May 7, 2021

SAP service cloud software solution review: Key features

A review of sap service cloud

SAP Service Cloud enables you to increase customer service by empowering your service team with omnichannel support. It helps both B2B and B2C customers. This means SAP Cloud for service provides call center management a proper(360 degree) view of customers so they can swiftly resolve all issues on the customer side.
SAP Cloud for service ensures to give services on all possible channels both online and offline like Web, email, chat, and call. Artificial intelligence quickly finds the solution to the problem and helps the teams in finding all data and tools; hence it increases the work efficiency of the team. This will help businesses to increase both their profits, customer service, and loyalty. It provides learning platforms to your service teams to deliver excellent service and keep up to date with new technology trends.

With ongoing technology, data is increasing each second. Scientists are busy finding the solution to storing the data. One of the best solutions scientists have found yet is a cloud system for accumulating this gigantic data. Every leading technology industry is shifting towards cloud technology. SAP is a German software company that develops enterprise software for businesses of all types to manage their customer relations and business operation. In this article, we will review their SAP service cloud software.

Key features of SAP Service Cloud

Ticket management is the biggest problem that most businesses face. Most of the service agents spend a lot of time classifying the tickets and customer request queues manually. SAP Service Cloud provides the solution. Its ticket intelligence can automatically categorize customer service requests. The automatic categorization helps to deliver the best and accurate service. Improve service response time and efficiency of support teams. Moreover, it increases the productivity of support agents because they can prioritize the incoming tickets more efficiently. The automatic classification is done on the basis of model accuracy. The functionality of ticket intelligence automatically categorizes the ticket with the help of data that is taken from the existing tickets in the service cloud.

Service analytics

It provides powerful analytics and a user-friendly dashboard to the managers for real-time insights into the support team’s performance. It allows you to create access based on the role or rank within the organization. Moreover, you can check completed service request tickets, inquiries, and customer satisfaction. The SAP cloud service provides you with an overview and efficiency of the operational performance. That way, you can focus on your weak areas and improve them.

A screenshot of sap service cloud analytics feature

Social customer service in SAP Service Cloud

The SAP service helps you engage with your customer through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and more so that you can respond to your services more quickly. Above all, the system can create a ticket based on the messages. It sounds fab, right? This enables your agents to which channel ticket was created. Moreover, the ticket creator is also entered into your system. This way, your support agent can have full access to previous service data while processing the incoming tickets. It enables the agents to help the customers faster.

You can analyze and process data instantly with the help of the SAP service. Consequently, the suggestions and requests can be automatically forwarded to the teams. When you integrate social media into SAP service, it comes with a lot of advantages. This includes automatic entry of the creator of the ticket into your system with detailed info, automatic forwarding of the ticket to desired teams, and immediate response with this Sap service cloud.

Self-service customer portal

The best thing about the SAP service cloud is that it provides the best choice to its customers and enables them to take control of their service issues. This way, customers can create, edit and view the request on their device whenever they want. The customers can use the self-service facilities by scanning the QR code with their cell phones. The self-service customer portal comes with multiple options like the ability to engage with the AI chatbot and requesting maintenance.

A screenshot of sap service cloud self service customer portal feature

Field-service management

It comes with a great tool, i.e., field service management, that provides the right instruments to your field service technicians and customers. With this tool, the field technicians can fix any issue in no time and provide the right information to your customers. The field service technicians can find the problem and fix it more quickly due to the smart technologies implementation. The online and offline function of this tool enables the technicians to complete their work without an internet connection.

ERP integration

You can get access to real-time back-office info with the help of ERP integration. It provides you with in-depth insight that you can use to make better decisions about customer service. The SAP Service cloud comes with pre-built integration capabilities to its ERP software without any additional adapters.

A screenshot of sap service clouud erp integration feature

Moreover, if you use SAP for customer relationship management (CRM) and Enterprise resource planning (ERP) reduces the license costs. Above all, you can also integrate this service cloud into other Enterprise resource planning systems.

What is SAP Service Cloud?

SAP cloud identity provides authentication and provisioning capabilities for its users. For Intelligent Enterprise, these are the key requirement for the extension and integration scenarios. This service has two key components, i.e., identity authentication and identity provisioning. SAP is planning to introduce more services in the future. Let’s dig deep into these two main components of SAP cloud identity.

Identity authentication

Identity authentication is a cloud-based service for single sign-on, authentication, and user management on-premise apps and SAP cloud service. It works as an identity provider and can be used as a proxy when you need to integrate the existing single sign-on setup. This service is specifically designed for the employees. It is a go-to option for users who want to access the app to do their daily tasks. On the other hand, SAP also offers a customer data cloud for the consumers in an effort to provide the best services and offerings, which are based on user data. This service doesn’t evaluate or collect any context data. It doesn’t come with any additional costs- so if you are using IBP, SAP HANA public cloud, or SAP JAM, you’re already using SAP identity authentication without knowing it.

Identity provisioning

In the cloud, identity provisioning provides a low-cost yet comprehensive approach in terms of identity lifecycle management. With identity provisioning, you can easily provision identity and its authorization to the cloud and other business apps. The user management has two flavors across the SAP cloud portfolio:

• Apps that give the user management to identity authentication.
• Apps that have their own user management store like SAP SuccessFactors, ABAP, and others.

In the last option, you need to maintain the user data in multiple apps, and you can automate them through the SAP identity provisioning service. This service is the synchronization of user data between different applications. For instance, if a company uses a user management store like SAP SuccessFactors, they want their employees created in SuccessFacorts to have a user in the identity authentication in order to access SAP S/4HANA cloud.

What is SAP Cloud for customer?

SAP Cloud for customers enables your sales personnel to spend more time with your customers. It empowers them with intelligent recommendations that end up in more sales. It helps you manage day the sales contacts more efficiently as it provides a single customer’s view and front and back-office solutions. According to SAP, it is designed as a mobile-first approach to meet your sales-related goals. Moreover, it helps the service professionals who need information about their customers any time and anywhere.

It focuses on the production out of this tool and user-friendliness rather than spending more time on data entry. The user experience is based on the Fiori design principles and build for the SAP Cloud for Customers. Cloud for Service has almost similar functions that service agents use to make sure that they have the right information for the service call. This tool competes with other similar platforms like Microsoft, Salesforce, and others.

SAP Cloud for service demo

SAP service cloud features multiple capabilities, including marketing automation help desk, sales automation, channel management, and customer support. It can be deployed on-premise applications. Its sales module helps the companies acquire and retain business with the help of sales pipeline management. However, its marketing module is typically designed to develop, execute and manage the marketing campaigns of businesses more effectively to get more leads. Its service module helps businesses in improving retention rates and customer satisfaction as it provides great customer support. Other modules of SAP cloud service include the interaction center, business communications management, channel management, and web channel.

Moreover, it offers support via a support portal, online knowledge base, and phone. Businesses can request the free live demo with a cloud expert where you need to fill a form for its demo. For instance, you need to give information like your company name, address, and which products you want to see live.

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