May 5, 2021

The best 5 Shopify tools for new entrepreneurs that they can use

Top 5 shopify tools for new entrepreneurs

Shopify came into existence when the people behind it couldn’t find an appropriate software to address their business needs. So, they came up with software that suited their business needs and made it available to help others meet their trading needs. This software is helping new entrepreneurs without needing a significant sum of money to start their business. Shopify tools help address every need of these starters, i.e., new entrepreneurs, to pursue their business by offering them every possible ease.

The biggest hurdle after an idea of business is that of financing. Although many motivational speakers and leaders across the world are convinced that money isn’t a big deal for starting any business. However, the ground realities involved in starting a business remain constant i.e., a place or shop, cot of rentals, arrangements of its rentals, hiring needed staff, etc. Shopify is an answer to these problems and encourages entrepreneurs to emerge. There are many success stories associated with Shopify including people who started the business with little investment or from scratch; some even sold their belongings to become entrepreneurs and succeeded.

A little of history behind Shopify

Shopify is a top name in online stores, but it was not started or intended for e-commerce. This Canadian-based e-commerce software used globally was started in 2004 and today holds an evolutionary history of 15 years. Initially, Shopify its self was a physical store for selling snowboards. It started in Ottawa by Tobias Lütke, Scott Lake, and Daniel Weinand, not knowing that one day it is destined to be the greatest online platform. 

Today it’s already $10 Billion software, Thanks to the developer background of its founders. Shopify has enabled traders to find customers, understand their needs, and offer them products accordingly. These offerings can be made in physical stores and, of course, online too. It has enabled and made it easy for people to become a dealer with their desired business model.

Some stats

Let’s agree that where COVID-19 has caused many traders to collapse, but it has equally benefited those who have smartly deal with and used online software and tools, not only to retain but grow and start their business. Some statistics showed that 90% of entrepreneurs appeared, 75% of employees turned into entrepreneurs, and 80% quit their employment to become entrepreneurs to enjoy their life control. Today Shopify has 800,000 e-stores with 3 thousand employees.

Shopify Tools

Shopify provides you with several tools to help your retailer business get started by selling and buying, mentioned below.

  • Business name generator: for generating a perfect business name
  • Logo maker: for creating a logo design
  • Domain name generator: it refers to generating and registering your domain name
  • Slogan maker: to create an appealing slogan
  • Wholesale marketplace: for Stocking products
  • Exchange market place
  • Image resizer
  • Online video maker: for advertising
  • Paystub generator: online pay stun
  • Storefront sign maker
  • QR code generator: these codes are readable for mobile phone
  • Terms and conditions generator: communicating limitation of your business
  • Business card maker
  • Gift certificate template:
  • Purchase order templates
  • Privacy policy generator
  • Shipping Label templates
  • Refund Policy generator
  • Invoice generator
  • Bill of lading template
  • Barcode generator
  • Business loan calculator
  • CPM calculator
  • Discount calculator and
  • Profit margin calculator

This article intends to present you with 5 top of these tools along with their details to help new entrepreneurs take optimum advantage of those Shopify tools. Those are tools to assist any new entrepreneur experiencing a good trading experience.

5 Shopify tools for new entrepreneurs

Business name generator 

Having a name for your business is crucial for making your business identity stand out from those of others in the same category. With Shopify’s business name generator, you can find and choose a unique name for your store within minutes. It is done by entering a keyword for your business name, and you will be provided with a list of available domain names to select from. After selecting, carry on with purchasing that domain name a start your business.

Business name generator enables you with an instant list of 100 domain names that match your keyword else; it takes a lot of time and thinking to develop a proper, unique, and distinctive name that serves as your identity in the industry. Apart from saving you from a lot of brainstorming, the good news is that it’s a free tool, and you can run as many searches as you wish before finalizing it.


This Shopify tool can be brows from admin or you have an option to use its website. Burst is of great help when it comes to designing your website with photos of your stock. This tool keeps you from the hassle of clicking pictures of your products and indulges in the hectic and time-consuming work of editing. Its images are updated a couple of times a week with new ones. 

Also, these high-resolution images are offered for free and don’t include any royalty. You can later edit those chosen images with added colors to make them more desirable for your focused market. It is essential to mention that Photographers from Shopify global community provide all images on Burst. Apart from new entrepreneurs, these images can be used by designers, bloggers, and other people for their websites, online stores, Facebook, etc.

Shopify Theme Kit

A kit is a marketing tool offered by Shopify. You can use it to upload themes for numerous backgrounds. Its works on Windows, Linux, and macOS as well. Connectivity to Shopify Admin API is needed for installing Kit. The kit is used for social media posts, creating advertisements, sending emails, reminders, etc. It offers to be operated through your mobile phone, enabling you to control your marketing activities remotely.

With Kit, you can keep a record of visitors on your e-store that didn’t end with making a purchase, sending emails to your customers, creating discount codes for your customers, and reminders for regularly monitoring, executing, and promoting marketing activities.

Exchange market place

Another handy Shopify tool that immensely helps new entrepreneurs. Use it from Shopify Admin or its website. It is commonly known and is a popular tool and marketplace for traders to buy and sell on the e-store. The exchange allows browsing for sales and other updated features, including price, monthly cost & profits, and much more. Exchange assists in keeping a record of your progress in making revenues.

One great feature offered by Exchange is that of knowing the worth of your store. It calculates the store worth from your sales and other related factors. The sales data on Exchange is not editable and verified by Shopify, which is gathered from owners and market trend suggestions. Buyers are allowed to bid and purchase at their desired prices. Similarly, sellers can sell their products on the market competitively or at their own suggested price. 

The communication system between buyers and sellers is enabled via secure messaging, allowing them to share business history, future opportunities, etc. A secured transaction for sending and receiving payment is executed through Escrow. A support system in Exchange also allows reporting if any seller is found suspicious.


Hatchful is another top tool by Shopify that enhances your logo design. This tool offers multiple options for font, colors, templates, and design for your logo. New entrepreneurs can choose and take advantage of free designs, saving their initial cost on logo designing. Those who are willing to pay can use their premium version. 

Those designs are offered for various categories and in various designs i.e., colorful or straightforward. This tool offers you an attractive high-resolution logo and doesn’t need to be a pro for this task. The font, logo, style, and colors used in the Hatchful logo are very catchy and cute. Those logos can then be used on your goods, website, and social media, and business card.

Ease and limitations

No matter if you are a new entrepreneur or an experienced one. The user-friendly Shopify tools serve needs at different levels of business. New entrepreneurs can start with its free version for 15 days.

Shopify involves fees on some transactions and processes.

Many Shopify tools are free, but specific tools involve fees. Shopify also offers opportunities for making passive income through its affiliate program, which is well established. Its affiliate program can be joined through a link and start earning, i.e., up to $2000 per merchant, through referring.


E-commerce today is not an option but an essential, along with its multiple benefits that can be enjoyed within a global market. Shopify is a great platform and marketplace, especially for new entrepreneurs. Shopify tools make it even easier to start and execute your business without incurring initial cost and experience. 

From selecting your brand name to calculating the estimated worth of your store, Shopify offers maximum tools for supporting your trading activities. Many Shopify tools include limitations and fees; however, you can meet your trading needs via free versions as new entrepreneurs.

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