May 19, 2021

Hesk helpdesk software review: Benefits and alternative

Hesk helpdesk software review

Hesk help desk is one of that software designed to be used at both ends, i.e., by staff and customers of a company. Staff can use it to manage data and offer services to customers accordingly; however, on the other hand, it can be used by clients for resolving many queries at their ends only.

The use of software today is parallel to having WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., on your mobile phone. It won’t be wrong to say that software is a way of communicating with the computer in the language which it comprehends. The software enables us to give commands to a computer for processing certain tasks to help obtain desired results. 

It is impossible to survive in the business world without empowering your staff, especially those of your staff who deals directly to your customer. Having happy and loyal clients eventually adds numbers to your revenues. To serve the client at best, numerous software is designed and offered in the market. 

What is Hesk Helpdesk software

A screenshot of hesk helpdesk

As self-explanatory, it’s a desk or place to provide help mainly to customers. You must be familiar with experience to find a reception or help desk on visiting any hospital or organization to serve or direct you. The help desk serves as a bridge between the company and customers to resolve their queries more proficiently. With the evolution of work practices, help desk services are now provided via automation. Many software is developed to serve this purpose, and the Hesk helpdesk is one of them.

This provides a knowledge base for customers to allow them to resolve their queries themselves. This software can be installed on a desktop (Mac, Windows), on-premises (Linux and Windows), and on the cloud. It is one of the best help desk software to offer speed, a user-friendly interface, and secure operations. It facilitates both staffs of a company and its client.

When a client enters any query on heck, it is shown on the screen as tickets with its nature of importance, i.e., low, medium, or high. A help desk can then view those tickets and proceed for client service accordingly.

The software is powered by SysAid to provide services including; Self-service portal, knowledge base, ticket management, asset management, remote control and reporting, and analytics.

It assists the IT department by automizing the ticket process and by issuing a comprehensive report on departmental performance. It enables a company’s staff to have a managed program at their help desk to provide clients with faster and quick responses. A user-friendly interface offers customers to search from its knowledge base, submit and view ticket status and notifications.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, manager dashboard, chat, CMDB, network discovery, password setting, mobile solution, third-party integration, and Patch Management are other services offered at Hesk help desk software.

Customer feedback

The responsiveness of any support system is one crucial factor in keeping customers happy. This software performs so well in this regards that 86% of its user doesn’t even need it. All credit goes to its knowledge database that provides simplified solutions for its users. 

Hesk help desk users have provided numerous feedbacks for its easy and user-friendly interface along with all support it offers. The only con that was reported was for some of its features, which are not free to use.

Hesk language

He is inbuilt to offer services in multiple languages; you need to translate it in your desired language by installing a translation or language pack.

Hesk Vs. osTicket

Hesk help desk in best ticketing software available; however, there always are options available. It is better to know the available options to compare and choose accordingly.

OsTicket is another known software for customer service and offers help desk solutions only at $9 per month. It’s an open-source solution for help desk management, especially for start-up and small-medium enterprises. Front staff can modify and view tickets on a customized list. The list can then be directed to the concerned department to resolve the query.

 Hesk Help deskOsTicket
Free trialyesyes
PriceFrom $39.95/ licenseFrom $9 per month
DeploymentiOS, Android, Windows, and MacintoshWindows, Macintosh, and Cloud
Distinct featuresAsset Management, inventory management, survey and Feedback, incident management and notifications, and service catalog managementDocument Management, billing and invoicing, automated routing, and service level management.
Customer supportVia emailVia email, phone, and training
ClienteleSME’s and AgenciesSME’s, freelancers/startups

Benefits of Hesk help desk software

  • This software can be downloaded for free without any restriction on the period of use
  • The software also offers services to be used remotely.
  • Purchasing a license for hesk or not is completely your choice; it only adds a link for paying credits to Hesk on not purchasing a license.
  • However, if you purchase a license for hesk, you contribute towards its upgradations and development for providing enhanced services
  • Many of its users ensure that it is the fastest software for providing help desk service
  • It is user-friendly for both staffs of the company and its clients.
  • It helps staff working at the help desk to manage and handle customer queries more efficiently and provide timely solutions.
  • It offers speedy responsiveness, which contributes to a happy clientele
  • Its knowledge-based offers support to avoid repetitive queries
  • The generated tickets on the software are categorized and filtered as per the nature of importance and urgencies.
  • Tickets are organized to obtain all required details easily.

Hesk installation guide

It is advisable to read and understand the licensing agreement before, in case you wish to have this software with a license. Licensing involves a certain cost for one time and includes all the taxes with no hidden charges.

Following are the steps for installing or downloading Hesk help desk software:

  1. Firstly link up FTP and public-html, i.e., www, site or htdocs
  2. After connecting it, select a location and make a new folder to install HESK. Give it the name of your choice.
  3. Install hesk in your browser
  4. Now run the setup of hesk and install with by following 4 step instruction, i.e., License agreement, check setup, Database settings, and set up database settings.

If you find any difficulty installing Hesk, here is a link for your accessibility.

How to install Hesk on Synology Drive

Synology Drive is a great comfort when it comes to storing data on the cloud. Once you get it installed on your computer on mobile, it automatically backup and synchronize your data on-demand with complete security. All these services are provided for free without incurring any cost. The amount of data it will handle depends on the drive you choose. For an estimation, it can handle 100s of Terabytes. About 40% of the business are forced to shut down on losing their data and not being able to restore it, 50% of the SME’s do not forecast or make a strategy to handle missed of their data, and the loss of more than $120000 worth is caused due to this. 


Installing Hesk on Synology drive is not as simple as it sounds. The reason is Synology needs PHP 5.6 and 7.0 versions or APACHE 2.2 versions. Synology is not supported on the upgraded version, i.e., PHP 7.2 and APACHE 2.4.

For enjoying the huge benefits of Synology, this is something you will need to compromise on. You cannot get rid of those older versions. But does it mean you need to uninstall the latest version? Sounds weird, right! 

Let us have an understanding of the science or logic behind, before moving on to its solution. PhpMyAdmin does not support APCHA but the internal version of PHP, i.e., PHP 5.6X. Synology has not yet been updated to use phpMyAdmin (PHP 7.1 & 7.2). 

However, on searching for Synology to work on updated versions of PHP, I found a website that shared the following link to serve the purpose:

However, only master-level users can execute it when considering the technicalities it involves.


Hesk is the best help desk software that serves as a bridge between staff and clients of the company for reporting and resolving queries in the fastest possible way. It can be deployed both on cloud and on-premises, offering ease of use. Its easy and user-friendly interface makes the execution of operation smooth by providing all details through its knowledge base. Its knowledge-based is designed in a way to help and empower both staff and clients for self-help.

Despite having the best software to offer help desk service, one must be aware of other available options to make an informed and confident decision. We have mentioned OsTicket software for the same purpose and presented with comparison as well for your review.

Sustaining and saving huge data for offering help desk service is a challenge. Losing can immensely cost and even result in the closure of a company. Clouding may not store such huge data; Synology comes to the rescue here by providing you with storing, retrieving, and synchronizing your data.

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