May 17, 2021

LiveZilla Customer Support Software Review



LiveZilla offers a help desk, live chat, and visitor monitoring solution to all sizes from small to large.

Customer service and support are burdensome for many businesses that require continual work of the service. That’s why more and more companies are using AI to automate customer service and cut a substantial part of employees’ work. These days, chatbots and live chat systems have become the primary contact between CSR (customer service representatives) and customers. LiveZilla provides the same kind of interface for customer service and support. In this Livezilla Customer Support Software Review, you will learn everything you need to know about LiveZilla. Are you ready? Let’s get into it!

What is LiveZilla

Livezilla supports multi-website support. Its help desk system let you integrate customers’ emails and a message from Facebook and Twitter. It is the best tool for those who want to efficiently and effectively communicate with their customers. It allows the companies to connect with your existing and potential customers. Its automated live chat software has the invite feature that people can see when they visit the website. 

The system also enables the user to send and receive documents, videos, and photos. This way, users can encourage visitors to avail their services and products. Livezilla also allows you to send notifications and reports. It also gives templates that help you create queries and emails that convert visitors to clients. The best thing about this customer support software is that it enables you to match the automated chatbox to your company’s theme. Above all, it allows you to out the chatbox where you want to put it. This way, the chatbox will not interfere with the other features of your site. Its location and transcript reports help you monitor your visitors and customer service representatives. 

LiveZilla overview

LiveZilla is a web-based, and user-friendly customer support platform designed to help businesses of all sizes grow. It offers help desk support through the live chat feature. This way, you can connect with your visitors. Moreover, the visitor monitoring system is integrated into the platform to see what keywords people used to find and how they navigate. The ticketing system allows the visitors to reach out to you by submitting the ticket when the live chat is turned off. This software can be integrated with your website and apps and provide live chat support to your visitors on different platforms. Above all, you can implement it into your email and automate prompt response. You can also create a ticket from various sources: social media, email, faxes, mobile phones, etc. This is done automatically to spend more time assisting your clients rather than spending time creating tickets. 

The app of this amazing customer service and support software is available for Mac, Linux and Windows computers. Its mobile app is also available for Android and iOS devices. So, if you are on the go, you can stay connected with your clients.

LiveZilla keeps your data secure on the servers as you can integrate it with the existing software. You can even gather your customers’ data and manage it using the MySQL database or through clients. 

This software comes with two versions, i.e. LiveZilla free and LiveZilla Pro. The Pro version has many pricing options that are based on your number of team members. You can even have a one-time payment option for getting the license rather than paying its fee every month. 

You will receive a discount when you upgrade its previous version and buy the newest one. If you are looking for the best help desk and live chat software that allows you to communicate with your clients effectively then look no further, LiveZilla can be a great option to go. It is excellent software for small businesses and even large enterprises as it can help them grow very quickly.

Download LiveZilla client

You can download this web-based help desk and customer support app on every device. It is available on the Android and iOS. Also, you can download it on Windows, Linux and Apple Mac OSX. Follow the following steps to download liveZilla client.


Head on to the LiveZilla website and download it from its server. Unfold the ZIP file into your computer. Then open your FTP client and upload the files to the server. Now, upload the files into your folder. 


Open the server page of Livezilla website where you have uploaded its files. Then, follow different steps that include the configuration of data privacy settings and database. 

Integration with your website

Now, sign in to the operator console of the LiveZilla. When you open the link generator, it will create the chat button code snippet for your site. You can integrate it to the source code of your website. 


You can test the 30 day-free trail of liveZilla on your site. 

Buy License

When the free trial period ends, you are asked to purchase the license. You can easily add it to the server configuration of LiveZilla. Now, all is done, you have no need to reconfigure anything again after buying its license. 

LiveZilla chats

Want to get in touch with your visitors in no time? LiveZilla Live chat helps you contact to your customers. Ask the visitor for help or give answers to their questions. It will increase your sales and customer satisfaction as well. When you provide the best customer service to your clients by giving them direct assistance, then it helps grow your business. Moreover, your service department will noticeably relieve when you use the live chat feature. The operator can easily manage the 2 to 4 chats simultaneously. This will increase productivity, and your team can work more efficiently as compared with responding to the customer’s emails.

How to LiveZilla chat

There are two different ways of incorporating live chat services onto your site. You can combine both options freely and configure them independently. 

On-Site Chat Widget

For the sale activities, the onsite chat widget is used. It can directly integrate with your site that grabs visitors’ attention that helps you get in touch in many visitors. 

Off-Site Chat

On the other hand, the off-site chat is great for support activities. It allows you to run the chat window independent from the site. However, it attracts fewer website visitors but offers more features.

Automated Chat Invitations

The chat operators use the live Chat invitations that help them contact the people in no time when they land on the website. The proactive live chat is usually automatically initiated. It is based on the Livezilla event system.

Chat File Transfers

LiveZilla allows you to send and receive files to co-workers, visitors, or departments. You can easily drag and drop the files into the chatbox. Moreover, your chat partner will instantly get the file link. 

What is the LiveZilla server service name

Enter your desired name in the profile name field of the server. The server URL of Livezilla must have the format like this: Hit the server test option and test the server connection. 

How to get rid of LiveZilla server

Do you want to get rid of LiveZilla server to fix some problems? Are you looking for a way to uninstall this help desk software completely and delete its files from your computer? Fret not, the following instructions will help you how to get rid of LiveZilla server or uninstall it completely.

Uninstall LiveZilla via Programs and Features. LiveZilla can’t be uninstalled completely. But the incomplete uninstallation causes many issues. Here’s how to uninstall it completely from your computer:

Uninstall LiveZilla via Programs and Features.

When you install a new program on your computer, it is added to the programs and features list. You can easily uninstall this program from this list. You can also uninstall LiveZilla from programs and features. Follow the below steps to uninstall it completely.  

Steps to follow to uninstall LiveZilla:

  • Click on the ‘start’ button and open the search window. Now, type programs and features or simply uninstall a program and then click the result.
  • Press the keys Windows and X together and open the Winx menu and then click the option ‘programs and features.
  • Search the Livezilla in the program list and click on it. Now hit the uninstall button to start the uninstallation of LiveZilla.

Pros & cons of LiveZilla- Livezilla Customer Support Software Review


  • It offers great features that include detailed ticket report, best customer support and easy installation. 
  • Its visual alert chat works well, and website visitors usually like it. So, it is an easy way to get in touch with your customers and increase sales.
  • Its system can detect over 70 languages and integrate into Google Translator.


  • For a custom website, you might have some trouble changing the positions of popups, banners, and style sheets.
  • The speed of customer support is a key point that should be improved.
  • Not all visitors like to contact through live chat; some prefer phone calls or emails.

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