May 13, 2021

Issuetrak easy and affordable issue tracking software

Issuetrak easy and affordable issue tracking software

IssueTrak is a business management and issue tracking software that is deployed in hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide in healthcare, finance, IT, military, government, and others. Even the most popular brands like Pepsi, Verizon, Ralph Lauren, and the USA’s defense department use this software.

Issuetrak allows you to assign new issues based on your predefined preferences. The pre-filled forms are used for recurring issues that save your time. Users can choose predefined tasks or new tasks. You can add a new issue and select a predefined group of tasks for any member of his team. Issues that are arrived via email can be instantly tracked. The main feature of this issue tracking software is that you can link multiple issues for the problem more conveniently and put a single solution for the same problems. In this guide, you will learn everything you want to know about Issuetrak. Are you ready? Let’s get into it!

Issuetrak benefits

The benefits of Issuetrak are numerous, but its main advantages are its multiple reporting options, optional modules, and ability to analyze several processes and departments. With the help of its optional modules, users can create work orders and invoices, send web surveys and monitor PC and non-PC assets. Businesses can track and manage important business items using its features. Above all, businesses can customize them to meet their business needs.

Flexible and customizable platform

Customizing the management operations and tools to meet specific needs is essential for businesses. However, a size fit all solution is not appropriate; that’s why Issuetrak made their system flexible and customizable for the business. It can fit into the customer support processes of any business.

Insightful analytics

Issuetrak allows you to use issue ticket stats to boost your business’s bottom line. This software is very helpful for IT managers as it helps them to evaluate multiple processes and provide the management with deep insights and data into what is not working or what is. This can help businesses to fix their drawbacks and repeat good practices. In short, this software provides a link between your financial success and data obtained from the ticketing system.

Other advantages

Issuetrak enables you to create work orders, invoices, track PC and non-PC assets, deliver web surveys using the optional modules. Moreover, users can set some other additional features too that suits to their requirement. They can also track and manage functions that are vital for their business revenue.

Issuetrak features 

Versatile dashboard

Its dashboard displays the statistics that you do with unresolved or open issues. Its dashboard allows the users to view metrics and issue counts quickly with the help of filtering tools and graphical displays. It has a versatile dashboard that offers various functions like you can access it through the ‘My IssueTrak sub-menu and has homage within the software. You can adjust the setting of its dashboard based on your workflow and preferences. You can also filter open issues with priority, issue type, and sub status within the dashboard.

Quick picks

It offers quick picks that are issue templates. These are custom templates that are generated for processes or issues. They allow the users to quickly view the routine tasks without starting it from scratch each time.

That’s why it recommends the users use quick picks as much as possible. It allows you to create as many quicks picks as you can. All you need to select your name for your quick pick that is easy and memorable, along with issue type, subject, relevant field values, and description. It also has options that allow you to include your relevant tasks or add attachments with the task manager. 

Task management

Task management is the main feature of Issuetrak. It allows the users to assign tasks and define a workflow to their team members inside and outside of their departments. You can even predefine your processes and workflows and set up your demands when you use Issuetrak. Due to its flexibility, users can define a workflow for different processes that include approvals, change management, complex workflows, and onboarding and off-boarding.

How to Issuetrak login?

You can log in to Issuetrak with SSO (Single Sign-On) and without SSO.

With Single Sign-On (SSO)

If you configure Issuetrak with SSO, the user should not be prompted for login credentials. If you receive a login prompt using a single sign-on with its site, your windows password should allow you to sign into this issue tracking software.

Without Sign-On (SSO)

If a user wants to configure your account without SSO, he/she will be required to enter your password and user ID to sign in to access its website. 

If you have forgotten your password, simply out your username and hit the ‘forget my password’ option. You will receive a confirmation message followed by a system-generated email. This email contains the secure link to change your current password. However, this link will only be active for some time, and you need to be initiated this process again if that window has elapsed.

Issuetrak support

Issurtrak provides the best support service to its customers with a 97% of customer satisfaction rate. Issuetrak support comes with a help center, resource library, and support site.

Help center

You can access their latest video tutorials, notes, best practices, and other information related to Issutrack and its usage.

Resource library

You can view reviews, success stories, video tutorials, infographics, and more. 

Support site

You can sign into their technical support and submit tickets to check the status of the latest tickets. 

Issuetrak pricing

The pricing of Issuetrack starts from $100 per month. Its pricing model is based on a one-time subscription. This software comes with a free trial where a credit card is not required.

This software is worth the money as it comes with multiple versatile features. The price is mainly based on how many licensed users your business requires, and the type of solution businesses choose. Its service desk licensing model is used when a licensed users group provides support to free users. This model is commonly used for service desk, customer support, and IT help desk. Its annual license is a renewable license for customers who want to run Issuetrak’s local solution.

A screenshot of issuetrak subscription form

How does issuetrak “CAC” login

If you have Issuetrak CAC, you can either log in with your pin or CAC. You can also log in with the ID and password that you create during your first login with Issuetrak CAC. When you are going to log in for the first time, you must have CAC and CAC reader. If you have not CAC reader, you need to enter your CAC number as your username. But keep in mind that don’t hit the ‘yes’ button when asked if you have a CAC. To login to your Issuetrak CAC, insert the CAC into the CAC reader, open your internet browser and go to the Issuetrak website. When the log-in screen opens, select CAC access, enter the PIN at the prompt, and all is set.

How to get Issuetrak to prompt for a smart card

Issuetrak is compatible with smart cards and CAC to access and control the information of users. If you want to set up the smart card login in the domain for Windows clients, you can set up a smart card for single and multiple user accounts in a Windows environment. For instance, an individual contributor can access the single active account that he/she normally uses for his/her work. The smart card is set up for a single user in this case. This card is directly linked to a principal user name (UPN). When the user inserts his smart card to log on, then the system looks for the user principal name in the active directory and prompts for a Pin number. The name mapping feature is offered by windows that enable you to configure a smart card with multiple accounts. For instance, a user can log in to his account to perform routine tasks or check emails with his regular account and perform other privileged tasks with an administrator’s account. 

An administrator maps a document to each account on the smart card to set up a car for multiple users. When the user uses this card to log on, the system prompts the user to put his card’s PIN number and prompts him to select which account he wants to use. In a domain, if you have set up your smart card login for clients that use Windows, then you can use configure a smart card login using the access manager. The clients that use Red Hat Linux also join the same domain. Suppose you have sustained a smart card on your Windows computer for a single-use account or multiple user accounts. In that case, you can use the same card to access your account on a Linux computer once you configure smart card support for a Linux computer.

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