June 15, 2021

GroundCloud business automation for logistics review

GroundCloud business automation for logistics review

GroundCloud is a software for business services of logistics for ensuring safety and increased efficiency. It is a cloud-based software that helps on controlling logistic activities from a centralized platform. These activities include tracking time, planning the routes, executing administrative tasks, and monitoring staff performance. For example, a manager can then plan for the streets for its staff for pickup and deliveries.

Business automation is the need for time to speed up the business processes, reduce labor and the costs associated with it. Thanks to the cloud and IT services that have made it possible to introduce this business process automation into every field. Business automation has also helped managers control their business activities at every stage and enabled them to make timely decisions to avoid distraction and improve productivity. 

On the other hand, logistics is a business process that requires significant management or people to store and distribute goods from one place to another. Logistics is involved, be it the exchange of raw material for manufacturing product and delivering same to retailers and consumers. 

Business automation for logistics is essential to allocate, process, and manage resources in the most effective and efficient ways. Moreover, since the logistics itself is widespread tasks between the staff, working with those staff to control business processes and ensure safety is then crucial for any organization.

Logistics is a brief process and involves multiple drivers to handle adequately picking up and delivering goods. The goods loaded in the vehicles are the products and the trust of clients they put in specific logistic service.

GroundCloud has built-in tools for navigation for generating data in real-time. This data is about the traffic, accident, and status of roads, i.e., closed, blocked, etc. In addition, the tracking system in the software keeps its user updates on the movements of the driver. For communication, the software has an in-built messaging tool that enables two-way communication.

GroundCloud pricing

The first package is offered with GroundCloud CSP + VEDR for logistics and safety together for $50 per month. This bundle is packed with VEDR, which is a leading technology in the industry of logistics. 

The prices for its single product, i.e., GroundCloud CSP, are as follows:

$35 for 1-9 drivers, $30 for 10+ real-time drivers, and $25 for two years contract. All these fees are charged monthly for offering complete logistic, safety, and compliance features. VEDR version costs $30 per month and provides live streaming videos, self-service for requesting videos, and automated coaching content.

A screenshot of groundcloud pricing

You can train your driver for receiving qualified safety training continuously by paying $5 per driver.

What is VEDR

The use of cameras if surveillance and safety purposes have significantly increased. This as safety measurement is adopted in almost every workplace, which helps avoid any misconduct at the workplace and take proper measures with evidence in case of occurrence of such event.

VEDR refers to VIDEO EVENT DATA RECORDER, combined with GroundCloud software resulting in a combination of technology and value. VEDR provides video footage life and on-demand. This allows managers to manage through the GroundCloud portal or by requesting video footage for a specific incident. You don’t need to involve in the hassle of removing the device or searching exact footage, which is time-consuming.

VEDR empowers managers in identifying irresponsible driver behaviors and taking steps to prevent and eliminate them; this is called AUTOMATED CAPTIVE COACHING. In addition, VEDR makes it possible to verify claims with simple verification. On the contrary, it also helps encourage drivers to display positive behaviors by coaching and development. 

GroundCloud CSP and DSP

The CSP in GroundCloud is done via the following operations;

Advanced routing

Made available through offline ability and updating map continuously for traffic status in real-time. The drivers are given stop notes through gate codes, dog warnings, etc. The software helps your driver to reach a planned location in the first go by location overrides. Route planning is optimized for around 500 stops for maximizing efficiency. Contingency handling aims to help through transfer stops, combined routes, etc.

With specifically developed content, GroundCloud provides training to drivers for being productive and safe with Graduated drivers training approved by FedEx. These pieces of training include proactive and reactive safety training.

For compliance

FXG safety tracking is used with time tracking for employees, automated pre-and post-trip inspections, and maintenance reporting every month.

The GroundCloud DSP includes The Amazon DSP solutions for reporting that includes;

Comprehensive onboarding

Comprehensive onboarding is made possible by providing in-depth training from OSHS-certified experts. These are short and ongoing training. Driver’s dashboard is used to communicate and understand his performance. Reactive coaching is automatically provided based on telematics data through the DSP portal for improved safety.

Coaching with GroundCloud

The coaching is made simple with VEDR that records video throughout the day and the vehicle data of the vehicle, i.e., speed, steering, etc., before and after the event, for example, a G-force event or collision. These details also include the roadway and outer environment, resulting in any mishaps so that a manager can guide the driver accordingly.

The GroundCloud used FedEx’s indicators for compliance purposes, including verification of VEDR activation and activity, the associated operator with events, completion of training, and its effectiveness.

A screenshot of groundcloud vedr feature

Benefits of GroundCloud 

GroundCloud features a complete integration which makes it a single solution for managing all its fleet-related needs.

Cloud-based software

GroundCloud being a SaaS and cloud-based, allows you to manage fleet activities of your business, including Drivers, safety, routes, HR, financial metrics, and requirements for compliance.


This software is equipped with the content that helps drivers to execute P&D safely. That training is not one time but is given continuously.

A screenshot of groundcloud safety training feature


You can track your drivers or vehicle based on their speed per second and location. Real-time tracking is enabled through G-force data.


This is one of the best video recording systems offers to provide you with trip information, GPS, speed, and requested videos so you can keep a watch on essential activities accordingly.

Navigation tools

Although GroundCloud is cloud-based software, it offers offline navigation tools to instruct drivers to reach the location.


The advanced algorithm enables you to route optimization so you can make your drivers work productively, eventually saving and decreasing operations costs.

Smart camera

The VEDR hardware is offered to keep you updated in real-time on the behaviors of your staff on vehicles. This monitoring feature is excellent for supervising drivers remotely. You can order eight cameras for a single-vehicle; however, there is no limitation on the number of vehicles.

Increase productivity

The software doesn’t offer to facilitate new drivers but also the expert ones. The training of drivers does not take weeks which will cause delays in business operation but is done within days. GroundCloud has geocoding data, mapping tools that you can select from, and an algorithm combined to provide solutions for your delivery needs. These tools enable you to choose the best route for making timely deliveries and using your driver resource in cost-effective ways.


GroundCloud software provides you the status and reports of each vehicle with tires, brakes, and mileage.


The automatic tracking system keeps a record of time which you can use for calculating the remuneration, including overtime.

Triple inspection

This is another feature that assists you in meeting compliance and keeping a check for when your vehicle needs maintenance.

Driver app

The software has a user-friendly interface to keep you updated about your staff allotted on the vehicle. You can even make a setting in the software according to your convenience. 


GroundCloud helps you even for validating your audit reports with concrete evidence. This makes your operation transparent and simultaneously your reputation in the market. In addition, the DOT requests are modernized for entering inspection data at your fingertips.

Manager portal

GroundCloud allows users to set up routes, track shipments, assign drivers and access their location. Therefore, control over the process to make changes where required and timely decision making.


GroundCloud, as a company, is aiming to provide security. Their team puts an effort to ensure that each of your staff leaves work safely. Logistic involves continuous treat be it theft, breakdown of the vehicle, etc., which is addressed through training drivers. The training is made available through automated multimedia content, including engaging training modules, quizzes, and videos. The GroundCloud user can track profiles of drivers for speed and collisions. The software offers texting to obtain data required to discuss safety. All these safety activities are done in the format of a dash-mounted table that is safe from those handheld devices.


GroundCloud is a complete solution that offered business automation for logistics. It is user-friendly and cost-effective in value and utility. The software helps its users in planning and managing all logistics-related activity to pick up and deliveries. The VEDR is the best thing inculcated with the software to assist managers in keeping an eye on drivers and making timely decisions.

The software complies with all safety, including the training that it offers to drivers for executing pickup and deliveries through optimizing routes and other related matters.

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