May 24, 2021

Why Single Keyword Ad Groups works well: An introduction

Reasons to use single keyword ad groups

Single Keyword Ad Groups or SKAGs is popular among online advertising campaigns in Google Ads. These are ad groups in Google Ads with just one keyword that helps marketers improve quality scores, increase click-through rates, and reduce ad spend.

There’s a reason why breaking up your AdWords account into much more manageable chunks is preferred. The quicker you break up your AdWords campaign into these smaller chunks, the more cost-effective it will start to get.

Your success with PPC depends on how successful your AdWords is. This is where the Single Keyword Ad Groups (better known as SKAG) steps in. It encourages greater click-through rates, quality scores, and revenues.

The SKAG strategy isn’t only applicable to AdWords. You can use it for display networks and social networks including the likes of LinkedIn Twitter and Facebook.

The reasons why Single Keyword Ad Groups work well

Single Keyword Ad Groups are pretty self-explanatory. By arranging an ad group with only a single keyword, you connect the keywords you’re bidding on with the search terms you pay for. If you don’t do it, you will likely experience the iceberg effect, which is the exact opposite of what is mentioned in the previous sentence.

By not focusing on what’s in your control (the keywords) you lose out on what you can’t control (the results/search terms you paid for). Here are a few reasons why Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) work really well.

CPC is reduced

This is what many people want: reduced cost per click without a reduction in bids made. If you’re one to believe and want this, SKAGs are the perfect solution.

If you set up SKAGs to improve quality scores, and those are successful, you will have reduced first-page bid costs significantly. In other words, lower quality scores increase your costs per click. It’s all about competition.

When Google sees that you’re performing better on quality than your competitors, they give you a discount on your PPC as a way of saying thank you for being relevant.

So is the cost of conversion

When your cost per click is reduced, and your keywords are relevant and score more on quality, the prospects and users converted will ultimately have a lower overall cost. It’s simple math.

Ad spending gets sensible

With AdWords metrics are showing signs of better performance by getting the results you need from the search terms you are bidding on, there is little need to waste your money on irrelevant and unnecessary keywords. They’ll automatically start disappearing from your bids.

If you’re in lead generation or the SaaS, you’ll make greater sense out of the sales and closing rates of your keywords when you use them as search terms.

Exerting more control

Google itself recommends using 10-20 words in your Ad Groups, they’re indirectly telling you not to use SKAGs. Bad recommendation? Maybe so; but that recommendation helps them make more money. The variance in your search terms increases greatly, meaning there can be wastage.

With SKAGs, the breakdown of keywords may be difficult at first, but the specific focus on the keywords will allow to reduce that variance and take back control from Google, to get an increased share of the digital profit pie.

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