May 17, 2021

Podium software customer interaction platform review

Podium software customer interaction platform review

Podium is a smart messaging software in accumulating all the data in a single dashboard that serves as a customer interaction platform. You can get all queries in one inbox, and from one dashboard, you manage reviews, feedback, and customer queries.

Your company must have faced the challenge of reviewing the product or service that you sell to several customers, and you don’t know how to track their opinions. Podium is the right platform to take feedback on customer experience in a snapshot if that’s the case. 

Let’s see what smart Podium software is!

Smart Podium software

Podium is a one-stop solution in messaging desktop apps and is a very convenient way for local businesses to handle customer discussions. Mostly the local customers find it very convenient to chat about buying a product or service, making payments, and submitting feedback then and there. 

This is where Podium becomes a breakthrough for a local business in connecting the customers through a messaging platform linked to various websites. From these websites, the customers can send in their queries, make payments, and submit reviews. 

All is handled through one dashboard with the key features to look at how the product or service is performing.

Moreover, it helps the teammates interact with each other with ease through various features while connecting to customer touchpoints. 

Products of Podium

Review management

This is one of the essential features of the Podium on which the full desktop software thrives. It does not only collect data from reviews through messaging app but also through websites. You can also send links through messaging app if you are looking for a customer review. 

This app provides reviews on your business and the companies of similar nature in your locality. This simple review management helps you and your customer understand the competition and their own business. It will also help the industry make its customer fully acknowledge where it stands concerning other companies or if its product is worth buying. 

There is three-way for Podium Review Management.

Via messaging

The messages accumulate all the reviews from the customers. The dashboard process that information, and present consolidated results on various platforms connecting Podium. Other customers can see reviews and this is how the business grows. 

Via website

Different metrics are also presented on the website to review the products. With the help of these metric reviews, or rating of your business’s product and service is calculated. Other customers can also see this rating that makes their decision easier for them. 

Via social media network

You can also connect to various social media networks like Facebook and Instagram through Podium. Your business can get its rating and reviews from there. This also helps in reputation management. Other customers on these networks can also see these accumulated results. 

Feedback management

It is also vital and very similar to the review management feature but serves a different purpose as well. The feedback system provides you a window to get feedback on your product and service.

This feedback helps your business learn if there will be a repeat purchase. Based on the input, you can see how many prospective customers you can earn in the future. This feedback is thus a simple forecasting tool derived from real-time insights from the customers through messages. 

A rerpesentation of Podium feedback management feature

Payment management

This is one of the smart features and most accessible of all when it comes to payment. Not many customer interaction platforms allow you to pay via messaging app deemed unsafe. However, Podium gives you the right to put payments into a messaging app and let the local business grow. 

But at the same time, it provides convenience to the customer to know to undergo complex website solutions and make payments then and there.

You can schedule, track, and set reminders of payment through Podium.

A representation of Podium payment management,


It also provides an inbound messaging app for internal communication within the team. The team members of the chat support can chat with each other and even with other departments. The teammates can hold conversations on the messaging app.

A representation of Podium teamchat

Video Chat

The face-to-face video chat interaction is more convenient than the text message. That is why Podium gives you chat support messaging app an edge over others. This way, you can close business deals by just connecting through videos. 

The video chat is also available to find direct feedback on the product and do not waste any time writing it and then assessing the product and service. 

Your customer also does not need to pay multiple visits to you for a product or service; it can be done through a simple video conversation on Podium.

A representation of Podium video chat feature


You can also interact with visitors on a website through Podium. The chat support can access the website and hold video chats on the websites with potential or existing customers. 

A representation of Podium webchat feature


One of the essential things for keeping track of the messages is the inbox. The Podium dashboard has one inbox that holds all the messages and chats saved. 

You can chat with all leads, customers, teammates through one inbox, which reduces the hustle of jumping from one inbox to another. 

You cannot only chat via a keyboard or voice or video; you can also draw and write through pen using smart Podium SP 524 software. 

A representation of Podium inbox feature

Smart Podium Sp524 software

This designed system with software helps you to present through pen on the writing board. 

This helps the users to make presentations during video chats and web chats. This is also helpful in presenting things to the teammates and making them understand your ideas. 

You can also share digital content on a large screen by connecting it with a projector. This is handy software when we are making presentations from a remote location. 

There are many ways you can download this software for free. Here is how to do a Zynewave Podium free software download.

Zynewave Podium free software download

To do web chat or video chat, you need Zynewave Podium free. This software is compatible with Windows 7,8,10, XP & Vista. Zynewave is primarily developing this tool. This helps in managing and creating audio files both in standard and MIDI versions. Here is the process:

  1. You can connect a compatible device to a computer. 
  2. You can also use various tools to optimize the performance of recording.
  3. Also, you have to monitor the data transmission.
  4. You can use a different equalizer to keep track of the output and input signal. 

After the download

  1. The antivirus system will scan the downloaded files for the viruses.
  2. Once the scan is done, the file is saved with the most common names of the software.
  3. The downloaded file requires 15.6 MB of free space. 

There are pros and cons to using this version


  1. It generated MIDI very quickly
  2. It has enhanced setting for pitch adjustment
  3. It also supports VST plug-ins


It has an occasional problem of freezing during data processing. 

Let see how to import an mp3 in Podium software. 

How to put mp3 in Podium software?

There are two to three ways to create an mp3 file and import and export it. First, you have to convert the file to audio wave format and then make an mp3. The same goes for if you want to export mp3, first create an audio wave format, and then do accordingly. 

Let’s see how to save audio as an mp3 file.

  1. Use the sound toolbar and click on the export button. 
  2. You will see that audio will be saved as mp3 by default. 
  3. Type the name you want to save the file with.
  4. Then browse the location you want to save the file.
  5. Press the Save button. 

You can also save a podcast as an mp3 file. 

  1. Just go to the Save button on the main toolbar.
  2. You will see Save As in the window. 
  3. Change the file type to mp3.
  4. Type the name you want to save your file with
  5. Click the Save tab. 

Since you have known a lot about this software, let’s move to its pricing plans. 

Podium software pricing

Podium pricing is primarily customized. However, some of the basic plans range from $350 to $ 450 depending on how customized you buy their product. The pricing also changes business to business, size of the company, and location. Usually, for a single location, Podium charges $ 399 per month. But these pricing figures are not officially mentioned anywhere. 


All in all, Podium is a very integrated and interactive solution for holding chats, getting reviews, receiving payments, and managing online reputation through a desktop messaging app. Podium being not complex saves your time in tracking the correct lead and acquiring it. It also helps to strengthen ties with existing customers and to instigate repeat purchases. Podium gives you both solutions and products that fit into the local business environment. 

Being a local business, your customers want to interact with simpler and faster things, and Podium is a very reliable tool.  

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