May 11, 2021

How To Avoid Burnout And What To Do About It

How to Avoid Burnout

How to Avoid Burnout

How to avoid burnout? Learn from here!

Meeting all ends in today’s fast-paced world isn’t easy. Health is everything when it comes to meet the challenges of all the roles you are playing. Be it for a homemaker, bread earner, a responsible business owner, an accountable employee, a student with peer pressures to handle, or an elderly who is struggling with deteriorating health conditions.

With increased awareness, we know that term ‘health’ is not restricted to a physical state of your wellbeing. Mental health is equally important. So here we are to discuss how to avoid burnout and what to do about it.


Burnout means when you feel mentally and physically drained of energy. The main cause behind this condition is acute and continuous stress. A victim of burnout loses interest in his job and needs to take a break. Burnout raises the feeling of hopelessness, cuts down a person’s productivity, and makes him behave in pessimistic ways

Term ‘Burnout’ was first used in 1974 in the book ‘the high cost of high achievement’ written an American psychologist ‘Herbert Freudenberger’ born in Germany. A person suffering from burnout lacks interest in socializing. His body starts to catch illness more often commonly with flu and colds. Early recognition of symptoms and cure is then necessary to help such a person.

Symptoms of burnout

Many of us must have felt burnout at a certain stage of life or might have fallen for it several times. But have to addressed it? Or gave it a thought for how to avoid it? Its symptoms reflect in our work and in our thinking patterns too. Repetition is part of life like waking up daily, doing home chores, or a specific job depending on your profession.

When you feel continuously demotivated or dissatisfied with something for a lengthened period or you feel to lose purpose in life; address those. Burnout is coming usually from social pressures and its symptom varies in different studies, however categorically these symptoms may show physically, emotionally and in a person’s behavior.

  • Physical signs

Physically a person feels sick and tired most of the time and finds no or less energy toward working. That person is more exposed to illness, encounters frequent pain in the muscle, headaches, and may have disturbed eating habits or sleeping patterns.

  • Emotional signs

Burnout makes a person hopeless towards life. He loses a sense of purpose or direction. Doubt himself and his abilities feel negative and demoralized towards his work and other people.

  • Behavioral pattern

The behavioral pattern of a burnout victim is not easy to grasp as the person inclines to isolate himself from others. He feels frustrated from his routine and indulges in activities that affect his physical health negatively. These habits may include drug addiction or consumption of alcohol. One of the noticeable behaviors is the length of time he spends on his routine work which will be prolonged than usual, which means he feels does not feel like doing work but is forcing himself to do so which is taking him longer to get it completely.

Even doctors who spend day and night treating people with various illnesses tend to feel burnout. As per a report by Medscape during 2019, 44% of the physician’s experience burnout at work, 50% of which were women and 35% of the victims were men. It shows women are more likely to face burnout.

The other research during 2020 revealed, 24% burnout symptoms in the UK employees which were predicted to increase in 2021.

Burnout and stress

As mentioned earlier that burnout is the result of extended stress. Does it mean stress and burnout are the same conditions with different terms? Stress is a state where a person still has control over himself and his situation. However, experiencing burnout means you are overcome with the feeling of emptiness that nothing can be done to change such feeling.

For instance, Let say stress is feeling there is no water in a well and burnout is feeling there is no water at all. Stress mainly damages physical health, burnout damage emotional state of mind, stress makes you react overly, burnout makes you dull, stress makes a person engage in thing overly, burnout causes detachment, stress causes hyperactivity, burnout results in helplessness, stress makes you feel disable for a while and burnout make you feel unworthy of even living.

Reason for feeling burnout

It is said that if an employee cannot get his work done within a given timeframe because of two reasons i.e., either he is overworked or under-skilled. The same goes for burnout. Burnout comes from your daily routine or your job when you feel burdened. It’s not only doing your job at an office desk but may also include taking care of family etc.

Understanding the cause will assist you on how to avoid burnout. Other reason of burnout apart from exhaustion are may include:

  • Unrecognized efforts: when you feel all your hard work is going in vain and nobody cares, needs, or value it.
  • No breaks between work: no matter what kind of job you do or what service you provide, not having to have proper intervals of a break between work causes unproductivity. It goes equally with homemakers, kids, and all those people who were bound to stay at home during the outbreak of coronavirus.
  • Undefined goals: whatever a person is doing, it is one of the needs to know the reason and purpose behind it. Doing something without a goal or a result in mind cannot keep you going for too long.
  • Pressures: be it work or social pressure, it makes you push yourself to meet up the expectations of others without realizing your potentials and unique points.
  • Lack of belongingness: loneliness is one of the most known factors today for mental illness. Having surround by people who acknowledges you is another need of human hierarchy after food and clothing.
  • Lack of essentials: Having too little to survive on or not having enough sleep
  • Communication gap: It is unimaginable to know how destructive it can be not able to communicate with others. It’s like having missed your train with the gap of a few seconds only.

How to avoid burnout

When you understand and read signs of burnout the next step is to know how to avoid burnout and what to do about it. Below here we present some of the practical ways to help you cope up with this condition to lead a better and happy life which you surely deserve.

  • Know your worth and invest in some ME time: as a matter of fact, the cloud only rains when it has water. Similarly, you cannot help others or contributes to your company when you need help. Take only as much responsibility as you can handle. Learn to say NO when needed. Committing more than your limits won’t take you much far consistently.

When needed spend some time alone to reenergize yourself, clearing up your auras and self-care routine. Socialize with the right people in case you feel lonely, this also helps in distracting your mind for a while with the needed break. Priorities and create balance in work and personal life to keep your sanity intact.

  • Enough of essentials: Empty stomach doesn’t demand respect. Understand your physical needs and make efforts to bring a satisfying meal to your tale. As they say, don’t go broke trying to impress others. Having a balanced and healthy diet serves the purpose.

Have an ample amount of sleep, invest time for exercise and health care. Studies revealed that humans can survive only 11 days without having to sleep.

  • Healthy surrounding: Good organizations now understand, invest and practice to create a healthy surrounding where their employees help grow each other together. Having to breathe in an environment of competition only exerts pressure on employees. Unhealthy competition results in losing the uniqueness of employees that may contribute towards the success of a company.

Being surrounded by positive people who value your individuality without being too judgmental, ultimately adds to well-being of a person and an organization too. Appraisal, benefits, regular breaks from work, motivation, and rewards are one part of creating a healthy workplace.

  • Communicate: one of the effective ways to reverse burnout is to talk it out. It works like cluttering out or polishing the diamond. Communicating your concerns and lightening up your heart to the right person can keep you from burnout.

Seek professional help if needed. Sometimes overthinking and miscommunication can create immense misunderstanding. Meetups and follow-ups are other ways to communicate and sort out any discrepancies at the earliest.


Burnout is the state of acute and prolonged stress. It is caused by exerting your limits and working beyond them for a longer period. Although, stress is as normal in today’s challenging environment as routine. However, one should address these signs of stress before it grew into burnout which affects your overall wellbeing.

Identifying burnout signs at an early or at least appropriate stage may save you from its negative outcomes. Avoiding burnouts are as simple as basics which include taking care of your physical and mental health equally. Also respecting your limits and making yourself a priority once in a while.

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