LiveAgent live chat software review: Features and pricing

Liveagent live chat software review

Is your customer service complaining about long queues of customers waiting for their queries to be answered? Is your company’s customer service team facing fatigue and health issues due to the consistent ringing of phones? If yes, we have a handy solution, LiveAgent live chat software. You might have come across live chat online business […]

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Are deadlines really deadly? How to meet your deadlines

Tips on how to meet your deadlines

The word deadline was first used in the American civil war in the 1860s. Prison guards were given orders to shot any prisoner who crossed a wooden railing called “deadline.” The modern meaning of deadline isn’t that intense. It’s still viewed as something negative. Deadlines can be deadly especially if it’s a big project and […]

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Zoho SalesIQ live chat customer support software review

Zoho salesiq live chat customer support software review

Zoho SalesIQ is a live chat customer support software designed to help businesses boost their sales and offer the best support services. This software is capable of identifying the visitors who land on your website and access your product. It also engages with your visitors through automation tools. Communicating with customers has never been easier! […]

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Veriato 360 employee monitoring software review: Pricing and alternative

Veriato 360 employee monitoring software review

Veriato 360 is a veteran employee monitoring tool designed to provide visibility into your employees’ and contractors’ communication and online activities. This software is ideal for companies that want to keep their data safe, boost productivity, and conduct critical investigations. How does the software work, you ask? This quote-based model creates a definitive record of […]

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Issuetrak easy and affordable issue tracking software

Issuetrak easy and affordable issue tracking software

IssueTrak is a business management and issue tracking software that is deployed in hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide in healthcare, finance, IT, military, government, and others. Even the most popular brands like Pepsi, Verizon, Ralph Lauren, and the USA’s defense department use this software. Issuetrak allows you to assign new issues based on your […]

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Twitter advertising: The complete guide

A guide to twitter advertising

Imagine you’re in the year 2005. This was the time when technology was on the cusp of undergoing some of the most tremendous upheavals. This was the time when future technological wonders like Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube were being developed in local garages, classrooms, and dorm rooms. 2005 can perhaps be described as the year […]

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5 ways an administrative executive assistant can help you

How a virtual administrative assistant can helps you grow your business

An administrative executive assistant is considered to be the “right arm” of the heads or directors of any organization. These professionals have come to occupy a vital role in administrative management by providing creativity to projects, solutions to conflicts, and the organization of daily tasks. Though administrative executive assistant is a prominent position in big […]

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SnapEngage omnichannel customer engagement platform review

Snapengage omni channel customer engagement platform review

SnapEngage, the Omni-channel customer engagement platform has helped many businesses transform customer engagement throughout the customer lifecycle, impact their KPIs, and drive measurable results. Those who have used this platform have experienced an increase in sales conversion, reduction in cost per interaction, better NPS and so much more. This fully-featured solution comes with robust CRM […]

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Oracle Service Cloud software review: Features and pricing

Oracle service cloud software review

Oracle Service Cloud is an advanced customer experience application allowing organizations to connect with customers and deliver the best customer experience to the customer’s channel of choice. You may call it a complete suite of tools to configure, extend and integrate customer experience apps on the Oracle Service Cloud. This platform has been helping integrators […]

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