May 17, 2021

HubSpot Service Hub Customer Service Software Review

Hubspot service hub customer service software review

HubSpot Service Hub brings all customer service data and channels into a single place. Its automation and self-service support will help you scale the process and make your team proactive. As a result, you should be able to delight your customers, retain and grow your customer base.

Customer service is one of the most important things in business. Today’s customers expect their issues to resolve within minutes. They also expected 24/7 service via various channels and they want it to be personalized. If your customer service team is struggling to meet the growing demands of customers, then you need Service Hub by HubSpot.

HubSpot Service Hub features

HubSpot Service Hub is a complete marketing, sales, and service suite.  Your teams can share a single view of customers and offer a united customer experience. This software offers several new tools under one hood. Let’s have a look at the features to better understand it:


Conversations is a universal inbox that allows all teams to collaborate on customer support. This tool is free and it’s the core component of this software.

Today’s customers don’t want to send an email or call for support. They would like to chat or use social media. Answer customer queries through different support channels is hard. You can’t monitor all channels at once, right?

With conversations, this problem is solved. In one universal box, you can add multiple channels and all of them are accessible or visible under on dashboard. You would be using the conversations tool to respond to the customers and your response will go out through the channel that message came in from in the first place.

A screenshot of HubSpot Service Hub inbox.
HubSpot Service Hub Conversations


Once the business scales and customer demands increase, it’s hard to offer support at the same level as you used to. Keeping track of customers’ queries gets harder than you thought. Service hub’s tickets feature lets you offer a way to track, order, collaborate and meet customer’s expectations. The ticket is associated with contact so that your team is able to see if a customer has an open issue. You can also combine all tickets and create a ticket board. Our agents will come and see what new ticket is out there and they can start offering support right away.

Tickets can be generations automatically and routed to the right agent. With this motion, you can improve the help desk function and scale your services.

A screenshot of HubSpot Service Hub ticket feature.
HubSpot Service Hub Scale Support

Knowledge base

Answering the same question, again and again, can be a pain. If you have wished your support team could focus on other important tasks rather than answering questions on repeat, then the knowledge base is here to help.

Look at the trends in your tickets and turn these questions into well-explained articles that you post on your site. With the reporting tool, you can also see how well a blog has been able to solve customer issues.

Customer feedback

To help you meet the expectations of customers, a customer feedback tool is at your service. It helps you understand your customers better. To gather feedback, you can take a series of customer surveys and build a plan to survey customers on an ongoing basis, and shift your team’s effort to that particular part of the journey.

A screenshot of HubSpot Service Hub customer feedback feature.
HubSpot Service Hub Customer Feedback


The reporting dashboard lets you see all tickets, knowledge base, and customer feedback under one roof. It allows you to measure the success of your customer service efforts, track things such as ticket volume, knowledge base user data results of surveys, response time, and more and see what’s working and what’s not.

These reports will help you keep track of the health of your customers and allow you to take the right action based on the data available.

Getting started with HubSpot Service Hub

To use this software, you must start by creating a HubSpot account. It gives you access to the CRM along with the Service Hub software.

So you will be seeing the complete HubSpot Suite of software when you log into the dashboard for the first time. If you have signed up for a free account, you will be able to see the advanced features but they won’t be enabled unless you upgrade.

So how do you get access to Service Hub? Simple, click on the “Service” dropdown menu and choose Service Hub. If you have signed up with a free or starters account, you will get access to “Tickets” only. It’s great for small businesses or the ones that have just started. You can apply a bunch of filters on the tickets and manage tickets proactively than before.

HubSpot Service Hub pricing

Let’s check out the pricing of Service Hub. A free version is available but it has limited features. Apart from that, Service Hub comes in three tiers.

A screenshot of HubSpot Service Hub pricing.
HubSpot Service Hub Pricing


The starting price of the starter plan is $45 and it’s for two paid users. The free tools that are a part of this plan include:

Ticketing, live chat, calling, conversations inbox, conversational bots, team email, and simple automation

Other features that fall under this category are related to maximizing productivity + measuring efficiency.


The starting price of the professional plan is $360 and includes 5 paid users. 

It includes all features of the starter plan and others such as help customers, help themselves, measure and improve customer experience, and more.


The price of the enterprise plan starts at $1,200 per month and includes 10 paid users.

It includes all features of the professional plan and others such as delivering exceptional service, multiple teams, and business management, and supporting self-service at scale.

Service Hub HubSpot automation

The automation feature of Service Hub is meant to make the ticket workflow automatic. The ticket setting includes a workflow builder and lets you change the ticket status automatically as and when an email is sent or received.

The portal can also automate internal notifications, ticket kickback emails and offer better coverage to your support team to improve customer experience. The automation tab also allows you to build a ticket-workflow after clicking “create workflow.”

How can HubSpot Service Hub benefit my business?

Every business owner who is looking forward to purchasing this software wants to know the answer to the question that how HubSpot Service Hub can be useful for their business. These are some of the benefits of this software that deserve attention:

Respond to customer issues quickly

Impatient customers are hard to handle, right? When your agents are already busy and an impatient customer who wants to have his issue resolved pops up, things can get challenging, right?

Service hub allows you to assign tickets to your agents from a centralized location. They can hence respond to customer queries in real-time no matter what handle or channel they have approached you from.

Improved team productivity

All sales agents wish they didn’t have to answer redundant or common customer queries and could focus on resolving other tickets that really deserve their attention.

With Service Hub, your agents can send automated responses or appointing chatbots to point customers towards the right documentation and solve their problems there and then.

Self-help for customers

 You can document FAQs, how-to guides, and other solutions and add to the knowledge base which customers can easily find whenever they need assistance. They won’t have to contact agents when self-help is available.

Turn customers into your brand advocates

Wouldn’t it be easier if you knew who your local customers are so you could connect with them and ask them to spread the good word about your business? Surveying allows you to find who those customers are, gather valuable insights about your business and support services, and then introduce new offerings that would keep your prospects coming back for more.

How do you remove scheduled email from HubSpot Service Hub?

You can cancel or remove the email scheduled within the service hub portal:

  • Go to your HubSpot account and choose marketing and then email
  • Find the email you have scheduled
  • Open it and you will see a tab named “actions” with a drop-down menu
  • Choose cancel scheduled email or cancel processing
  • Confirm it so that the email is canceled

How do I track sentiment on HubSpot Service Hub?

Service Hub’s customer feedback tool allows you to break down qualitative survey responses and evaluate that response for positive or negative intent. NPS surveys are used for analyzing the good and bad reviews of customers based on their sentiments.

The results can be analyzed by looking at the graphs and charts on the dashboard, giving you an overview of customer satisfaction.

Which sales hub tool would you use to add your terms of service to a quote in HubSpot?

Snippets are the right tool to use for adding terms of service to a quote in the Service Hub. 


HubSpot Service Hub comes with a ton of features that allow you to manage your customer support services efficiently as your business scale. If you already have HubSpot CRM, there is no need to get Service Hub. On the other hand, if you are searching for a solution that integrates, sales, marketing, and customer support, you will find Service Hub highly useful.

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