May 21, 2021

2 Ways To Incorporate Emotional Marketing Into Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads

Instagram Ads, a great way to elevate your brand and to connect with your audience. 

So let’s get straight into it. Here are some of the ways to add emotional marketing into Instagram Ads.

1. Thrill the audience visually

Instagram is largely about the younger generation from all over the world. As such, a major factor that impacts purchasing behavior is involvement. A possible way to involve people is to thrill them with your ads. Consider all five senses (maybe even the sixth) when designing your Instagram Ads.

An example is of Red Bull and the way they spark that adrenaline rush in people with their insane Go-Pro shots, using Slow-Mo (slow motion) technology to their advantage.

A different view of performing athletes builds anticipation and involves the audience; waiting to see what happens next. Make every step count so that people remain hooked from start to finish.

A key to the effectiveness of this emotional marketing strategy is the prevalence of the mobile platform. Instagram is mostly used on smartphones and nearly 4 out of 5 people have a smartphone with them. Smartphones allow people to watch interesting things, be they ads, emotional stories, the news, and whatever else they can imagine, at their own leisure.

When your audience sees your ads in full HD landscape mode, it makes for that immersive experience that makes content even more thrilling to watch. Adding a call to action at the end, with a bang, can make all the difference in your Instagram ad campaigns.

2. The local connection

Emotional marketing seeks to establish a deep-rooted connection between your products and your target audience. A great deal of that engagement can also come from geographic targeting. Instagram allows you to identify a general area where much of your audience is placed and create an Instagram ad based on relevance.

Play into the passions of your audience so they identify with your ad and associate your brand with the ad. Anyone would feel proud of having something fun and local to enjoy that they’re glad to be a part of. While behavior and preference features in Instagram have surfaced, you still have a viable geo-targeting option available for your brand’s next Instagram ad campaign.

Using a relevant hashtag after doing a bit of research to see what’s trending, and seeing how it relates to your brand is the next logical step to this kind of emotional marketing. You’re looking for things people are enjoying. You can see what events are happening nearby your target audience’s location and hop on board. You can also invite people to share entries of themselves at the event for a chance to win free exciting gifts.

Many marketers have a firm belief that captions need to be short and crisp. But a long and intricately knit story with its roots in your target audience is also likely to make things work in your brand’s favor.

Understand that it’s about being relevant and being more connected with your audience. When you link hashtags that are local in nature, you’ll get other things to incorporate into your Instagram Ads such as temperature or even the FIFA World Cup.

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