May 7, 2021

16 tips on how to choose a business name

Tips on how to choose a business name

There are more than 2.4 billion businesses in the world, and the number is increasing day by day. The essential task for starting a business is to select a name that is catchy and unique to its customers. Choosing a unique and right name to embody your business and all the activities that it’s going to do is not an easy task. If you are someone who wants to start a business and looking for a suitable business name, then this article is for you.

Here you will find some important tips on how to choose a business name.

Useful tips to keep in mind on how to choose a business name

Define your goals

It would help if you define your goals to choose the right name for your business. What impression of your brand do you want to convey to your customers? What kind of services do you want to offer to your customers? Essentially, you should know your target audience.

For example, if you are looking to start a bakery business, write down words like sugar, sprinkles, cannoli, glaze, pastries, etc., and think intensely about them. Point out the things that you want to offer, and your competitors are not delivering. Think of unique ideas to add to your business niche. Once you note all the things, it will give you a clear direction to choose your business name.


Brainstorming is the key to choose the perfect business name. Hence a brainstorming session will be a great idea to think about the business name. This is quite obvious, so sit down and think about all of the names that come up in your mind; think about all the aspects you want your brand to convey. Make a list of all the names and see which one is best for your business name that you can work on further.

An innovative and catchy name will attract the audience. A well-brainstormed name urges the minds to memorize it.

Business name generators

If you are not getting any idea for your business name, then do not worry about not being able to choose the name on your own. You can use a Business name generator website like Namelix, Business Name Generator, or Shopify. However, you should not totally rely on these websites. These websites can be helpful for you only to get an idea because many businesses are searching on these websites, and they are showing the same result to everyone. Avoid using the names that are suggested by these websites. Instead, just get an idea on how to choose a business name from the generators and come up with a unique name.

Easy to pronounce

Always remember to answer a few questions before choosing the business name. For instance, would people be able to understand and pronounce your brand’s name? Is the spelling of your business name not so difficult? It should be pronounceable and should not have complicated spellings. If it is difficult to pronounce, people will end up misinterpreting it, and your chosen business name will lose its power to convey your views through it.


Do a quick search to see if your name is already in use by some other business setup. You are not supposed to choose a business name that somebody else is already using for their business, so it is also vital to run a quick check on the internet. If the name is already taken, drop it and think of something unique.

Meaningful and distinctive

To make your business name memorable and stand out among competitor brands, your business name should be distinctive and meaningful. From the name, your target audience will come to know about your product. If it is not remarkable, your audience will be confused about your product, affecting your business reputation. Hence, while questioning yourself on how to choose a business name, make sure you do not come up with a random meaningless name.

Unique and authentic

Uniqueness and individuality are the most important traits for your business name. If your name is unique, the audience will give the worth to your product. For example, beauty parlors, books, parks are the general name of places and things, but Shakespeare’s book has its unique name to attract the target audience. Authentic and registered business names will illuminate your business. It will help to nourish it. If you have a registered name, it will provide authenticity to your business.

Simple and short

Don’t go for the overly long names because someone who will hear your name for the first time will not remember it later. Make research on other existing business names; you will find that simple and short words are more attractive to customers.

Moreover, short names are adjustable easily into a range of spaces. If you want your target audience memorize your business name and find your business on the first page of Google, then you should keep your name simple and concise.

Scalable name

Picking a too narrow name or too specific will limit you and the activities you want to do with your business. For example, if you are selling women’s products today, you might not want to choose the name women’s product because you don’t know in the future you start selling to men. If you do this, you will be stuck with the name of women’s products.

So it is vital to pick a scalable name. Moreover, this will help you grow and expand in the future.

Good alliteration

Alliteration means repetition of consonants in two or more neighboring syllables, like wood and woolly. If you use a long name for your business, it must be good-alliterated, so it will be easy for people to call your business name.

The best example of the right alliterated business name is Coca-Cola. Due to its good alliteration, people call the full name because it’s easy and sounds good when you call its name.

Linguistically clean

It must be linguistically clean. First, you must know about the origins of the words you use for your business’s name, that either it’s an English language word or any other language. Secondly, linguistic is all about four necessary parts phonology, orthography, morphology, and semantics.

In phonetics, alliteration is the best example. In orthography, we deal with spelling. Morphology is all about word formation with prefixes and suffixes, and semantics deals with underlying meanings.

These are all the factors that make your business name linguistically clean and significant.

Avoid using your name

Don’t use your name if you are not an established brand. The potential customer will not recognize anything about your business with your name. Your name can cause a problem if you wish to expand your business in the future or sell your business.

Use .com domain

We live in a digital age. Even if you are not selling something, you need to have a website, and you need to have your place on the internet. Before people decide if they want to purchase from you, they will look at your website if they’re going to work for you.

That’s why you must have your own little space on the internet. People can see what you want to portrait for your business. People will search for your business name, so it is essential that your brand name figures in your domain name.

Try to get a .com domain name before registered your business name because Domain is not available and you end up with 2 different names. Moreover, people tend to feel like when someone has a .com domain name; their business is reliable.

Look at your competitors

If you are not creating a new product or a completely new service, make sure to look at your competitors’ names. See what they are using, and do not go for something similar. You don’t want people to mistake you for being the same brand.

Get feedback

Shortlist your top 5 names and gets feedback from your trusted colleagues, family member, and friends. Try to get feedback from your targeted customers. This will help you to finalize your right business name.

Avoid any event name

Don’t connect your business name with any past event. For example, nowadays, coronavirus is trending everywhere, and you want to start your medical company. So you think everyone is searching this keyword, so you name your company corona medical supplies. It will not give you benefit in the long term, so it is not recommended to use any event name for your business.


Business setup is incomplete without a name. So, a name should be easy, lucid natural, reflective, and descriptive. Above mentioned, all the things will help you with your business name and play a vital role in business success.

So, if you were one step away from starting your business and were confused about how to choose a business name, we hope this article has put an end to your worry and given you a direction. We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors in your business.

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