May 6, 2021

5 best ideas on how to get more clients

Tips on how to get more clients

Starting a business is full of pressure, stress, and struggles; especially the hardest part of it all, after finishing the plans and products, the next thing you’ll think about is “How to get more clients?”

New entrepreneurs can successfully process the website, product, and plan, but most of them fail on one thing—getting clients and customers. You are probably here because of the same thing and you’re probably worrying whether you’ll fail like the others, I’m telling you, don’t be! Getting clients has its own rules and formulas and in this article, I made a list that could help you gain more of them.

Everyone believes that clients hold the most important role in a company or business, but how can we gain plenty of clients magically? With your hard work, determination, and these steps, you will gain clients one after another easily like magic.

Improve customer experience

We all know that the client’s opinion matters the most, that is why I suggest after a client or a potential client visits your site, ask for a short survey about your business. With this survey, you will know your customer/client’s experience or complaint which could help you measure their satisfaction. You can also use the result from the survey to improve your business which could help to increase your client base.

Use your current client to get more clients. As long as you maintain high customer satisfaction it will be easier for you to handle more of them, and if you don’t have any clients that adore you, you really have to get some work done. If you are struggling to improve your customer service here are some tips for you.

Offer discounts and give away

If you are still a beginning business this will help you to be noticed by some potential clients, I mean who doesn’t want a discount and freebies right?

Give a reasonable price

Just because you are still a beginner doesn’t mean you should give low prices for your masterpiece, Also, just because you’ve been in the industry for so long you would demand an unacceptable price for a low-quality service/product. Your work/product/service should be high quality at all times and your prices should be fair too.

Ask for referrals

It wouldn’t hurt to ask a little favor to your clients, right? Especially when you know your client has a large audience.

Partner up with another business

If you are still struggling to find clients, teaming up with another business with the same target market as your business is a good move. Reaching a wide range of audiences would be easier and profitable to promote your business (cross-promotion)

Use real-time customer service, try to avoid using automated chat because sometimes we tend to overlook some inquiries and we just forget about them. Have you experienced being interested in a business and when you tried to inquire, they just replied “Hi! Our business is blah blah and we will get back to you soon!” and you waited for hours but still no reply from an actual person? Sucks right?

The client expects a quick response from you, and you do not want to lose your client just because of the late replies, that would be a shame for your business. If ever this happens your client will probably share this shameful experience with everyone he/she knows, who is thinking of inquiring about your business, which could decrease your potential client and your current client might pull out because of your unprofessionalism.

Stay connected to your clients

Keep the contacts of your past client and your potential client. Potential clients could be those who inquired or contacted you but suddenly stopped replying to your emails. I know somehow, they made you doubt your service for withdrawing to your business like that but believe me it’s worth keeping their contacts.

If you are thinking of a way to improve your business or wondering why some of the clients stopped responding to your chats and emails, then, you should contact them and ask if they are still interested, for example- “Hey! I noticed you didn’t respond to my emails yet so I’m wondering if you still have questions about my service and maybe I could help you reconsider your inquiries. If you have some time feel free to contact me and just ask away! Have a nice day!”

You could ask what made them pull out their inquiries or ask for some feedbacks since this information could help improve your business as well. Also, you could follow up with your past client and ask if they need an extra hand and your service again, it would be more effective if you give them discount too since they are your loyal customers and that’s one way to gain several sales with only a few clients.

Keeping your connections to your client is like having a new potential client every day. You would also want to be friends with your client because even though you did not send them a follow-up yet, they would still hit you up and ask for your service and if you are lucky enough maybe they would give you a bonus.

Build or promote your business in social media networks

Your future client might be scrolling through Facebook right now or maybe on Instagram because every individual, here and now, owns a social media account, and you could use this to your advantage.

Social media would expand your reach, simply share your content, or your new product in your social media account, after a while your content will be shared and viewed by the people who follow you which would help grow your customer base! Who wouldn’t want free advertisement, right? Speaking of advertisement, you could also use social media to run an ad campaign, for example, a Facebook ad is highly recommended for small businesses especially if you are on a tight budget, you should take note of that.

Most people I know use a social network as their platform in their business, and I wouldn’t deny that I would too. It is easier than just using a website like Fiverr because I can just post my work for fun and I am promoting it in some way. It is one of the most effective ways of promoting your business as long you know how to handle your social media account and you know how to attract people using your content.

One of the tips I know in handling social media as your platform is making your content or post interactive, you want your audience to relate to your work and that is smart marketing, my friend.

The best way to promote your business using social media networks is by joining groups with the same industry as your business, in this way you will be easier to find whenever a client is looking for your service. This would also help in finding a helping hand in your growing business who would promote your business and some famous agencies might notice you!

Maintain posting/publishing regular content

Frequently posting informative content will help to attract new people and potential clients. Keep your content up to date by making the latest news and hot topics connected to your business. By regularly posting content every day will make your business more noticeable with partnerships and with a client with a large, engaged audience, which is a plus point if you ask for referrals.

Of course, in thinking about what content you should post, you must base it on the purpose of your business, for an instance, if you are an artist you should post some of your art. One of the reasons why you should upload fresh content every day is because it is one of the ways for your business to be known outside your industry and that means more clients.

Be professional

There are a ton of ways to be a professional business owner and one of them is improving and maintaining excellent customer service. Treat your client with respect and with appropriate action to gain their trust and have a positive experience. With their experience, they would likely commend your business to their friends which would increase your sales and your customer base.


Clients or customers are the assets of a business, without any client there wouldn’t be a business in the first place and that’s why the most important part in growing a business is enlarging the number of clients because this is one way of measuring your accomplishment.

There are tons of ideas for getting more clients because the strategy still depends on what industry or business you are in. One thing is indeed for sure, the success of your business lies in your hard work, intelligence, patience, determination, and faith.

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