May 6, 2021

Prodoscore productivity intelligence system review

Prodoscore productivity intelligence system review

Prodoscore is a proprietary scoring system that measures productivity by generating actionable analytics. It also helps businesses to structure their workforce.  Here’s everything you need to know about this productivity intelligence system.

In this digital age, we measure hundreds of everyday activities using Artificial Intelligent, machine learning, and natural language processing as businesses might be already using CRM, suite, and UCaas. As working from home or remote workers is a new normal after the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses are questioning productivity. If such an app or software increases productivity, then it could help transition, and most people surely want to work from home that has a great effect on productivity. Some people work with more ease and freedom at home, but it may not be true for all of us.

What is Prodoscrore

Prodoscore is a scoring system that provides business insights by showing real-time visibility into the productivity of the employees. This tool leverage NLP, Machine learning, and AI and measure the daily work activities across the tools of cloud business. The analytics allow the managers to measure the productivity of the worker that improves the processes by creating more opportunities. This tool helps businesses to improve performance and employee retention, enhanced coaching, better predict, restructure the workforce, and strengthen cloud tool adoption. Prodoscore’s business insights help you to make good decisions regarding the choice of workforce with data that ensure a great employee experience and streamline the digital strategies all over the company. 

The daily activity can be aggregated into a simple score, and data can be summarized on an easy-to-use dashboard. This proprietary scoring system takes the estimation out of managing teams regardless of their location. The implementation takes less than 10 to 15 minutes. A number of tools allow you to measure the productivity of your employees, but very few tools can be easily implemented and easy to use.

Why Prodoscore for leadership?

  • Improve productivity, employee retention, and performance
  • Streamline employee experience
  • Enhance coaching
  • Support Cloud Tool Adoption

Productivity insights help you meet today’s challenges

These days, ensuring the productivity of remote workers is a big challenge, especially in this pandemic when you prefer to work at home. Sometimes you are not able to work with your employees face-to-face. This tool gives you a continual productivity measurement across teams, providing you with an insight into accountability and engagement for the employees. The managers can keep track of how productive your remote workers are while gaining an understanding of where you could provide them with support to help them stay effective and engaged in their work.

What Prodoscore gives you?

  • It gives a clear picture of the activity of the employee and gives insight into the employee and remote workers’ engagement.
  • It improves the accountability and trust of the employees who work remotely.
  • The data can be used to implement changes that can positively affect the overall revenue of the company.
  • The information you get from the data helps you to adjust training.

Prodoscore pricing

Prodoscore pricing is based on numbers and integration. Prodoscore offers four different types of bundles that include platinum, gold, silver, and bronze. 


It comes with CRM, a phone system, office integration, office suite integration, and more. 

  • Microsoft office 365 or G suite
  • CRM
  • UCaas
  • Vonigo,, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator


Gold Prodoscore offers CRM, office suite integration, and a phone system. 

  • Microsoft Office 365 or G suite
  • Ucaas a CRM


Silver bundle offers CRM, office suite integration, or phone system integration.

  • Microsoft Office 365 or G suite (office suite)
  • CRM comes with Zoho, Hubspot Salesforce, Copper, and Bullhorn
  • Ucass features TurboBridge, Nextiva, Microsoft Teams, Vonage and RingCentral.


Bronze bundle offers office suite integration. 

  • G Suite features Google drive or One drive, meet, email, calendar, and chat.
  • Microsoft office 365

How Prodoscore works

When it comes to productivity, engagement is a good indicator. If your employee is engaged, then they would deliver a great result, and a little help can take them a long way. In addition, when you identify the productivity of your employees, it helps boost sales and satisfaction as well. But measuring engagement and productivity can be challenging. That’s where Prodoscore comes in and provides a great solution to businesses to better understand the productivity of their on-site and remote workers.

If a manager wants to understand the daily productivity of the team, then traditionally, it consisted of multiple reports and manual processes. However, this proprietary scoring system combines all the data from the cloud tools in one place. It comes with a user-friendly dashboard and displays it as a simple score. Users can even capture the cloud data in real-time and present it in an easy-to-manage way. Moreover, the user can access the data easily and act on it.

Above all, Prodoscore can be integrated seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and Google workplace. It ensures greater accuracy and deep data collection. A consistent productivity measurement provides insights into accountability. The best thing about Prodoscore is that you can install it in no time, and it delivers the productivity reports within hours when you implement it.

What is RingCentral Prodoscore

It is the communication system that is based on the cloud. It comes with online meetings, enterprise-grade voice, collaboration, fax, conferencing, and text. You can connect your mobile and remote workers, office under one phone wherever you are located with the use of RingCentral Office. It is not much expensive, unlike the traditional phone system. It is available at a very affordable price- all you need to activated it and set up this tool. You can easily manage it online. It doesn’t require complex hardware, technical expertise, and a prolonged installation process. You can easily connect with the people as it offers great flexibility and functionality without high hardware hassle.  

A screenshot of ringcentral in prodoscore

This tool has no setup cost, contract, and predictable monthly fee. It makes business communication accessible, easy, and cost-effective from your office and home.

Why you need Prodoscore

Want to track the productivity of your employees? Prodoscore is here for you; it helps to quickly track the progress and help you improve productivity and sales. According to reports productivity increased by 47% due to the scoring system as it helps to improve productivity, especially in the second quarter of 2020, when people were working from home. The Gartner poll indicates that around 76% of HR managers mention the complaint of top employees during coronavirus lockdown and they showed concerns about the engagement of their remote employees.

 Here’s why you need Prodoscore. 

  • It is the best tool for sales performance and helps the management to understand and measure productivity without making charts and graphs. So, you have no need to have additional resources to understand complicated data patterns.
  • It helps to quickly understand and analyze the work behavior of your employee. The management can understand the successful sales employees’ pattern and the rest of the team that allows them to build a more productive sales team.
  • You can hire a remote worker with confidence because this tool enables you to see the daily activities of the workers. This gives you more confidence that your remote workers are working well.
  • It also encourages the usage of app investments like CRM as it is part of productivity score.
  • You can check the work performance of your employees by creating an audit log. This audit log helps for the upcoming potential litigation and the non-performance employees’ record documents.
  • The manager gets the activity alerts of in-house and remote workers. This way, you can measure the productivity and performed activity of the team members.
  • This tool helps you recognize a good employee you want to keep or not and increase engagement before it’s too late. This way, you can save your company and avoid any extra cost to find the other salesperson. 
  • You can better understand the capacity limits of your sales team. 
  • You can encourage productive activities among your sales team that will help create more deal flow.
  • You can also recognize the hard-working employee without telling them.
  • It also reduces and increases unnecessary headcount that gives you access to capacity data.

Patent Denise Hazime Prodoscore

An image of prodoscore founder

Denise Hazime is a founder of Prodoscore- a platform that is built with patent-pending technology. It provides the visibility to access the productivity of your remote worker through the activity score based on engagement. Denis Hazime has applied for the patent of this proprietary scoring system that is still pending. 

Resources Prodoscore

The Prodoscore empowers the on-site and remote workers and provides you a productivity score that improves time management metrics and sales performance. The Prodoscore resources include:

  • Workforce management 
  • eBooks
  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Product sheets
  • Case studies
  • Webinars


These days, most of the employees are working remotely. So the management and productivity monitoring become a challenge for the management. With ProdoScore, you can maintain a good working environment in your remote office that, in turn, improve the bottom line of your company and bolster success.

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