solution to have.

And if having a social media VA is not enough to help you cover all your marketing needs – we suggest trying hiring a full-time virtual marketing assistant.

What is a social media virtual assistant?

When it comes to building and cultivating a brand presence on social media, having a virtual assistant makes perfect sense. 

A social media virtual assistant is an expert who works in a remote location. This VA manages all your social media accounts on your behalf to keep your online presence active and to help your brand engage with your audience.

To know more about a social media VA, we present you the skills that make his/her effective in helping you have a positive brand image.


As social media is constantly changing, this VA looks out for these changes and makes sure that your accounts are up-to-date. Also, this remote executive has all his/her ears to the latest news and trends. He or she will create content that is relevant to your audience that can help you strengthen your brand’s social credibility. Social media virtual assistants also know how to manage their time—they can meet deadlines even if they are working in different time zones.


A good social media VA knows how to research and draft content for you. He or she knows how to create and promote relevant content that speaks about your brand. 

Excellent communicator

Social media VAs help your brand keep in touch with your audiences by monitoring and engaging with them. 

Being an excellent communicator doesn’t only mean being good at using proper grammar but also knows how to deliver your brand’s message. On top of that, VAs do also know how to listen and empathize which is good in handling customers’ requests— saving your business from having a bad brand image.


A detail-oriented social media virtual assistant pays attention from typographical errors to keeping track of your online campaign’s progress. He or she provides you with a report that pays attention to data that matters most to your goal.

Technical savvy

Virtual social media assistants are experienced in using online marketing tools. These tools help them manage your social media profiles better ( quick and convenient) and help them expedite repetitive tasks such as posting content to different platforms. 

Tasks that a social media virtual assistant can help you with

As we mentioned that social media virtual assistants help you create and maintain a strong online presence, virtual social media support is one way that they are doing it. Here we list down some of the few things they do:

Help you develop an effective social media strategy

Without an effective social media strategy, a business’s brand image will never be solid. Virtual social media assistants have this skill set in establishing an online presence as they have gathered tons of experience in handling social media accounts from various clients.

Even if you already have existing social media strategies, social media virtual assistants can come up with innovative ideas that can help you improve them, and give you insights into the social media world, specifically to the things your brand needs and how you can improve reach and engagement.

Help you nurture your social media presence

Growing your social media presence is a challenging task. As a business owner, you may not have enough time to run effective social media campaigns. However, if you have a virtual assistant—he or she can do all of the social media marketing that you need. A virtual assistant can make your social media pages attractive to captivate audiences, create relevant posts to reach out to your target market, collaborate with influencers, and can keep everything up-to-date and on-trend too.

Crafting social media content

As they always say… content is king! A virtual assistant sees to it that you will only be producing content that is appealing to your target market, with the help of a virtual graphic designer or a Canva virtual assistant to make the visuals appealing—they make sure that your audiences will love it…something engaging and relevant to their interests.

Building relationships with your audience

A virtual assistant helps you monitor and engage with your audiences. As customers demand a strong social interaction, a social media VA will help you to communicate with your target market and conversely. Your business must respond to your audience because it gets to show them that they are not ignored and you care about their queries, views, and opinions. In addition, interacting with your audience will also show them that you are an expert on your own product/service. 

Benefits of hiring a social media virtual assistant

Truth to be told, virtual assistants have special skill sets and knowledge in helping businesses grow. 

As you already knew the possessed skills of social media VAs and the tasks that they can do to help you build a strong online presence, let us get deeper and know the top 3 reasons as to why hiring them will benefit you a lot.

Boost business productivity

As managing social media accounts is very time-consuming, hiring a social media VA will take that burden off for you. A VA will work on all the social media tasks that need to be done and will leave you time to focus on your primary job which is to grow your business.

Lowered expenses

When you hire an in-house social media manager you’ll automatically compute the salary, benefits, and payroll issues. Unlike hiring a virtual assistant who has also the skills to do the social media tasks for you, you only get to pay them the hours of their dedicated work. 

Frees up your time

It is said that most small business owners tend to spend their time managing their social media accounts. When you hire a social media VA, you can let them handle those repetitive time-consuming tasks. They can also do it faster compared to you since they already have the experience and skills. Having a VA on your team can leave you doing the things that you love.

Ways to manage your social media virtual assistants

Managing an in-house employee and a remote employee is quite different. And when you get to decide on hiring a virtual assistant, let us now give you few ideas on how to effectively manage them.

Make use of remote tools

As virtual assistants work in remote locations, you might be struggling with communication and monitoring productivity. To convey project requirements and setting virtual meetings with your VAs, you can use the tools Slack and Zoom. To ensure that your VAs are being productive, you can use Hubstaff, or Activtrak to monitor your virtual team.

Provide detailed and clear instructions

Set clear instructions of what you want them to do; let them know what your goal is and provide them straight answers if they have any questions too. As time goes on, you won’t have to check them so often.  


Hiring a social media virtual assistant on your marketing team is a perfect solution for all your social media marketing needs—supporting small business owners to establish a strong online presence. With a dedicated and skilled virtual assistant doing those social media tasks for you, you can concentrate more on the duties that will help you grow your business.

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