May 12, 2021

Salesforce Service Cloud complete service platform review

Salesforce service cloud complete service platform review

Salesforce Service Cloud is a customer service platform that allows you to interact with your customers, offer self-help resources, and track customer engagement. As the name implies, it’s a Salesforce product, which is a San Francisco-based company. It’s already providing a variety of cloud-based solutions to improve customer relationship management. 

What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

You would agree that customers want a responsive service regardless of the service or the device they are using. With Salesforce service cloud, you deliver a smart, personalized, and flexible customer experience. This software lets you automate service processes, streamline workflows, share resources, and transform the experience of your agents. It lets you connect with each customer one-on-one across multiple channels without worrying about what device they are using.

Salesforce Service Cloud Certification

Does Salesforce Service Cloud appeal to you? If so, getting service cloud consultant certification would be a great idea. This certification is for consultants with experience in implementing Salesforce Service Cloud solutions in a customer-facing role.

This certification dives deep into the features of the service cloud. The ideal candidates for this exam are customer-facing consultants who are experienced in the implementation of Salesforce Service Cloud. It’s particularly appealing to the salesforce admins who want to prove their knowledge on the platforms. If you are looking for a promotion, want to switch from administration to consulting, or change jobs, this certification will give you the edge.

Salesforce Service Cloud pricing

If you are a new user, Salesforce will give you a free 30-day trial to use its product. In case you like the product, you can continue using it by choosing from a plan from four of its pricing tiers. Let’s have a look at what they are:


It’s an all-in-one sales and support app that costs $25 per month per user. With the essential plan, you can start offering support to your customers in no time. The in-app tutorials help you out big time. You can connect to your customers through email, social handles, and website using the service console. The best thing about essentials is as your business grows, your solution grows too.


This is a complete service CRM for teams of any size. The price starts at $75 per month per user. With the professional plan, empower your support team, let them track customer cases, manage service contracts, entitlements, and leverage the benefits of the service console app. it also easier to view business insights through reports and dashboards.


It’s their most popular plan. You get access to a customizable CRM for comprehensive service at the price of $150 per user per month. It suits customer support teams of any size. Managing complex case requirements have never been easier. Your agents will enjoy a seamless experience using the service console app. you can fully customize the software based on record types, automate complex business processes, and integrate the system with other apps.


Salesforce service cloud has an unlimited plan as well. You get unlimited CRM power at the price of $300 per month per user. It’s perfect for scaling customer service processes and boost the productivity of your agents. You will get Live Agent Web chat and Salesforce Knowledge for offering robust services to your customers.

Unlimited online training, 24 hours toll-free support, and more than 100 admin services will be there to help you meet your needs.

A screenshot of salesforce service cloud pricing list

Salesforce Service Cloud trial 

As mentioned earlier, the Salesforce Service Cloud has a free trial. You can register for 30 days and get access to the service cloud. This software is trusted by 150k customers (including large and small businesses). This software will delight your customers and offer them responsive services across each channel.

How to enable Service Cloud Console in Salesforce

To enable the service cloud console, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Salesforce Setup Page
  2. From there, “choose administer” >> “manager users” >> “users”
  3. for the desired user, select edit link
  4. Then, select the service cloud user checkbox
  5. Hit save
  6. Go to the search box and type “apps”
  7. Click on the “Apps” link
  8. Select “console” and hit “next”
  9. Add app label, app name and description
  10. Then, add the image and hit next
  11. Add accounts and cockpit
  12. Click “next” and choose the options for the items chosen
  13. Hit “next” and choose the profiles using the checkboxes under the “visible” column
  14. Save everything

You will now be able to see the console app in the drop-box

Salesforce Service Cloud features

Now let’s look into the features of Salesforce Service Cloud that make it worth it:

Lightning service console

This console takes agent productivity to the next level. All the information an agent need is available in the console. They have a 360-degree view of their customers.

Case management

Resolve customer cases faster by viewing all records of customer interaction on a streamlined dashboard. You will have complete visibility into the complete context of all cases.

Workflow and approvals

You can customize and automate customer service or the approval process using drag and drop.

Omni-channel routing

Automatically match the cases to the agent with the best skill-set to solve them. This way, you can deliver smart services.

Telephony integration

You can integrate CTI systems, log notes whenever customers call and manage calls from the console without even touching the phone.

Social customer service

Through social media channels, you can monitor and respond to customer queries faster.

Automation with Macros

Automate response and free your support agents, and yet resolve customer concerns faster.

Account and contact management

Extract past communications and respond to customer queries right away from your account there and then.

Custom reports and dashboards

Use real-time reports and make important decisions. You can track customer cases as well as information with a 360-degree view.

Asset and order management

You can track assets of customers, orders, support history all in one place, and view the activities of your customers.

Salesforce Sales Cloud vs. Service Cloud

At the time of signing up with Salesforce, you have two options: sales cloud or service cloud.

The service cloud users are focused on service and cases. This platform is designed to help companies that sell products and services. On the other hand, Sales Cloud is more useful for companies focused on leads, sales, and other opportunities.

There is a ton of overlap between both modules. Sales Cloud is a sales module. These are some of the benefits of sales cloud:

  • It allows you to build loyal customers.
  • It connects all your teams from sales to marketing, finance, customer service, and beyond. This helps in building each prospect and offer a personalized customer journey.
  • Sales cloud enables you to empower your sales representative to work smarter and faster. Data will always be at your fingertips.
  • You have the ability to evolve your sales strategy and expand your reach.

Service cloud lets its users benefit from a variety of functionalities. It lets you connect with your customers one-on-one, across multiple channels and devices. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Match cases to the agent using Omnichannel routing and assign the best agent to solve them
  • Get a 360-degree view of your customers
  • Connect data across different departments and make information available in one place
  • Use ready made templates to solve customer problems

In short, both modules are designed to help small, medium, and large scale businesses improve their management to offer the best services to customers and expand the business.

Salesforce Service Cloud Study Guide
Are you ready to get Salesforce Service Cloud certification? You will need to study material to prepare for the test. Here, the Salesforce Service Cloud study guide will come in handy. The guide includes key points to help prepare for the exam and pass as well.

The study guide includes screenshots, diagrams, videos, and other illustrations to explain everything and demonstrate Salesforce’s functionality visually.

User interface

When it comes to the user interface, the Salesforce Service Cloud will not disappoint you. It’s well designed, like all other Salesforce products. The most powerful feature is the customizable agent workspace. You can also tailor the user interface, letting your agents access everything they need from a single place. The ready-made templates, across, and keyboard shortcuts simplify everything.

Each agent gets his own window where he can respond to customer queries, view prior responses of the users, check the feedback of his colleagues, and more. This way, the agents will have full context about each customer along with their interaction. This will eliminate the frustration of your workforce.


Without a doubt, the Salesforce Service Cloud is a powerful cloud-based platform. It will make the job of your agents easier by allowing them to access information about customers. When compared with other products, this software is expensive. However, if you already use Salesforce products, you can take advantage of this platform and the many integrations that it comes with.

This platform gives you everything you need to deliver world-class customer service. You can always try it out using the free trial and upgrade to any tier you like.

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