May 7, 2021

14 tips on how to build YouTube channel the right way

How to build youtube channel the right way

Imagine a situation where someone has just recently become a member of YouTube. That person needs to expand and consolidate his/her tenure at the site. How can it be done? How can that person match up to the stature of legends like Smosh or Fred? Being on YouTube and not gaining popularity is as good as not being a part of it at all. One has to understand that YouTube is not where people become popular; it is those people marketing themselves as products of innovation that do. One needs to constantly stay in the limelight and do whatever is necessary to ensure that his/her acts are being observed and liked by the members of the YouTube community.

Tips on building YouTube channel

Decide your niche

It is important, first of all, to decide upon the kind of YouTube account to be created. It all depends on the kind of video feeds the individual is looking to upload. It can be just music videos or standup comedy acts or storytelling sessions, or a fusion of all of these. Most of the users go for a fusion as it expands their target audience base.

Build your own channel

The next step should be to build one’s own channel on the site. It should be decorated and designed in an innovative and fashionable manner to generate mass appeal. The user should ensure that the text content of the site is readable. Light backgrounds and dark fonts should be preferably used.

Upload engaging videos

Once the channel is up and running, uploading videos on a regular basis should be carried out efficiently. The first video can be an informative one, giving a detailed insight into the creator of the channel. The subsequent videos can be regarding funny acts and random things which would elicit positive responses from the YouTube community. Just creating the video and putting it up on the channel would not suffice. Proper editing needs to be done before the video is uploaded. A finely trimmed video has more chances of being liked and noticed than one, which is full of unnecessary obtrusions and random interjections.

Uploading is of prime importance. Once the video has been created and suitably edited, it needs to be uploaded. Members of the YouTube community have a wide variety of options before them, and subscribing to an empty channel is definitely not one of them. For starters, the Movie Maker from Windows should do just fine. As the user gains experience and develops a wide community base, he/she can switch to advanced video-making devices and software.

Promote your channel

Informing close friends and family members is a necessity. It all comes down to the connections one is able to establish while on YouTube. Don’t forget to promote your channel on other social platforms, too like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As word spreads around, the validity of the user’s channel begins to garner fame and popularity.

Share unique content

Care must also be taken to update videos on a regular basis. The fans do not like being stalled after being promised an extravaganza initially. Initiating subjective interpretations of known videos or parodies and presenting them in a humorous manner can divert a lot of traffic towards the user’s channel. And most importantly, upload videos that are original and unique. Showcasing dance moves or strumming melodies on guitars set good examples.

Give your videos a little character

A memorable character can not only help you build your brand’s recall, but it can also help you define your video marketing strategy. It provides the scope to create branded video content using different story ideas while ensuring that they retain the required consistency.

Allstate Insurance’s Mayhem is a great example of how the brand features a recurring character in multiple advertisements. Another brand that has adopted this concept innovatively is iHost, New York. The company created a series of short videos using the same characters to educate potential customers about its concierge management service.

Work smarter with video campaigns

In today’s saturated digital space, you need ways in which you can grab your audience’s attention and make sure that your message gets delivered. A smart way to better engage them is with a series of short, shareable videos that communicate your message while entertaining and informing them. Instead of one long video, think of shorter clips that align with different segments and buyer profiles. So the next time you think of your video marketing strategy, think of a video series and think of the video in volume.

Rosetta Stone created a series of Learner Stories that featured their student’s language learning journeys and utilized the storytelling medium to inspire more learners. Note that the central trait of such videos is consistency and being able to regularly feature content that will help viewers understand the context and keep them coming back for more.

Add keywords in the video title

You need to provide an accurate name for your video file. The name should precisely describe what the viewers want to know about and watch. Also, remember to add your selected keywords in the video title.

Placing keywords in the video title is really important as this would make it easier for your viewers to find your video on the YouTube search bar.

For Google display, make sure your video file name is under 66 characters.

Appealing video title

Keeping in mind the things we mentioned above also try to make a very attractive and catchy video title that can grab the users’ attention.

When viewers watch videos on YouTube, they have plenty of choices. They can easily switch to other videos, and if they don’t find anything in a video that appeals to them, they’re history. So, you want to try your best not to get included among the group of videos that are closed by viewers before they hear your complete message.

Use the best tags

Use very specific tags for your video (the tags that are used and recognized in your industry). You can use ten tags for the video, which need to be kept under 120 characters.

Write descriptions

You can actually influence people to interact with your brand or personal channel by writing up a very appealing video description that gives the viewers all the necessary details regarding your brand. You can highlight the product/service benefits, product ideology, brand meaning, and essence use and features in order to persuade viewers about interacting with your brand. Adding descriptions can do wonders for your subscribers. This will draw the attention of the people to give them something to think about or tell them more about your content.

Promote your content, not yourself

People don’t care about the mundanities of your life unless you belong to the Kardashian-Jenner family. So, your goal should be to promote your content, not the argument that you had with your friend. You need to come up with innovative ideas and create informative content. Your content should not be about how much great you are for creating such innovative stuff.

Social proof

Social proof is a concept that espouses numbers and little else. When people first come across your social profile, they’re going to see how many followers, subscribers, and likes you have. If your numbers are low, they’re not going to believe that you’re a trustworthy voice in your industry. This is why Buy YouTube services get business – they boost your social proof right away while you continue to do the hard work.

Getting influencers by your side

In order to have a scoop of real-time marketing, it is essential to grab the attention of the influencers in your niche. Influencers are enormously active on YouTube, spending time sharing the content of various interests. Getting noticed by their radar is not easy, so to draw their interest, we need to give away “snacky contents as a gift”. When you share influencers’ content, they will notice, and if you share the content without asking anything, in the future, you are sure to dig up good benefits from them.


Your work doesn’t stop after you produce a video for your business or personal branding. You need to get more views, likes, and comments so that more viewers find out about it and watch it. You really need to create video buzz among the audience.

Once completed, follow the technical directions for publishing on YouTube to increase the video viewership. Work on the sharing part; it’s especially important. Send and embed it on as many online platforms and channels as you can in order to get more YouTube views. Let us know what you think of this blog in the comments section. If you really find it helpful, feel free to share it with your friends and acquaintances on social media.

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